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Username Post: Family Owned 50        (Topic#357200)
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Loc: WA
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07-12-19 01:26 PM - Post#2770543    

Wanted to start out by saying thank you to all the posters and contributers here.

My '50 was purchased new by my great grandpa the year my mom was born. It passed through the family and sat for many years as it had thrown a rod through the side of the block.

When I was 15, my dad, who was a heavy equipment master mechanic, and I started working on it so I could use it as my daily driver when I turned 16. We replaced the original 216 with a different one but had an unfortunate freezing mishap that cracked the block in the new 216. So it took a backseat and sat for many years in our garage. My dad eventually moved to Montana and sold the house and took the '50 to sit outside in the mountains of Montana. A few years later, I had a house and space for it so I drug it back to Washington and put it on blocks in my garage. It sat there for many years until I had a shop built in 2017-18. In March 2018, I rolled it into the shop to get started on the project. Now for the pictures:

1978 picture of the original:

Rolling it in the shop March 2018:

Floorpans need to be replaced:

Putting it on the rotisserie:

New floorpans in the front:

I put a Dana S60 rear end in and a Mustang II front end:

That was because I put in a 6.2L LS3 with a 6L80e transmission from a wrecked 2010 Camaro:

I had a helper for some of the fabrication necessary to make it fit:

The car was rolled many years ago so it needed a lot of poorly completed body work by me:

Painting process:

Body back on the Frame:

I added some comfort features, AC by Restomod Air barely squeezed under the dash, power wipers, power windows, power door locks, all that added a lot of wiring. Wiring harness was from Painless:

Interior was a kit from National Chevy Association. Kit was ok, lacked a lot of information on how it all goes together but it turned out ok:

Some flowmaster mufflers for the exhaust:

And the nearly finished product:

Saddest part about this entire process was that my dad, who started the project with me when I was 15, passed away after a serious car accident in May 2019. When I restarted the project in March last year, I talked to him every week about it and he helped out some on the project. He was excited to see the progress that had been made as they drove up to Montana from their winter home in Lake Havasu. Unfortunately he never made it. His passing shifted my build into overdrive to make sure it was ready for his memorial over the 4th of July weekend. The car has only been on the road a couple of weeks, most of the gremlins have been discovered and squashed but there still are a few. The car drove flawlessly 400 miles round trip to his memorial. I'm sure he's looking down and smiling.

Long post, thanks for sticking with it and thanks for all the information on this site. It helped out with some of the tougher pieces of the project.


Mike JW 
"7th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Mike JW
Loc: Arroyo Grande, CA
Reg: 01-19-06
07-12-19 02:11 PM - Post#2770545    
    In response to Mork

Beautiful Car sorry about your Dad.

"15th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Reg: 11-24-02
07-12-19 02:49 PM - Post#2770549    
    In response to Mork

Welcome aboard!

'67 Camaro survivor
'06 Z71 Sierra Ex Cab
'37 Chevy cp.SOLD!!6/7/14
'74 Nova Custom cp.
'73 Nova pro-street project
'17 Chevy Trax LT
'00 S10 Ex cab

"6th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Reg: 01-17-10
07-12-19 02:58 PM - Post#2770550    
    In response to Mork

Nice car, beautiful story. Glad you were able to complete before your dad's memorial.

Bill Wilson 50 styleline deluxe 2 door sold,- 51 styleline Deluxe 2 door ,'56 235 with dual carter webers on an Offenhauser intake, Fenton headers, 56 chevy rear end and 700R4 transmission.

Posts: 506
Age: 73
Loc: Chattanooga, Tn
Reg: 07-08-13
07-12-19 03:52 PM - Post#2770553    
    In response to one4dad

Welcome aboard. Love the car and the story. Your father would be very proud of what you have accomplished.


Just Slightly Abrasive

2blu52 86
"18th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Montana
Reg: 03-12-02
07-12-19 04:20 PM - Post#2770554    
    In response to 40grit

A true rebirth and a very nice car. Now you have a ton of experience to share with the other members here.



Posts: 26

Age: 63
Loc: Salt Lake City, Utah
Reg: 06-21-19
07-12-19 04:24 PM - Post#2770556    
    In response to Mork

Mork , I must say your car is beautiful after the build. Love the LS, can you post the build, Parts you used ie, r/end, trans, cooling parts, which vintage air you used, Brakes and such. Any and everything you can think of if you will. It is exactly the type of build I'm doing on my 53, 210 2door. Like you my dad was my inspiration, but he's long gone. Now my son is my partner. I can see you also have two helping hands. Love the color. Great work on a fine machine. You must be very proud, as well you should be. She's a keeper Clark...

MB in SLC, UT.

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Loc: Mustang, OK, USA
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07-12-19 04:35 PM - Post#2770557    
    In response to KoraB

GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!! What is all that rats nest in front of the firewall?

Posts: 26

Age: 63
Loc: Salt Lake City, Utah
Reg: 06-21-19
07-12-19 04:50 PM - Post#2770559    
    In response to DZAUTO

Dz auto, When I asked my son, Classic or what???? His answer was Dad, Don't get stuck in the Fifties, It's.. 2019.

