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Username Post: Cracked dash        (Topic#355103)
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02-04-19 03:47 PM - Post#2759018    

I have a 2014 Yukon and the dash is starting to crack along the front edge, one in front right of instrument cluster and another at front center of air bag panel. I understand it is a common problem on all GMC trucks. Has anyone had any success getting GM to replace theirs?

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02-05-19 09:15 PM - Post#2759170    
    In response to YOUNG57

I don't know if a 2014 dash is the same or similar to a 2009. My 2009 cracked by the airbag panel but after the warranty was out. My 1995 cracked too. It's what happens.

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07-21-20 04:43 AM - Post#2799145    
    In response to Rick_L

I bought my 2009 Silverado Z71 crew cab and the dash was cracked at the passenger air bag toward the center of truck and on driver side just behind the dome like part that has the gauges underneath. Matter of fact, every truck I looked at had the same issue.
I saved for 4 years to buy a newer truck. I had a 1989 Silverado Reg cab Z71 and when I hit the 400,000mile mark, I knew I needed to plan on retiring it. Problem was, I have THREE teen daughters and a teen step daughter! Oh and a wife!!! Money for me is almost thought of as against the law in my house! I looked for nearly 3 months for the truck I was gonna buy. This is my first post 2000 truck and I wanted to choose carefully!!! No way I will live long enough to be able to save for another.
I bought a cover from Rock Auto that glued on top of my cracked dash. It wasn’t hard to do at all and unless you know it is a glued on cover, you can’t tell. It looks like a dash from the factory.

Just a free tip though... they have a bunch of colors and a lot of them are similar. I have 2 in my shop that I bought that were the wrong color for me once I got them. I called the place I got the first one (it wasn’t RockAuto) & they would not take it back and swap. Said it was my fault, so that was my dash cover. Same thing with the second one that I bought online from another place. Then I ordered from RockAuto and got lucky and the color was pretty much an exact match. It’s tough selecting the right color from a computer screen for an old man!!!

Oh! The one I got from RockAuto was around $140 including shipping.

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07-21-20 06:13 PM - Post#2799187    
    In response to bige4irish

Great to know.
Thank you.
I know the feeling. My ScottsDale was 30 years old before I considered retiring it. I used it well though. Affording to replace it not so easy.
Have to factor in the cost to buy and repairs to make it roadworthy.
I Have learned the hard way that it may not be that good to buy a buy a cheaper truck that needs repair. The cost to buy and fix it ends up being just buying one that hopefully won't need repairs

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J C 
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08-28-20 10:13 PM - Post#2802199    
    In response to rockfangd

I bought a new because I watch how most people drive. First off the line at a red light. Drive like hell to the next light a quarter mile ahead, slam on the brakes. 3 second warm up then go. etc etc.

69RSZ28 71 Chevelle 79 Silverado 24K mi.

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08-29-20 02:37 PM - Post#2802252    
    In response to bige4irish

might not be because of your age. screens don't show color the same . ever go to store and look at screens colors don't match from one to next. they are off slightly.

it was NOT your fault for not getting right color. the online commerce just did not want to do what was required of them. it cost them money.

It would help if they added codes to the back of the panels so as to get correct match. code that is stamped in not stickies.

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

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08-29-20 02:43 PM - Post#2802253    
    In response to VanLife

unless it is a straight forward lifetime warranty.

I would not expect replacement ever. the warranty system changed from the 80's now they set them to just before their labs determined when they would fail.

part of planned obsolescence due to vehicles lasting too long and the manufactures not building their business model on a 20+ year turnover rate.

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

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08-29-20 02:49 PM - Post#2802254    
    In response to J C

they are under the false belief they will get to their destination faster thinking that if they beat the next light that thy get there sooner only to be stopped by the next defeating the purpose.

question is is it cracked dash or cracked vinyl. did you look inside the crack?

all my cracks are NOT the panels themselves but the vinyl that wraps them.

if it is the vinyl then GM is going to say nope you let it sit in the sun too much which is the primary reason vinyl cracked that's on you for not doing proper storage. .

when asking Questions its related to van I own: 1987 GMC 3/4 ton G2500 vandura, V6, No AC, standard length. 3speed trans(no overdrive).

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