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Username Post: PS,ALT belt issues        (Topic#358303)
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10-03-19 01:48 PM - Post#2777015    

I am trying to run an alternator on the passenger side in the first pulley groove, why doesn't the lower radiator hose clear the belt?
Power steering pump in the second groove on driver side.
What lower radiator hose do I need, rad is in 6 cyl. Position.
I have been running the alt in #2 groove and the ps in #3 just crank and ps pump.
Basically the #1 groove running anything on the passenger side will not work, belt will not clear the lower radiator hose.
Have I fitted the lower hose incorrectly?
Do I need one of thos flexible type hoses to do this?
Or is this impossible and I need to mount the alt way up high where you question if the hood will close?
What am I doing wrong here?
What has brought this on is belt slippage on the water pump from current configuration.

VC56S 2 door Sedan, 39 Years


"13th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 1211
Loc: Pasadena, Texas
Reg: 04-29-04
10-04-19 10:54 AM - Post#2777081    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

I bought 7 different pulleys trying to make this work, now it looks like it is the configuration on the lower radiator hose.
If ya look close at what the various repop boutiques that are selling these hoses they are all a bit different.
This will be a timely and costly episode if this all mattered on the manufacturer of the lower radiator hose.
We will see, I have ordered a different lower rad hose from one of the popular repop boutiques. Here's the issue, the belt hits the lower rad hose, just because the way the hose is made?

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VC56S 2 door Sedan, 39 Years

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10-05-19 06:01 AM - Post#2777121    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

There was never a V-8 tri-5 manufactured with a radiator in the 6 cyl position, and passenger side alternator or a belt driven power steering pump. There is way too many combinations for a manufacturer to make a hose specifically for yours. You have to get a ready made hose with the right bends and cut to fit.

P.S. Aluminum pulleys are know to slip easily.

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10-06-19 10:10 AM - Post#2777181    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

cant see the problem good in the pic. i would probly move the alternator. or maybe use a peice of metal tubing where it rubs and flaten it a bit .

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10-06-19 05:47 PM - Post#2777211    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

What is the location of the driver side PS pump? If you mount it low down, below the height of the exhaust, you can mount an alt above it on the driver side. This is how GM did it on short water pumps, long water pumps, etc.


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10-07-19 07:56 AM - Post#2777257    
    In response to Jalapeno

keep it simple...

pull the lower hose out and go down to your local NAPA and ask them if you can look thru all the hoses they have hung up and find one configured similar, but with more space for that 90 degree turn that seems to be where the belt rubs.

that's how ive done the last 2 tri fives I've modified...just do it visually. forget about using specific recommended tri 5 hoses. You need a smidge more spacing at that 90 degree curve coming out of the water pump.

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10-08-19 12:38 PM - Post#2777389    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

I'm with WagonCrazy to just keeping it simple. But from the looks of the picture you provided it seems like you ran out of length on the hose and have it cocked too far forward off the water pump, which is allowing it contact the belt at the 90* bend. If you have enough length to it then just re-position the hose on the water pump back towards the fuel pump/block which should then clear the belt at the 90* bend. But if you don't have the length to do that and allow it to get hooked up to the radiator, then maybe the new hose you just ordered will work out better.

"16th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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10-08-19 02:49 PM - Post#2777406    
    In response to WagonCrazy

Several vendors sell a lower radiator hose designed to work with a V8 engine in the 6 cylinder position.

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"13th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 1211
Loc: Pasadena, Texas
Reg: 04-29-04
10-10-19 07:56 PM - Post#2777615    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

New lower hose, finally it does clear
Belt in first crank groove
The cheaper generic hoses do not have the bends like the higher priced reproduction 5-6-7 hoses and I cut it too short
Finally, finally I got it!

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VC56S 2 door Sedan, 39 Years


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