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Username Post: Registration fees        (Topic#362064)
57 Tomm 
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Loc: walnut creek, ca. 94597
Reg: 01-10-07
08-07-20 07:09 AM - Post#2800510    

Out here in Corruptafornia,reg.fees for my 57 Chevy are $137.00 for the year. I'm interested in what other states are charging. Jump in with your figures if you can. Thanks!
BTW, I suspect your response's will only serve to increase my frustration but please - "Let me have it".

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Founder & Grand PoohBah
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08-07-20 07:34 AM - Post#2800513    
    In response to 57 Tomm

But it's a dry corruption.

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08-07-20 07:56 AM - Post#2800515    
    In response to 57 Tomm

In Texas we have a Antique registration for about $60 that lasts for 5 years with no inspection required, safety or otherwise. Vehicle must be 25 years old and only driven for pleasure. Heck, every minute I'm in my 57 is a pleasure.

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08-07-20 08:15 AM - Post#2800516    
    In response to acardon

Kentucky is by far the best bet as far as registering a car 25 years or older. Just checked my last registration renewal for 2020 in Jefferson County Kentucky on my 60 Pontiac.

The registration fee is stamped No Fee and the tax fee is $1.13. You pay a one time Registration Fee and the Historic Tag lasts forever with no yearly charge. You can't beat FREE!

Posts: 141
Loc: Houston, Texas
Reg: 03-11-05
08-08-20 10:37 AM - Post#2800611    
    In response to acardon

....and in Texas you have to have a set of original Texas license plates(front and rear) matching your year model vehicle, 1955 Chevy=1955 Texas plates. Is that still the rule?

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Reg: 10-04-18
08-08-20 12:53 PM - Post#2800621    
    In response to Travs55

Tennessee is $62.50 in my county. Others are like $28.50.
You may get forever antique plates or plates of year of car manufacture. That’s all you ever pay.

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Loc: Baltimore, MD
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08-09-20 03:26 PM - Post#2800717    
    In response to Beltfed

Maryland is $54.00 for two years for Street Rod or Historic plates. They now have a permanent registration for cars over 60 years old (I think it is 60) but I don’t know what the fee is on that.

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Dave in VA 
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Dave in VA
Age: 70
Loc: SW Virginia, USA
Reg: 03-11-18
08-10-20 05:19 AM - Post#2800755    
    In response to 57 Tomm

In Virginia, $50 for permanent antique tags, or to register same year tags. No inspections, and vehicle has to be 25 years old. Cannot be a daily driver. You must have another vehicle registered in Va to qualify for the antique tags...

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Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Wichita, KS
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08-14-20 10:24 AM - Post#2801086    
    In response to Dave in VA

In Kansas $17.50 if you already have an antique plate. This is what I have but now the legislature has changed and if you car is modified in any way (motor, transmission, wheels and tires) you cannot get or use an antique plate and you pay about 10 times the $17.50

Bruces 57 
Frequent Contributor
Posts: 2445

Reg: 01-03-07
08-20-20 01:14 PM - Post#2801592    
    In response to 19Chevy50

Lets put it this way.
I have a house in Florida, I live in Calif. in a house about the same sq footage. The Fl house tax is about $1350 a year, the Calif House is almost (within pennies) $10,000!!!!
Too many programs to fund!! (YOU KNOW!)
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Posts: 925

Reg: 12-09-07
08-22-20 06:38 PM - Post#2801739    
    In response to 57 Tomm

The blood suckers in Illinois on a REGULAR passenger plate the fees when from $98 to $148 and get this my little trailer that used to be $18 they increased 325% to $118

Antique plates are different
Random-Number Antique License Plates - Dec. 31, 2020 expiration

2020 - $30
2021 - $24
2022 - $18
2023 - $12
2024 - $6
Current non-antique plates expire within 1 year - $59 ($30 Antique Vehicle license plates fee + $29 replacement fee)

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Senior Member
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Loc: North Coast, USA
Reg: 12-19-01
08-23-20 07:02 AM - Post#2801768    
    In response to ragtp66

  • ragtp66 Said:
The blood suckers in Illinois on a REGULAR passenger plate the fees when from $98 to $148 and get this my little trailer that used to be $18 they increased 325% to $118

Probably copied that from OH. I have a personal non business trailer that I use only in the summer for hobby related needs. Owned it 30 years. Used to be able to license 1/2 year. Then they raised the tax. Next they raised the tax saying it had to be taxed for the entire year. Nest it had to licensed for the entire year. Then they started applying late fees for registration so if you didn't use it one year you owed a penalty. They act like one pulls a trailer every time the tow vehicle is driven.

56 wagon gasser 
Posts: 65

Reg: 09-28-11
09-11-20 03:35 PM - Post#2803268    
    In response to 55MAS

About $52.00 per year here in NY if you have "Historical" plates. Even more with regular plates.

Frequent Contributor
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Age: 58
Loc: PA
Reg: 08-05-07
09-12-20 04:27 AM - Post#2803296    
    In response to 56 wagon gasser

In PA, it is up to $43/yr. (I actually had to look, as the Mrs. takes care of the bills) More for trucks, depending on weight class. So I pay that twice, plus the truck, and soon to be one more. My Vette is registered Classic, which at the time was $75 permanent registration. At that time, standard registration was $36/yr.
What bothers me is insurance. I have to insure every vehicle, but can only drive one at a time. Why can't they insure drivers instead?

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55 Shaker 
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Loc: north central IL.
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09-12-20 08:10 AM - Post#2803308    
    In response to craig32

  • craig32 Said:
I have to insure every vehicle, but can only drive one at a time. Why can't they insure drivers instead?

I've always thought that myself.

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Andy J 
Posts: 42

Age: 68
Loc: east central Mississippi
Reg: 10-29-15
09-12-20 09:06 AM - Post#2803317    
    In response to craig32

I've always wondered that myself.It is certainly a revenue enhancement technique the insurance companies have devised.In layman's terms,I think it's called "greed."

Member #543 "15th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: UK
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09-15-20 01:44 AM - Post#2803497    
    In response to Andy J

Not a US State, but here in UK it's free - our regular safety inspection is also waived. No mileage/use/daily driver requirements either - although the car needs to be largely unmodified to qualify for historic status.

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