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Username Post: Left Brake Light Not Working        (Topic#360995)
Retired Ron 
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Loc: Vancouver Island, BC, Can...
Reg: 08-17-19
05-17-20 01:15 PM - Post#2794032    

My left brake light on my 64 Impala is not working. The turn signal, backup and tail lights work but just not the brake. There are no problems with the right side. I have checked the bulbs and the brake switch with my meter and everything appears to be all right.

Any suggestions as to a possible solution would be appreciated.


Ultra Senior Member
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05-17-20 04:47 PM - Post#2794051    
    In response to Retired Ron

It is probably the turn signal switch. Check for power on the white wire at the turn signal column connector with the pedal pushed. If you have power there, check the black/pink wire for power.
Power goes from the brake switch through the turn signal switch when left or right turn is not selected.

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Reg: 04-13-11
05-17-20 05:21 PM - Post#2794054    
    In response to Retired Ron

Grounds on socket or bulbs. Clean inside of sockets with 1/2"plumbers wire brush.clean grounds to tail light housing to body.

Senior Member
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Reg: 12-04-02
05-17-20 05:22 PM - Post#2794055    
    In response to Retired Ron

Like already mentioned, probably the turn signal switch. You might get it working by cleaning the contact points.

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"7th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Reg: 02-27-12
05-17-20 07:38 PM - Post#2794071    
    In response to 64ss409

Had the same issue on my 64. New turn signal switch corrected it.


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Retired Ron 
Posts: 9

Loc: Vancouver Island, BC, Can...
Reg: 08-17-19
05-18-20 08:23 AM - Post#2794096    
    In response to acardon

Thanks for the information, much appreciated.


"7th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Houston TX
Reg: 04-15-11
05-18-20 12:05 PM - Post#2794117    
    In response to Retired Ron

Make sure you have a dual element bulb in that location.

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Retired Ron 
Posts: 9

Loc: Vancouver Island, BC, Can...
Reg: 08-17-19
05-23-20 08:30 PM - Post#2794591    
    In response to Retired Ron

I have checked the white wire and am getting power. The closest to a black/pink wire is black/purple. (I guess it's purple.) It appears everything is OK as far as power is concerned so now I'm left wondering what else I can do.

If the switch requires replacing how difficult a job it it? I'm new at this but am learning real fast. Can you give me any directions/advice on replacing the switch?

Much appreciated.

Retired Ron 
Posts: 9

Loc: Vancouver Island, BC, Can...
Reg: 08-17-19
05-24-20 08:24 AM - Post#2794636    
    In response to acardon

Don: I hope this gets to you as I'm having difficulty in learning the system here.

I have checked the white wire and have power. The closest I have to a black/pink wire is black/purple. I have checked the brake switch & that is ok. If I can assume the switch is faulty & I have to replace it how much trouble is the procedure? My last vehicle was a stock '30 Ford which was a little less complicated than the Chevy but I'm learning fast.

I appreciate your input.

Valued Contributor
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Reg: 06-27-10
05-24-20 10:22 AM - Post#2794643    
    In response to Retired Ron

You will need a steering wheel puller. Take pictures as you disassemble the horn, until you are down to the switch. Check the switch for any visual problems. Many times, it is something minor that can be remedied by tightening the switch screws or a broken wire that needs to be repaired. I don't have a 1964, but when I was doing service, before I replaced any part, I started with checking the part for abnormities that were an easy fix.
The most important thing that you will need, and should have before attempting any repair is the factory shop manual(s) and the assembly manual for your car.

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"9th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Reg: 09-17-09
05-24-20 01:57 PM - Post#2794664    
    In response to junky

Make sure your socket is grounding properly. If you need to run a sperate wire to a good ground and touch the ground on the socket, some the whole socket is ground and others there is a spring clip where it goes into the housing.


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