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Username Post: Disc brake conversion        (Topic#357136)
Senior Member
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Loc: Parker, Colorado
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07-07-19 06:09 AM - Post#2770097    

I need a front disc brake conversion. I currently have a stock front end with 2" dropped springs. I want non-power brakes in the kit with everything included to bold on. Slotted high performance rotors are not necessary. I have Amazon prime, not sure if that gives me any leverage in what they have available. Please advise

Parker, Colorado
56 BelAir Post, T56, 327, 4:11, Astro custom chrome steel wheels,

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07-07-19 08:19 PM - Post#2770161    
    In response to Denver56BelAir

drop springs may max out your alignment adjustment. i would do much homework on this. i would be looking for maybe drop spindles that help the camber curve and caster.

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07-09-19 12:39 PM - Post#2770297    
    In response to Denver56BelAir

I bought a kit from CPP that had the drop spindles and disc brakes. I also installed 1 1/2 inch drop springs. It came out too low. I have purchased, but not yet installed stock height springs. I recommend the CPP kit, but with stock height springs.

56 210 Handyman

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07-09-19 03:10 PM - Post#2770313    
    In response to bobb

  • Quote:
drop springs may max out your alignment adjustment. i would do much homework on this.

Actually, because it's fairly common on 55-57 cars to run out of shims (modified or not), lowering the car with springs might actually help with alignment settings, because the upper control arm becomes more horizontal when that's done. This requires adding shims.

Biggest problem with lowering springs is bottoming out.

Senior Member
Posts: 543
Loc: Parker, Colorado
Reg: 01-11-05
07-09-19 07:33 PM - Post#2770338    
    In response to 56handyman

I will look into CPP. I prefer not to install new spindles. I remember I installed some aftermarket upper control arm thig-a ma-bobs that allowed for a more accurate alignment. The car drives pretty straight now without uneven tire wear.

Parker, Colorado
56 BelAir Post, T56, 327, 4:11, Astro custom chrome steel wheels,

498 chevy 
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498 chevy
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07-16-19 11:19 AM - Post#2770843    
    In response to Denver56BelAir

I put in ccp units complete but with tubular top A arms ( 5 deg added) and it all went great

Bruces 57 
Frequent Contributor
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08-22-19 12:23 PM - Post#2773823    
    In response to 498 chevy

I had stock spindles with stock springs Took out the 2" lowering springs, then, I added the upper and lower tubular control arms by CPP and put the 2" lowering springs back in!!?? So far so good!!!
Then I got a all 4 disc brake kit from Pirate Jack, with Willwood disc and calipers, Master, 8" chrome duel booster, all new SS brake lines, Rear disc with caddy calipers and e brakes! WORKS REALLY FINE!! BUT DISC FRONT DRUM REAR ALSO WORK FINE AS WELL!!!


Big T 
"14th Year" Silver Supporting Membe
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Big T
Loc: Simi Valley CA
Reg: 04-14-06
08-29-19 09:06 AM - Post#2774402    
    In response to Denver56BelAir

Paul. I have a mpb front disc set up for a 55. I had it installed on to the car but never had fluid in the system before I up graded.

it will go for good price.

if interested please pm
ps I have a 55 Belair but I believe it also fits 56-57


55 4 door BelAir

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"13th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Reg: 04-29-04
08-29-19 02:29 PM - Post#2774428    
    In response to Denver56BelAir

Sounds like you are using stock spindles?
if this is correct ALL you need is;
The brackets for the calipers,
The calipers,
Brake pads...........
One of the many repop parts boutiques has those brackets
And the rotors, usually 70 chevelle rotors and calipers.
There are a few other pieces needed, brakes hoses and some new brake line.
I guess you currently have drums all the way around?
one issue with the above method is those rortors on stock spindles moves the wheels out some amount on both sides.
There are some vendors that sell specially made type rotors that do not do this, something to think about, not an issue if your buying new wheels too.
I do not know if you can run front disc's and rear drums with the single pot master cylinder, I'll just say I wouldn't.
Now is the time to split the front brakes from the rear brakes.
Add the dual master cylinder.
Yeah those stock master cylinder bolts are too short for the dual pot master.
That's another fun issue, but doable.
as usual there is always something, before you go too far with this project verify steering linkage parts clearance, there is a bushing used that moves the stock bolted arm to the tie rod inward, verify clearance. Seems mine hit on the stop on the a frame.
Then verify that the unloaded caliper can move enough to take the pads metal to metal, basically verify the caliper movement is not obstructed.
More than likely I have left out some details, but for all the issues that come up doing such things myself it makes going to the local cruise hang out and having the guy that "bought it" like that tell you how much it cost to have it done.
Once again doing it yourself, priceless!

VC56S 2 door Sedan, 39 Years

4dr 57 
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Reg: 11-10-04
11-30-19 04:24 PM - Post#2781307    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

Brake hoses - 69 Camaro - fit like they born there - use the proper fluid bolt on the caliper to hose.

It's all good. mostly


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