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Username Post: 55 Chevy is wrecked!        (Topic#359176)
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12-19-19 09:14 PM - Post#2782535    

Hello Strangers, its been a couple of years since my last post, but car has been finished and been busy driving vs posting! UNFORTUNATELY last Sunday a 17 year old girl decided to Bonzai a yellow turn light directly in my path in an intersection and the picture tells the rest of the story! I was knocked unconscious with a concussion, got a not so affordable ambulance ride to the local hospital, CAT Scan, Chest XRay and lots of bruises on a banged up body. I'm posting in search of insurance advise on my classic as well as bodily injury claim for myself. Currently I'm insured with Grundy / Phillidelphia with a determined value, but since the accident was her fault, her insurance with Geico will be responsible. My estimation is the car is totalled, but will see what the adjuster will come back with.
What I would like to know is have you ever been in similar situation and how did proceed with both the Liability and Body Injury claim. Were you able to replace as you thought fair, Did the insurance company offer a fair amount for pain and discomfort? I know this is very unfortunate, but PLEASE do not use this as an opportunity to wish ill will on the person at fault. Accidents happen and anytime we set foot out our door risk is always there. Happy Holidays Everyone! image



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12-20-19 10:35 AM - Post#2782552    
    In response to Gary_K

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I too have woken up in the hospital only to be told my '63 Impala was a total right off. Almost cried when I went to the impound yard to look at it. Also a little surprised I was still alive from the looks of it.
Can't help you out with the insurance end of things as we have "goverment" insurance up here in our neck of Canada.
If you loaded a pic of the 55 it's not showing up here.

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12-21-19 08:46 AM - Post#2782612    
    In response to Gary_K

Some years ago, I was driving my old car and was rear ended in a chain of cars. The woman who hit the car behind me and pushed it into my car which in turn pushed me into the car in front of me. My car was determined to be a total. Her insurance company was State Farm and they wanted to see my receipts from when I built the car. I had them and took them over to them. They looked them over and ended up offering me a settlement that was more than I expected. It also included my medical bills which were quite low, (I was fortunate no to be hurt much), and some "pain and suffering" money. Don't be too quick to settle as they can and will raise the "ante". And of course, I am sorry for your injuries and whish you a speedy and complete recovery.

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12-21-19 02:19 PM - Post#2782624    
    In response to 5Larry7

My wife, dog and myself were on a perfectly straight 55 MPH road with a green traffic light about 1/ 8 of a mile ahead. Thought to my myself that light might turn red before we got there and was on alert. Well it never turned red it remained green. Just as we got below the traffic light a car going right to left appeared in front of us. I never even had a chance to put on my brakes and T Boned him. Both air bags went off and our horn came on and stayed on. I would have bet money I had a several broken ribs as I could hardly breath. My wife was really shaken up and our Labrador Retriever Maggie got out of the car and was running down the highway dodging in and out of cars.
The Florida State Police showed up along with several ambulances. A Trooper told me to get in an ambulance, I told him not until I run down my dog which I did and asked a store owner to watch her until I could get one of my neighbors to come get her. I also realized the Trooper probably never owned a dog. My wife and I were then transported to the hospital in separate ambulances.
Most traffic accidents occurr as the lights are changing. This one never changed.
To this day, I have no idea what this other driver was doing while going through a red light after stopping for the light for minutes. On the phone, texting, who knows. As this was a very busy intersection there were all kinds of witnesses who saw him go through the steady red light. Also several other cars were damaged in all this. He was ticketed by the State Police.
Don't know about where you live but where we are theres always Personal Injury Attorneys on TV offering their services.
Accidents get messy I think I recieved a bill from every hospital employee except the janitor. Was even tripled billed by one of the ambulances.
As the driver who caused the accident was obviously at fault I decided to us one of these attorney's. You have to pay them 1/3 of the total amount you receive. I figured 1/3 of something is better the 100% of nothing. As I said before accidents are messy, you get bills from everywhere. The attorney took care of all the paper work and we were very satisfied with the insurance settlement. I'd recommend one of these attroneys to sought out all the bills and details.
Fortunately we were in a large Lexus SUV which was totaled. Can't imagine what would have happened if we were in a small sedan.

