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Username Post: 2006 Silverado 1500 New calipers not cooperating        (Topic#374380)
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01-21-24 07:11 PM - Post#2866163    

Hey guys, so I’m replacing the front hub bearings & calipers on my 2006 Silverado 1500. I got the front hub bearing on no problem & I’ve replaced pads & rotors on this truck before with no problems but on the new caliper assembly(all new calipers, brackets, pad clips & slide pins) once I have the pads in place on the brackets I can not get the caliper on in place.

It is the same exact caliper as the original I’m replacing but I can’t get the new one to go over the slide pins & over the front side. The slide pins are pushed all the way in & still nothing. New caliper pistons are also fully compressed inward. I tried searching the net as well as YouTube but couldn’t find anything similar. Any one dealt with this before?

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Loc: Lodi California
Reg: 02-22-11
01-22-24 10:42 AM - Post#2866187    
    In response to frankthetank

I figured it out. It seems last night when I was trying to hurry up & finish before I lost day light I hadn’t noticed my rotor was in the way being that I didn’t put an acorn on one of the wheel studs to keep it in place???????????

but now I’m having fun trying to pull the old banjo bolt off to swap the lines to the new caliper. The old crush washers won’t let go either. Is there a method to freeing the bolt to install new copper washers?

1963 Chevrolet impala sport coupe
2006 Chevrolet silverado crew cab 2wd

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01-22-24 08:23 PM - Post#2866210    
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if can try turn the banjo a bit. migth have to add clearance with a hacksaw or cutoff wheel.

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01-24-24 06:51 AM - Post#2866247    
    In response to frankthetank

Are you missing the small torx bolt that holds the rotor to the hub? Not necessary to put a lug nut on to hold the rotor while installing the caliper.

As far as the hose, you could try (gently) tightening the bolt a tiny little bit first, then try loosening again, to break it free.

I'm a little confused by your question though. Sounds like the banjo bolt is stuck to the caliper at the moment, so I don't get why you mentioned freeing up the crush washer? You've got one bolt loose already maybe, and the washer won't come off? A thin chisel and light tap from a small hammer should be able to pop it loose from the bolt.

Beyond all that, why are you replacing calipers? I may have forgotten a previous post of yours but if they're locking up / dragging, the problem is usually elsewhere. #1 suspect are the hoses, though I recently had to replace the master cylinder and booster as they'd failed on my wife's 2006.


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