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Username Post: Pitman Arm Seal Leaking        (Topic#367478)
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01-17-22 05:14 PM - Post#2834741    

I am going to take it to get it fixed but first, I'd like to know this leak is indicative that the rest of the steering box is shot. I really don't want to spend the big bucks on a repair right now. I am guessing the seal is pretty cheap and a couple hundred in labor to install. Getting to that seal is going to be tough since that area is so close to a cross member. Does the box need to come out to get to it?

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01-18-22 03:39 PM - Post#2834798    
    In response to Blueseasons

How old is the vehicle/gearbox?

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01-18-22 03:51 PM - Post#2834801    
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I only every had one GM gearbox leak and it was on a 1980 Chevrolet Monza. I pulled the gearbox off and was going to have a machine shop pull the arm and replace the seal.

He told me that in every case he ever had, the shaft had wear which made the shaft off center, thus the leak.

I replaced the gearbox with a rebuilt unit.

Silverado Kid 74
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01-18-22 04:51 PM - Post#2834807    
    In response to Blueseasons

What year of truck? It could be a leaking power steering pump or the return line for the power steering pump/reservoir. The return line for my 1994 K2500 loops back from the cooler on the radiator and goes inside of the trucks frame in a loop and then back to the pump. It can leak and make it appear that it is the steering box that is the cause. I too had a similar leak so I ordered a new steering box thinking it was coming from there, a china special of course, and the junky rebuilt box really created a loose steering problem for me. Then a good friend that is a mechanic looked the problem over and found the leak coming from the return line. It had corroded and had very small holes in the tube, almost invisible. After replacing the return line I ordered the best steering box I could and had it installed and the steering problem was fixed. I told the mechanic that installed the old box and the second one about the problem and he had no idea that the return line looped back inside of the frame. I guess Chevy did this for a bit more cooling of the return line? Go figure.

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01-19-22 08:30 AM - Post#2834847    
    In response to MiragePilot

34 years old. 123k on it

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01-19-22 08:33 AM - Post#2834848    
    In response to Tony1963

The only one that I had ever leaked was on a a 52 ,3100. Rather than replace it,I filled it up with bearing grease and I drove it that way for 16 years. Its an easy fix to replace that seal if you have a shop. I am bringing it in today. We'll see what the guy says. I am hoping I don't need a new one.

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01-19-22 08:42 AM - Post#2834850    
    In response to Silverado Kid

Its a 88. Of all the vehicles that I have ever owned, I have not had a power steering pump fail. The only leaker I experienced was a MOPAR pump. Its built with plastic and the pump/reservoir comes in 2 pieces and the grommet between the halves usually fails after 20 years. I'm 99% sure its the seal in this case. I cant see the leak from up top and I can clearly see fluid coming from above the end of the steering arm.The cooler is in front of the radiator and its been disconnected for years. The rubber hoses are all fairly new and I don't see why the metal ones on the pump would leak but I'll have the guy check it , Thanks

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01-23-22 11:03 AM - Post#2835089    
    In response to Blueseasons

if it is the box leaking its best to get a reman. you must verify the leak first. ive seen many misdiagnosed leaks. and some real butchered fixes.

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