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12-31-19 05:18 PM - Post#2783349    
    In response to Tri5man

File the claim with your company and let them do the work first.

Good luck with the process.

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Bruces 57 
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01-01-20 03:51 PM - Post#2783442    
    In response to 57tim

I don't know when the last time you had an accident was but the adjuster that comes and looks at your car is now a thing of the past!!??
Insurance co's now hire computer companies to "run stats on your car to determine the value and believe me that don't want to pay SQUAT!!!!
Just had an accident (wife) with our 2018 Jaguar which because of the severe damage was a "write off" Man! I had my hands full with these "clowns" They rated our car with Jags that had 4 cylinder engines (ours was a supercharged 6 producing 340 horses) as well as not the same appointments that were in our car! as well as wanting to give us a check that definitely would not replace our vehicle!! I had to come up with at least 10 examples of our model car for sale and the asking prices!!! as well as seller info!!!!!
Finally got almost what we paid for that car!! (about tore my hair out)
Just be aware of these new practices by insurance co's its not in favor of your best interest!!!! You now can hire a "arbitrator" to even the score but they want a piece of the pie too!!!!!!!!!


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01-03-20 05:42 AM - Post#2783585    
    In response to Gary_K

Gary, I am so sorry to hear about this. I do not have any experience in this, but wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and hope everything works out for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Keith Marang
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01-04-20 01:53 PM - Post#2783686    
    In response to 1956chevy

Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope everything goes okay for you. I won’t flame the person responsible, accidents happen. I can’t say I’m sorry they do since I do bodywork for a living. I can tell you to protect your interests. Have as much documentation as possible to determine a fair value for you car. They will try to lowball you at every turn. A lot of companies do still have adjusters, but they don’t know what they are looking at on modern cars, much less classics. I had a girl hit my ‘78 El Camino years ago and they wanted to total it and said it had a value of $2,300.00 because I used it as a daily driver. My El Camino has a tri-color custom paint job with one of the colors being a pearl. It has shaved door handles and tons of custom body work. It has a fuel injected 355, 700R-4, 9 inch rear, 4 wheel discs and custom wheels. I finally got them to value it higher and give me a fair amount of money to fix it and not have it total.

They will lowball you on medical expenses, current and future as well as pain and suffering. You know your body best. If you feel you will recover completely from your injuries, then you don’t need to be concerned about money for future medical expenses. But if you think you will have problems down the road, make sure you get enough money to cover it.

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01-07-20 04:47 PM - Post#2783946    
    In response to Gary_K

Are you asking about insurance games?

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01-07-20 07:45 PM - Post#2783956    
    In response to Gary_K

As I stated in my first response is file everything with Grundy and let them try to get their money back from them. If you have agreed value thats what you get if its totaled and the medical bills up to your limits.

It doesn't matter whose fault it is, claim against your company first. This applies to non collector insurance also.

Good luck.

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01-12-20 04:49 PM - Post#2784280    
    In response to 57tim

Tim is correct. I've just gone through this with my 61 Corvette. A woman backed into me in a parking lot. Not major damage, but my insurance(Hagerty) paid me and they went after her insurance (USAA) There was no question regarding fault. The original estimate was doubled when my body guy discovered the primer was not compatible with one of the 13 layers of paint, so he had to strip it down to fiberglass. Total was over $16,000. Hagerty didn't even blink and paid it. In most cases, you can have your car repaired up to your agreed on value.

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03-20-20 10:08 AM - Post#2789053    
    In response to bowtiefan

Hate to hear that you had your car wrecked Gary. Any updates on the results so far?

This is a topic we all need to keep up with for our classics sake.
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