MB in SLC, UT.

"15th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 14024
Loc: L.A, Cal. & St. Louis...
Reg: 04-07-03
07-12-19 07:32 PM - Post#2770565    
    In response to KoraB

But... but... but I like the '50's.

1953 210 Convertible, 261 with dual Carter YF 966S carbs, P.S., Remote Bendix P.B. Booster... shade-tree restoration about done.

Moderator and "17th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Loc: Napa, Ca USA
Reg: 04-02-00
07-12-19 07:40 PM - Post#2770566    
    In response to Mork

Welcome to ChevyTalk. Great work. Sorry for the loss of your dad.

29-41, 42-48, 49-54 Moderator
1948 Chevy Fleetmaster Coupe Purchased 6/2010. Stock with rebuilt 52 216 installed May 1966.
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"6th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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07-12-19 08:01 PM - Post#2770569    
    In response to Keith_Knox

Wow. WELCOME. Way to introduce your self! Great story. Up until the part about your dad. My deepest condolences. Prayers coming your way.

As for the car.... totally fantastic. 6.2ls?! Brilliant.

Please become part of this site. It’s the best forum on the web and needs guys like you and cars like yours

Andrew D. Carapella (Drew)

'50 Deluxe 4dr v8 auto


Rochester Street Rods - Est. 1970

CrossMembers Car Club - Hebrews 12:2

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Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Atlanta, GA, USA
Reg: 11-16-02
07-13-19 03:50 AM - Post#2770575    
    In response to drew1987

WOW. I love the car (nice little upgrade there from the 216) but especially love the story. Your dad would absolutely be proud of what you've done.

This is a great forum and I hope you stick around. I've learned a ton from the guys on here and love seeing and hearing the stories they share so, please, stick around!

Congrats again and welcome to the forum.

Accountant by profession, wanna-be car restorer by choice

Rebuilding my Granddad's 1953 Chevy 150

"9th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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07-13-19 06:52 AM - Post#2770585    
    In response to Franks_Old_53

They call that PAINLESS LOL

1951 2 door Deluxe Bone stock, well not quite, bucket seats.
Broken hearts and dirty windows
Make life difficult to see
Thats why last night and this morning
Always look the same to me
John Prine

Founder & Grand PoohBah
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07-13-19 09:17 AM - Post#2770598    
    In response to 2D51STYDLX

Can Photobucket get any more obnoxious with their stamping?

When using 3rd party hosting sites and extremely large photos I lose all control of formatting our pages.

Happy with the help and support you got here?
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"5th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Reg: 09-08-14
07-13-19 04:49 PM - Post#2770627    
    In response to Mork

Wow! Amazing job.

Ron Starkey

Life's full of risks..........take one!

'50 Fleetline 350/350

Senior Member
Posts: 8674

Loc: Mustang, OK, USA
Reg: 12-25-99
07-13-19 08:14 PM - Post#2770641    
    In response to KoraB

  • KoraB Said:
Dz auto, When I asked my son, Classic or what???? His answer was Dad, Don't get stuck in the Fifties, It's.. 2019.

That car is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO magnificently done, I mean it's great!!!!!!!!! But then you look under the hood and it just does not match with the rest of the car. Sorry!

Additionally, my 51 has been in the family since Granddad bought it new, and I bought it in 62 just before going to Nam.
The engine is a SB389 (that's a 383 bored .060in over), Muncie and 57 axle housing with a 3.08 posi.
It's a ragged, rusty POS, but mechanically, it's like new with cold air cond on R12. And it has literally been my daily driver since 1962 (saves wear and tear and keeps the mileage down on all my other cars).

Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 2
Loc: WA
Reg: 06-15-18
07-15-19 02:56 PM - Post#2770769    
    In response to DZAUTO

Hi, thanks for all the kind words and thoughts. It was definitely a labor of love.

Yes I agree, I'm not sure why they call it a "Painless" wiring harness! It is nice that all the wires are labeled though throughout the entire run.

To respond to KoraB, I ordered a Strange Engineering Dana S60 rear end. I used a mid 60's nova as the basis for the rear end width. I had to grind off the mounts that were attached to the rear end and use new mounts that I ordered through Walton Fabrication for the new rear leaf spring setup. I also used Walton's transmission mount and engine mounts. When I put in the A/C unit, I stuffed it up under the dash which forced me to remove the radio tubes and glovebox. I made a cover panel that covers the old dash holes and painted it to match. That gave me a clean place to put the A/C vents and controls. I could give you an entire list of what I used to make everything fit but it's a long list.

I understand what you are saying DZAUTO about not matching the rest of the car but it's a lot of fun to stomp on the long skinny pedal and start moving. I wanted a daily driver that I wouldn't have to worry about carb adjustments or engine tuning. I wanted something I could get in and just cruise for fun. It looks like that's what you have with your setup as well since it has been doing that for you for 57 years!

Lots of fun working on it and there is still more to go. I'll probably work on the body work more over the winter but for now, I'm going to drive the heck out of it and enjoy it.


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