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Username Post: Sell or keep my 64?        (Topic#355562)
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Reg: 05-16-16
03-10-19 06:49 PM - Post#2761776    

I'm hoping for some advice from people who understand how hard this decision can be. I'm 20 years old and it's becoming obvious I need to come to terms with my 64 impala coupe which I have mechanically restored with the help of a family friend/expert to stock. The amount of time and money I've put into it alone is alot for someone my age but the the things I've learned and the sentimental value is difficult to quantify. I claimed to have bought it as an investment and I feel weird not living up to my initial promise by keeping it, but it will always be my first car and I still love it. However, my life is going to change here pretty soon. I'm in college and soon to be working in a city for at least a couple years. Keeping this car would mean it would have to be in storage for that time and probably not driven. Everyone says if I'm not driving it, it might be better served selling it to someone who will enjoy it more, but I could see myself years down the road trying in vain to get her back. Also my car is not particularly unique and while i love my commitment to factory correctness, I know anyone who owns the car in the future might think differently, and the thought of it being chopped up into something else breaks my heart. I'm not sure what to do, but life is calling me and I'm worried it might be more troublesome if I dont leave this car behind.

Ecklers AutoMotive
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Reg: 08-19-14
03-10-19 09:16 PM - Post#2761789    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

I've been in your situation and I was fortunate enough to be able to keep the car. I think I was 19 or 20 when I bought my 1961 Impala. It wasn't by luck it was determination.

I have been fortunate to know a LOT of older people who always say "I used to have a..." and "I wish I would have kept my... it was my favourite car." I refused to be one of them.

20+ years later (even though it sat for 10+ years) I'm still driving and working on it. I'm also at a financial point where I was able to find it's stablemate (very long story).

In short, I still own the 1961 Impala I bought 20+ years ago and the 1962 Impala I couldn't afford to buy a few years later.

After missing the 1962 Impala I realized I need to change something. It wasn't because I didn't make enough money (the guy who bought the car made less than me) it was my priorities and how I spent my money.

The way I did it was focus myself (which takes MASSIVE discipline) and decide what was actually important in my life. Did I NEED a fancy car with a car payment, cool clothes, a new bike or dinner charged to a credit card or did I WANT it? I organized, budgeted, saved, condensed and set goals. I still had fun but I cut out most of the trash that wasn't going to be there or potentially make me money later. In short, I stopped living day to day and week to week and started living for the future.

If you set realistic, attainable goals, and stay focused you can make it work.

1961 Impala mild custom build

Gofastwclass on YouTube

Why buy when you can build it better?

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Loc: Manama, Bahrain
Reg: 07-24-15
03-11-19 03:48 AM - Post#2761808    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

I would hold on to it as long as possible. I have driven my 64 about 20 times since I got it in 2006 and got it out of resto shop prison/nightmare in 2016, I have been stationed everywhere from the Virgin Islands to Hawaii to Alaska and now in the Middle East, luckily my next duty station is 35 miles away from home. It has been parked in a shop, in mini storage, my house, and now my parents house. I just have my wife or parents start it for me once a week or 2 weeks and move it back and fourth out of the garage. The engine and transmission were stolen and parts were taken luckily I was able to get them back, but it came across my mind to sell it several times just so it wouldn't be a hassle, but I've kept it. I'm not sure what your financial or storage situation is like but I would do whatever I could to keep it, because they aren't making anymore and they aren't cheap either. Plus, you know what you have in it and the problems (if any) with it, better than starting over.

Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Nova Scotia, Canada
Reg: 08-21-01
03-11-19 03:55 AM - Post#2761809    
    In response to USCGMK1

IMHO the above is excellent advice and it seems from your comments, keeping the car if at all possible is the way to go. Gofast gives very good life advice.

63 Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe(CDN Chev mechanically (409, 4 speed),62 Bel Air SC (sold), 59 El Camino (sold), 62 Bel Air SC(sold), 63 SWC Vette (sold),
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Stittville Ed 
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Reg: 01-10-16
03-11-19 06:53 AM - Post#2761817    
    In response to gofastwclass

  • gofastwclass Said:
favourite car."

Did I NEED a fancy car with a car payment, cool clothes, a new bike or dinner charged to a credit card or did I WANT it? day and week to week and started living for the future.

These are the KEY words Need Want

"15th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: L.A, Cal. & St. Louis...
Reg: 04-07-03
03-11-19 07:52 AM - Post#2761823    
    In response to Stittville Ed

Keep it.

1953 210 Convertible, 261 with dual Carter YF 966S carbs, P.S., Remote Bendix P.B. Booster... shade-tree restoration about done.

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Loc: delaware
Reg: 04-13-11
03-11-19 09:26 AM - Post#2761827    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

I first bought my car (64 coupe) as a daily driver. Drove it daily to work and fun for 6yrs. all season. Started renting garages to work on it. Bought another car to drive and fix up the 64. Got married,bought house,have 2 grown kids,college for both,finally retired. Long story short I still have my first car no regrets.P.S. worked full time and part time over 35 yrs to keep her. Now waiting for spring to enjoy a new season. If you can keep it you wont regret it.

Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 90
Reg: 06-18-18
03-11-19 10:42 AM - Post#2761835    
    In response to del.impala

I've owned several 61-64 full size chevys over the last 30 years. They were always driving projects and I sold them to finance a house purchase or other major life change such as yours. I felt about them they way it sounds you do. I only really missed my 62 bubbletop but I finally replaced that with a 61 after looking for about 15 years. I never regretted selling them as it always allowed me some freedom to take a life step. Don't let anyone tell you you should sell it because it won't be driven. That's BS. Some of my cars give me enjoyment just to look at. And if you do decide (yourself) to sell it, so what if you haven't kept it 'for an investment'. You are an adult and you can change your mind. There will be another car.

1961 Bel Air Bubbletop

"6th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Houston TX
Reg: 04-15-11
03-11-19 01:14 PM - Post#2761845    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

What kind of shape is the body in? If you have a lot of rust you can't afford to fix now, then sell it. If it is pretty rust free and you are attached to the car, keep it.

64 Impala SS:
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Senior Member
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Loc: Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Reg: 10-04-04
03-11-19 03:51 PM - Post#2761862    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

Luke, like you, I've bought my 61 Impala in 2004 when I was in my early 20s. I'm 35 now. Maybe my opinion is going to diverge a little bit from the rest of the people here.

Owning vintage cars here in Brazil is a very expensive, luxury hobby.

The car wasn't in running condition when I got it. I saved money for 2 or 3 years (no joke) to take it to a shop and do some basics like brakes and suspension. Of course the service was shitty and I just lost money.

I ended up learning to do some stuff, got togheter with friends who also do some wrenching - but the cycle was ever the same: save all the money I could to spend on the car once again.

The problem was that everytime there was something wrong with the car to a point that I was just living to fix it. It really got me tired and frustrated, so I left it sitting at my parent's for over 7 years.

And boy, what a great decision I had done. Took 2 years of italian classes, I went travelling to Europe 3 times (expensive), started cycling (wich is a fairly expensive hobby), saved money and did so much stuff.

The car was like a ball & chain to my ankle.

So, around 2015 I deciced to give it a go and ressurect it. I was in need of a car (The BeetleI had was stolen in 2010 and since then I was doing everything by bike) so I decided that I would spend the same money of a new, cheap car on the Impala.

I had spent quite a lot with chassis alignment, importing stuff, had to get a new engine. I had spend around 65% of the price of a new car on the Impala and it still had the same crappy paint job, holes on the floorpan, horrible wipers, dripping engine oil, electrical issues and as a bonus, I had hit a pothole which bent my drag link.

So that was it for me. I went and bought the new, economy car.

It's small, it wasn't exacly cheap, but it gets me moving around (I live 1 1/2 hour drive from my hometown, so now it's easy to go there on the weekends). I even made a 2324 miles road trip to Uruguay with my girl in the tiny car.

So, my advice would be: go experience the world. See different faces, different habbits, taste different flavors, how seasons are different between the hemispheres. Even if in the end you don't like some of the stuff you experience (heck, I stayed at blighted area in Rome!), at least you'll have stories to tell. Do that before you get married, kids, a fancy job that holds you down. Later you can always find an old car to grease your fingers during the weekends.

Bruno Leite Two tons of steel, one hundred miles an hour. No looking back, grooving on the power.

"5th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 1156
Loc: No. Virginia
Reg: 01-18-13
03-11-19 05:08 PM - Post#2761868    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

Your car is just a 'thing'. Prioritize your needs. If it fits in without hardship; keep it. If not, let it go. Don't look back.



"18th Year" Silver Supporting Member, and Official CT Grim Reaper
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Age: 65
Reg: 10-29-00
03-12-19 03:35 PM - Post#2761950    
    In response to japete92

  • japete92 Said:
Your car is just a 'thing'. Prioritize your needs. If it fits in without hardship; keep it. If not, let it go. Don't look back.





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Posts: 142

Reg: 05-16-16
03-12-19 08:19 PM - Post#2761965    
    In response to gofastwclass

All the responses have been great....they dont make my decision any easier, but its given me alot to think about. For now I'm going to try and keep it. At the moment, I can see how selling it I might look back and ask myself "did I really need that money? Where did it all go?" Or "I couldve made that work." But I doubt I'll say "i should've sold it sooner!" Time will tell; I could store it for a time and not wait till I can drive it again, or maybe i will change my mind and I think that's OK.

C. Anothalevel 
Posts: 18

Reg: 03-12-19
03-13-19 09:58 PM - Post#2762036    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

My vote is keep it! There isn’t a 64 I don’t regret selling and I’ve had quite a few. Scratch that actually I don’t regret selling my ultra clean 4 door hardtop cuz I had convertibles and hardtops at the time. But every other one to this day I kick myself for letting go and I bet in the end you will too! Save it for your kids they will thank you trust me.

