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Username Post: dragstrips        (Topic#363963)
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01-12-21 08:13 PM - Post#2811972    

Dragracing was once very big up here outside Mpls. I remember two: Northstar and Minnesota Dragways. I never raced but had been to both. Northstar was right next to 35w and you could see and hear them race. Alot of stuff on Google about both places. But like so many things, they are gone. I think down in Mpls "drag strip" means something else now. but, "to each their own" I suppose .


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01-12-21 09:08 PM - Post#2811978    
    In response to bsa6565

We lived only a few miles from Northstar and I can remember hearing the dirttrack guys late into the night
Twin City Speedway was a half-mile dirt oval track built in 1950 by Don Voge in New Brighton. Carl Langer, Mounds View police chief, encouraged Voge to build a drag strip to reduce street racing. In fall 1954, Voge began grading and paving a drag strip built just south of the oval track. He put over $20,000 into the project. The strip was 3,000 feet long by 60 feet wide. He had it ready for racing in mid-1955. The opening race was held on July 3, 1955,.. One old drag racer named Gary said that he started drag racing at this strip in 1958. He said, "! started racing in 1958 at Twin Cities Speed Way, arm drop... He beat 143 entries with a time of 13.69 seconds. The strip principally catered to local racers until 1962...On July 3, 1974, 4,500 people watched Don Garlits beat Tommy Ivo in three straight runs in a match race. Garlits best run was in the third race, running 6.11 at 227.38 MPH. (the 143 entries above gives some idea how popular the racing was)

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01-13-21 02:51 PM - Post#2812022    
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Sadly a lot of tracks are closed or soon will be. Many tracks were built out in the sticks and built to help curb street racing. Then developers build houses nearby, people move in (knowing the track is there), complain about the traffic and noise, the track gets shut down, and people start street racing. Then people start complaining about the street racing. And now to compound the problem, any vehicle that burns fossil fuel is evil, so they must be stopped.

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01-13-21 07:42 PM - Post#2812033    
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Yes it's hard to say how the fossil fuel thing is going to play out. Ethanol was big up this way ,as we are a farming area, but something went wrong and it never seemed to take off. My youngest son (28) does not work on cars . But really likes the 1970s chevelles They are like supercool! and wants one. I think this is good because I wouldnt want great cars like Chevelles (and others) restricted or regulated or forgotten, because they run on fossil fuel.

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01-14-21 09:40 AM - Post#2812057    
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My son ,who likes the Chevelles, has been to art museums in New York and overseas to France ,Italy and England. He lived and worked in New York City and knows art and design very well. So he walks into my garage and sees a old 350 chevy engine im putting together and says, "thats really cool, I like that!" "will that go into a chevelle", So i'm like "Why do all those people spend money and go to see things like the Mona Lisa and fancy buildings in Europe, when they could just come over and look at my motor?

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01-14-21 01:17 PM - Post#2812076    
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I was a member of the Handler's Racing Association for four years, the operators of Bremerton Raceway, since 1959. Toughest job I ever loved. My primary job was as the starter. Other groups had tried to operate it from 1956 to 1959, but it was the Handler's that made it successful. If it were't for my rotten spine, and I just had spinal surgery number TEN a week ago, I'd still be doing it. Should I die before Bremerton Raceway does, my wife has instructions to scatter my ashes there. There's a LOT of history there, and this little story is seriously condensed. I am Butch/56sedandelivery.

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01-15-21 08:35 AM - Post#2812135    
    In response to 56sedandelivery

I never raced at Bremerton, I used to come over from Spokane to do Puyallup, Kent in the early 60's.

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01-15-21 09:42 AM - Post#2812141    
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Yep ! I remember drag racing and how much fun I had before it became a for profit business.

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01-18-21 08:09 AM - Post#2812318    
    In response to pauldian

We had several in the Atlanta area, but most have closed. Had Atlanta Speed Shop Dragway (was known as Newton County dragway for years, earlier) and Yellow River Drag Strip (where a fatality started them on the road to being a trailer park) and the 1/8 mile strip on a runway in Fairburn, known as Red's Drag Strip and of course the new Atlanta Dragway which is now for sale and will probably end up as several subdivisions.... Southeastern International in Dallas Ga may still be operating. Has an uphill starting line and a very short stopping area when they run a full 1/4 mile! That's where Richard Petty had an accident where a young boy was killed when NASCAR wouldn't let the Hemis run, about 1964. It's coming to an end folks.. I have been fortunate to makes many, many passes at ALL of these tracks. Pretty soon they'll be only memories!

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01-18-21 08:49 AM - Post#2812320    
    In response to wagonmaster

Agreed, both tracks on LI, NY, have been gone for years, now Raceway Park in NJ. Atco seems at risk. The metropolitan hub of NY is about gone. I ran at all these tracks back in the day.

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01-19-21 01:49 PM - Post#2812414    
    In response to bsa6565

I remember watching the "Big Wheel" AA fuel dragster breaking 200mph at Minnesota Dragway in the 60's and I raced one night at Twin Cities Dragway in my first 57 Chevy. Had my exhaust dumps open and got beat by a 63/64 Chevelle 283 4speed. I was H/Stock.

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01-19-21 02:36 PM - Post#2812419    
    In response to 57tim

Anyone familiar with the Yellowstone Drag Strip in Acton Montana? In the early 2000's Ron Omo was the owner. He taught me the Detroit Diesel parts business in the early 70's.

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01-19-21 06:03 PM - Post#2812433    
    In response to 57tim

I been reading up on some of the local dragrace history up he in Mpls. Was interesting and they had cool names:, Johnson/Mazzitello, Jim Cassidy with Jim "The Bear" Schaeffer driving, Steve Anderson, Tom Bohler, Finn and Manke "Padded Cell" with Doc Halladay driving, Bob Fetrow,, Boldenau/Burke . Then there were a few unblown nitro cars lurking, if the field was short. "Nautilus Joe" Weikleenget, the Wibbles and Stewart "Mortician" and others. I suppose if you wanted free parts from suppliers you had to be popular like "the Bear","Padded Cell", Nautilus Joe" or "Mortician" kind of reminds me of the early days of wrestling on tv

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01-24-21 11:24 AM - Post#2812814    
    In response to bsa6565

The only ones are around here are in the farm areas. One of my neighbors races a funny car 1st gen Corvette at the 1/8 mile track. It's mostly circle track in our area.

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