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Username Post: 1995 Silverado Door adjustment        (Topic#365565)
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06-20-21 06:39 AM - Post#2821840    

My passenger door on my truck dos not close solidly, It seems to close and lock ok but you can still push on the door and it moves in and out slightly.
I looked at it and don't see a way to make an adjustment to make it close tight. What this does is rattle a little when I hit bumps in the road.
Anyone with suggestions would be very helpful, I checked the door hinge pins and bushings they look perfect with no signs of wear.
Thank for any replies in advance
Denny aka Roadyacht

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06-20-21 04:11 PM - Post#2821875    
    In response to Roadyacht

The striker on the jam is adjustable. It takes a large Torx bit. Loosen it, and you can move it, in and out, and up and down.

For those of you that are wondering why you are not getting replies to your thread:

Did you give the model, year, engine, fuel system type, and transmission information?

If your vehicle has been altered from stock, let us know about that too.

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06-20-21 05:29 PM - Post#2821876    
    In response to Chevytech

Also, Denny, check your hinge pin.


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06-21-21 01:02 PM - Post#2821910    
    In response to CowboyTrukr

I did this 1998 K2500 6 Inch Lifted Extended Cab,4X4 454 Silverado for a real good customer of mine in my shop over the winter.Now,I do love these people,couldn't ask for better clients as we go back many years.BUT,I took a bit of physical beating on this one with the climbing up and down on this sucker like a monkey!This was a lotta truck to do folks!!I did a complete tear down,total paint stripping,body repairs,rusty bed supports,usual rust repairs,etc,glass,all new rubber etc and total two tone repaint of original Maroon and Pewter.Anyway,I had everything apart.I do remember removing the striker bolts and discovered no adjustments.No real adjustments on these bodies period.This was a major job billing like 150 hours and after all the reassembly,It turned very good with good body fit,etc.I did replace the hinge bushings and pins,that aside,hinges were good.So think about this,some good engineering with these bodies because everything fits pretty good for a truck.As long as you keep everything lubricated,she'll go the distance.Several things to look for,condition of all the rubber,weatherstripping,r ubber stops and roof rubber as well.But,in the door latch are two plastic guides which you can see right behind the claw.These wear out and break.If's that's the case,new door latches should fix ya up.Hope this helps ya out!Special Thanks to Rocky and Mary Lou Nestore as they're the owners of this Silverado K2500.

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1998 Sliverado K2500

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06-22-21 11:33 AM - Post#2821949    
    In response to Joeyd59

Joey, I'm a little surprised to hear you say there's no adjustment - I've adjusted a few striker bolts on these trucks but it's been more than a few years since I've been into one. I find that the usual issues include the super-common worn/broken hinge pin bushings, worn out holes in the hinges themselves where the pin goes through (the small end where no bushing lives), and even cracked door sheetmetal above the upper hinge, allowing the door to sag. And yes, the latch will get destroyed over time from the door sag due to all the above-mentioned wear. In a couple of very extreme cases I have seen the cab sheetmetal break around the striker bolt but that is from people seriously neglecting worn parts and just slamming the doors over and over to make them shut.

With all that said I would generally -not- adjust strikers, instead looking for the cause of the misadjustment. Some in the past have mentioned bending the door upwards, even using that Eastwood tool that hooks onto the striker bolt, but after seeing what I've seen I would avoid it...particularly the crack in the door shell above the upper hinge. That one seems most likely on the lifted trucks as they'll take the most abuse.


06 Silverado ISS / 06 Silverado SS / 06 300C SRT8

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Reg: 07-19-18
06-22-21 01:58 PM - Post#2821956    
    In response to Joeyd59

Thank you all for all the replies, after trying to adjust the striker plate that was a no go it's not adjustable I was only able to loosen it but it never moved. I was afraid to really loosen it in fear of it not loosing the bolt behind holding it on and not knowing what to do to reinstall the striker.
I even tried to loosen the latch it's not adjustable either.
So now I will look at the hinge pins and rubber moldings like you suggested. I really don't believe it's the pins because I'm the only one who uses the truck and it sits in the garage from November thru April, it's only got 82,000 miles and in perfect condition. But I know anything is possible.
So thanks to all that have replied I really appreciate you taking the time to respond
Denny (aka Roadyacht)

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06-27-21 07:43 AM - Post#2822170    
    In response to Roadyacht

I had similar on my 93. It was the rubber door gasket. The gasket is only thing which puts a bias on the latch mechanism.

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