"3rd Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 159
Loc: Hot Springs South Dakota
Reg: 04-28-12
03-14-19 09:04 AM - Post#2762063    
    In response to C. Anothalevel

I would sell it. Start a savings account with the money saved and in a few years buy one that has been restored.

C. Anothalevel 
Posts: 18

Reg: 03-12-19
03-14-19 02:01 PM - Post#2762077    
    In response to fander

Yeah and in a few years watch and see where the prices have sky rocketed to after you sold yours

This quote is from experience

Valued Contributor
Posts: 3736
Loc: Possums Crotch, KY
Reg: 06-26-07
03-14-19 02:41 PM - Post#2762080    
    In response to C. Anothalevel

The worst thing you can do is consider cars as an investment. Its a depreciating asset.

Posts: 997

Loc: In the garage
Reg: 08-19-14
03-15-19 04:10 AM - Post#2762115    
    In response to Tri5man

  • Tri5man Said:
The worst thing you can do is consider car as an investment. Its a depreciating asset.

As a certified car with multiple vehicles I have to agree 100%.

Can you make a profit selling cars? Absolutely.
Are cars a good investment compared to other things? Absolutely not!

Anything with wheels and an engine is not a good investment.

1961 Impala mild custom build

Gofastwclass on YouTube

Why buy when you can build it better?

Sting Ray 
"14th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Sting Ray
Loc: Drag City, California
Reg: 02-19-05
03-15-19 05:07 PM - Post#2762165    
    In response to gofastwclass

Keep your first car, I wish I had and that was 55 years ago.

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"12th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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03-18-19 09:43 AM - Post#2762368    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

i would keep it if at all possible. i purchased my 62 in nov of 1965. the next day i signed up for the navy reserve. went on active duty in 1967. my parents wanted me to sell it. they said "it will be an old car when you get out". i asked "what are you driving?". the answer was a 1957 bel air. i kept it and am still driving it. none of this "wish i would have kept it" for me.

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Mike JW 
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Mike JW
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Reg: 01-19-06
03-18-19 10:29 AM - Post#2762374    
    In response to 62chevy427

Put it in storage and keep it. You'll be glad you did 20 years from now.

Edited by Mike JW on 03-18-19 10:29 AM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

55 Shaker 
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Age: 69
Loc: north central IL.
Reg: 03-13-06
03-18-19 11:44 AM - Post#2762385    
    In response to Mike JW

KEEEEEEEEEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The older I get, the more dangerous, I am !!!!

"2nd Year" Platinum Supporting member
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Reg: 01-14-11
03-18-19 09:03 PM - Post#2762435    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

My first car, was 1963 Impala 2 door, I graduated in 1974. I still have that car, along with 16 more. Having the love of cars, and being mechanically inclined helped me through the years. I’ve been everywhere to swap meets, left coast, right coast, Harrah’s Reno, Pate, Iola. The wonderful people I meet, who became my life long friend. This is why I still have my cars, they are accessories in my life, bring it all together. Everyone’s situation is different. I just felt so bad when people would say “I should have never sold it”, so I didn’t sell.
Just remember, so many cars, so little time.

Each time my car starts, it's like the first time. You smile, were off to the next Car Show or Swap Meet. Life is Good!

lone star 
Posts: 151

Reg: 08-24-08
03-19-19 04:48 PM - Post#2762498    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

Id sell it. Get your education take careof business and have a nicer one afterwards. Cars come and go. And time is on your side

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Age: 60
Loc: Northern NJ
Reg: 05-17-10
03-19-19 05:56 PM - Post#2762501    
    In response to Schiavoneluke

I will try to keep this as concise as I can. I was 19 when I owned my third car, a 64 Impala SS. I worked on it myself (with my friend) and did some body work, engine bay cleanup work, interior, Maaco paint [shudder], etc. until it looked fairly good. I loved this car a lot and it was reliable, but I was in college at the time and the 327 started blowing oil. I could not afford to do a ring job, so I had little choice but to sell it.

I am not ashamed to admit that, after a while, I regretted losing the car and a small part of me always missed having it. But, other things in life came along: marriage (twice), two children, a career, etc. Lots of good stuff.

About 15 years ago, I was in a place where I could sanely dream about getting another 64 Impala, as it stuck with me for that long and I really kinda wanted one. About 9 years ago, it became a reality with a 409 SS convertible in my garage now.

I guess the short of it is this: a car is a possession, one that can be loved, yes, but still just a possession. Other things are important in life, but my story shows that the old saying can be true: "if you love something, let it go; if it was meant to be, it'll come back". OK, maybe that's paraphrased some, but I hope you understand what I mean.

All the best with whatever choice you make.

Ecklers AutoMotive
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