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Username Post: Oil pouring out of my poor old 327        (Topic#368147)
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04-10-22 11:55 PM - Post#2839653    

My driveway is starting to look like Roadkill Garage.
I pulled the Chevy out to go wash it at the token spray wash last week but below where it had been parked in the garage was a fresh pool of gasoline. Bad fuel pump.

So I got a new fuel pump and put it in and thought maybe I better change the oil and filter too since, you know.

The new fuel pump doesn't leak but now the new oil filter leaks. So I tightened it a bit but it still leaked. I was going to replace it again but since I tightened it now I couldn't get it off.

By the way, I am over the hill and the car is only 2 inches off the ground. Doing this shade tree stuff is pretty much now a thing of the past for me.

I drove the car and new filter no. 2 to Oil Changers and asked them to please replace the filter for me. They did but they said the one they took off was dry. Hmm, OK. I drove it home and parked in the driveway.

A couple days later I started the car it started leaking again.
Back to Oil Changers to ask them to please take a look. They tightened the filter a bit and the drain plug a bit and we ran it at 2500 RPM for 30 seconds or so and no leaks. None. Oil or gas.

All seemed great until today. I started it up to move it nearer to the gate, about 15 feet.
Son of a ... there was a brand new 1 inch wide strip of fresh oil the entire distance down the driveway and pouring out from under the car and some words my wife and the neighbors haven't heard for years.

So guys what gives here?

This is a 1967 327 engine and I replaced the canister type filter with a screw on adapter years ago, so long ago in fact, I barely remember doing it.

Never leaked before now.
Is the adapter itself leaking?
Does it need to be replaced or tightened maybe?
Is someone gas lighting me?
I need some advice or suggestions from you guys please.


56 Delray 327, 5 spd


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04-11-22 06:22 AM - Post#2839660    
    In response to warpwr

It has been a long time but I vaguely remember that the screw-on adapter that allows you to eliminate the cannister filter has a rubber 'O' ring very similar to the filter itself. If that 'O' ring has failed you would get a leak. I would pull the adapter and check it.


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04-11-22 06:29 AM - Post#2839662    
    In response to warpwr

You need to pin down the source, obviously. Get an oil leak detector kit from any good parts store, it is a florescent dye, add it to the oil, run the engine till the leak occurs. This should allow you to trace the source. Vern is probably right but this will confirm it.

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"15th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 966
Loc: Santa Clara, CA
Reg: 04-11-06
04-11-22 05:28 PM - Post#2839684    
    In response to Shepherd

Thanks for the ideas.
I am going to take it to local shop next week that works on Hot Rods and Customs and they will put it on the lift and hopefully fix it.

Like you mentioned, I think maybe the o-ring gasket dried out and cracked from just sitting around, same for the fuel pump diaphragm.

56 Delray 327, 5 spd

"15th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 966
Loc: Santa Clara, CA
Reg: 04-11-06
04-25-22 10:54 PM - Post#2840330    
    In response to warpwr

Took the car to Ace Auto and Fuel Systems here in Santa Clara. There were several tri-fives and Corvettes in the rear so I figured I picked the right place.
They put in a new oil filter adapter which stopped the leak. The leak that left a one inch wide oil stripe down the road from my house to the shop.
I would recommend this place to anyone in the south SF Bay Area that is looking for reliable service. They charged me for the parts and one hour labor.

56 Delray 327, 5 spd

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04-28-22 06:45 AM - Post#2840398    
    In response to warpwr

Since you can't get under the car yourself to look at these issues, finding a reliable shop is key. Sounds like you've done that, and congrats to stopping this (must have been obvious to them) oil leak. A stripe of oil on the driveway is a significant leak that needed immediate attention.

Keep that old 327 driveable, and DRIVE IT OFTEN!


57 Nomad -LS1 with C4 suspension
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