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Username Post: I now understand why they are pulling the engines at salvage yards.        (Topic#362250)
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08-19-20 08:27 AM - Post#2801495    

My van is 3 years past being able to get engine replacement. Through traditional channels.

Because of this the engines in the salvage yards became more valuable. Due to scarcity created by manufactures no longer supporting your vehicle. And no after market taking over production of OEM replacements.

I was checking around to see if I could get a replacement instead of having my rebuilt. Due to time in shop. Quicker to swap than to rebuild OEM

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

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Mad Professor 
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08-19-20 01:15 PM - Post#2801508    
    In response to VanLife

What is van/engine type?

can't use a GM crate motor?

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08-20-20 10:13 AM - Post#2801574    
    In response to Mad Professor

I am going to go a little off topic. I think a little back ground would help to understand what I am trying to achieve. Survival. In a really horrible situation outside my control. It is outside my control because I can not control the behavior of others towards me.

GM no longer makes engines for my van I was looking for a OEM direct replacement so I would not have to replace the OBD1 computer etc. but one that has wire harness, cab fuse box and TBI, Timing done etc. So can just directly swap it out with minimal fuss. minimal fuss = lower labor rate.

I wanted to see how much it would cost compared to having someone rebuilding the one I have.

Or decide if I am going to have to come up with some kind of scheme to get donations to cover cost of newer replacement van.

A go fund me or something maybe....... considering I probably never have housing again due to severe chronic housing discrimination. That is worse than being outright dead.

I would not be doing this if the government would reopen public spaces. Like library. It is going to be appointments only for 1-2 hours that is NOT enough time in the winter.

I can't be around other homeless due to their complete disregard to rights of others and they don't care if their actions kill you. And will get violent when you tell them they can't go around doing that. They were seriously jeperdising my life and the homeless center. I don't go anymore. And I do not use warming center either. for my own safety.

And homeless services can't even meet my most basic disability needs like food.

I have been doing it almost completely alone off of 1049 a month.

In a city where gross median rent here is 902 month. 939 elsewhere in MN. Project Section 8 is MONSTER literally because it is run by corporations pretending to be non-profit. Or are for profit.

There was a previous go fund me for me after a drunk totaled my great condition conversion I had sunk all my assets into less than 2weeks after purchase. That one had ZERO engine issues and drive train issues. Paper ran article about it because I had requested from the city a safe harbor parking lots for legal vehicle owners. to get off the street. About 2 weeks prior to the hit and run.

Another dealer with helps of others sold a garbage conversion to for a dollar. problem it was NOT roadworthy in the slightest. EVERYTHING was wrong with it. including a leaking engine block. All 5 tires were rotten. starter was shot. etc etc I was trying to only use it long enough to find a replacement only one was not to be found.

The person who did a double hit and run on me fled and is a fugitive. So I can't even get restitution from him.

more than $3000 was wasted on the van NO Choice. or lose it with no replacement. During middle of january which was really cold that year. engine tore itself apart inside. even I could hear a clickity click in the engine of broken parts.

called the dealer who had set up the go fund me to see if they had any other vans or knew anyone who did that ran right and had heat. I used the money that was left of the go fund me I refused to spend for just such eventuality. Only they ignored the fact I told them NEVER sell a mechanic vehicle to a homeless person. the vast majority of us do not have the means to have Major repairs fixed and lose all the money we did put into it that usually came from our food funds.

They lied sold me a mechanic van who's heat did not work due both to low idle and plugged heater core. nearly died that first night freezing.

So the very first task I did was insulate the van. from my disability check taking out of my food funds and eating high calorie junk. to offset for loss of funds. needed for emergency project.

I was smart and camped in the parking lot for the warming center just in case something went wrong with van when trying to start it. I stayed in the warming center for the week or so it took to switch to current van. Stressed out the whole time and got food poisoning with bleeding for my trouble out of the one item I could usually eat safely. NEVER again. I brought in my own food from there out.

So you can see I do not have access to a shop and can not risk custom building from scratch. I don't have the knowledge or the right tools.

I have NOT meet a mechanic around here that would do this kind of job either. Even if I did where would my cat and I go during this work being done?

I won't survive without lockable shelter with my disabilities and I am too law abiding.

My avatar name is a direct result of my situation I do it out of necessity.

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

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Posts: 357

Reg: 03-20-18
08-20-20 10:23 AM - Post#2801576    
    In response to Mad Professor

my signature has that info.

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

Posts: 357

Reg: 03-20-18
08-20-20 10:24 AM - Post#2801577    
    In response to VanLife

I was told this particular engine was designed to be used in boats as well. in other words tough and durrable.

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

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09-11-20 08:26 PM - Post#2803290    
    In response to VanLife

A 350 is a 350, pretty much standard engine all around. The accessories your van has may dictate different brackets and such. There's a rebuilder out of Tyler, Tx on that auction site we all know and love, that has just about any engine you may need/want.. You can order a short or long block in a stock configuration, and add some other things to give it more power, such as a cam upgrade, flat top pistons as opposed to dished, etc. Prices are really fair, and shipping is $250.00. They don't require a core either! A seasoned, completely remachined/assembled short or long block, as opposed to a Hecho en Mexico GM crate motor. After having a factory crate motor drop an exhaust valve. right after the warranty expired, and better prices to boot, I know which way I'd go. I am Butch/56sedandelivery.

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09-12-20 05:37 PM - Post#2803331    
    In response to VanLife

Well, you can't expect GM to make new replacement engines for a 33 year old vehicle. Expecting a complete new engine with new accessories and new wiring harness ready to run is unrealistic for any 33 year old vehicle.

The V6 in your van would be a 4.3L. That engine was everywhere from the mid 80's until early 2000's. So rebuilt engines are readily available. Summit racing lists 31 different rebuilt 4.3L V6 engines. Yours should be a LB4. There should also be many sources of the engines that still run well enough they could be used without a rebuild. My wife's father passed away recently and he had an old GM truck that she still has to take care of and it's got the exact engine you need. It's got lots of miles, but still runs well enough to do what you need from it.

Any 87 to 95 van or pickup with a V6 would be a source of the engine you need.

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09-13-20 04:38 AM - Post#2803355    
    In response to 65_Impala

Rebuilt engines are better if done right. Flaws are fixed. Seasoned blocks are hard to beat. I'll take a good hand rebuild over a machine line assembly.

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