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Username Post: Sign the card please - Happy Anniversary CT        (Topic#355033)
Founder & Grand PoohBah
Posts: 18055
Age: 62
Loc: Orange County CA.
Reg: 03-15-99
02-17-19 06:59 PM - Post#2760150    
    In response to blue56


Ecklers AutoMotive
Posts: 64

Reg: 10-28-18
02-17-19 07:36 PM - Post#2760154    
    In response to Tony

Well HB day!

Mine was purchased in 82 in Southern Ca driven as DD until 87. Moved to Texas, disassembled because I found a stash of Classic Chevy mags in a bookstore. Frame off started. Two moves latter painted and rolling chassis. Two moves latter, and some 15 years, realized had to start over. Now have a short list of 20 or so items to put back on road. She won’t be pretty but she gonna run again.

Nick P 
Dedicated Member
Posts: 6104
Nick P
Age: 71
Loc: De Queen, Arkansas
Reg: 10-15-03
02-18-19 08:32 AM - Post#2760174    
    In response to Tony

Happy B-Day

"15th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 1954
Loc: Dallas, TX
Reg: 05-17-04
02-18-19 02:08 PM - Post#2760219    
    In response to Nick P

Happy Birthday CT

'57 210, 327 cid, Holley MPFI, 700R4, A/C & more.
'51 Studebaker Starlite coupe, 350, TH400, GV OD.
'96 Replica of a 1950's Teardrop Trailer.

"7th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 315
Loc: Fulshear, TX
Reg: 09-18-05
02-18-19 07:13 PM - Post#2760249    
    In response to 5Larry7

Happy Birthday CT! ...

1929 Model A Pickup,Fastburn 385,4X2 EFI
1955 BelAir HT,540,Kinsler EFI Stack
1957 BelAir Sedan, 383, EFI

Super Senior Member
Posts: 14181
Loc: Baltimore, MD
Reg: 11-27-04
02-18-19 08:32 PM - Post#2760257    
    In response to OLKY55

Happy Birthday Chevy Talk. And thank you Tony for such a great site.

Friends don’t let friends drive Fords.

1999 Silverado Z71 4X4 extra-cab short bed
1983 Malibu Fauxmad - tubbed
1978 El Camino Kustomized
1972 Monte Carlo
1957 210 handyman wagon
1957 Nomad sport wagon
1957 Cameo Carrier

498 chevy 
"10th Year" Platinum Supporting Member
Posts: 466
498 chevy
Age: 67
Loc: hayward ca.
Reg: 09-28-07
02-19-19 12:50 PM - Post#2760303    
    In response to wagonman100

happy birthday and thanks

"16th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 173
Loc: Camarillo,CA
Reg: 12-27-02
02-20-19 05:47 PM - Post#2760383    
    In response to Tony

Happy Birthday to Chevytalk! I found the site by chance when I needed it most. My first Chevy was a 56 210 sedan that I had in high school. I never thought I would sell it. As it drove away in 1982 I thought to my self, maybe I shouldn't have sold it. Anyway, I never thought I would be able to do to it what I wanted and life goes on.I took the money and learned to fly. A life long ambition.
Fast forward 20 years, kids are grown now it's just the wife and me. I start thinking about the old cars and how much I enjoy working on them so I start looking. Found a 56 210 hardtop in good condition and the right price. I bought it in 2002 and began the project. This is when I found Chevytalk. I was familiar with the car and the mechanics and was able to do most of the work myself but how the hobby had changed! This is where Chevytalk has proven to be invaluable. The willingness of everyone to share information is such an asset. The 56 is now done and on the road and I would post a picture if I could ever figure out how to do it(i'm not much of a computer guy). Thanks again to Chevytalk and all of the members. You don't know how valuable you are in helping to keep the hobby alive!

Honored Member
Posts: 27591
Loc: Katy, Tx, USA
Reg: 07-06-00
02-20-19 07:47 PM - Post#2760389    
    In response to Tony

Well, I've been here for most of it, and it's been great.

Congrats on 20 years.

"11th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 181
Loc: NE Ill.
Reg: 01-07-06
02-21-19 10:02 AM - Post#2760416    
    In response to Rick_L

Happy Birthday Chevytalk.

57 belair

Posts: 391
Loc: Minnesota
Reg: 05-17-07
02-22-19 04:11 PM - Post#2760504    
    In response to T57

I found CT in late 2001 right after buying my Belair.
Without Chevytalk, I don't think I ever could have finished it.
Happy Birthday CT and Thanks Tony.


55 Belair HT 396-L78 BB, 4sp Muncie, 12 bolt Posi.

Posts: 708

Loc: Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Can...
Reg: 03-14-05
02-22-19 09:37 PM - Post#2760534    
    In response to ROUTE 55

Been around for a while. Lots of interesting topics, LOTS of help. Met some really nice people on here, some even in person.
Happy Birthday.

Founder & Grand PoohBah
Posts: 18055
Age: 62
Loc: Orange County CA.
Reg: 03-15-99
02-24-19 10:16 AM - Post#2760638    
    In response to Algoma56


Happy with the help and support you got here?
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CATS 09 
Posts: 48
Reg: 05-27-12
02-24-19 02:43 PM - Post#2760667    
    In response to Tony

Beneficial and enjoyable site, thanks for keeping it thriving.

"7th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 1268
Loc: Smyrna, Georgia
Reg: 06-07-12
02-24-19 04:03 PM - Post#2760675    
    In response to Tony

THANK YOU Tony!!! And happy BD to CT, without the wealth of knowledge that is here on CT I doubt that I would ever be as close to finishing my project as I am, again thank you very much, Lamar

Senior Member
Posts: 851
Loc: Etobicoke, Canada
Reg: 10-25-05
02-24-19 08:25 PM - Post#2760724    
    In response to PLS

Congrats on reaching 20 years.

I'll be Frank, this hobby isn't getting any easier.
58 Delray in disaray

Platinum Supporting Member
Posts: 19
Loc: Alaska
Reg: 07-02-13
02-24-19 10:43 PM - Post#2760736    
    In response to Tony

Happy Birthday Chevy Talk! Back in 1965 my uncle had a 60 sport coupe that I fell in love with at 5 years old. Swore someday I would drive a car just like it. I now own two, and with the help of the forums here, have been able to get the first one (60 sport sedan) on the road in original running condition, and currently restoring the second one (60 sport coupe) from the ground up. This place is a blessing! Thank you CT and forum members!

Posts: 506
Loc: Manitoba, Canada
Reg: 10-30-13
02-25-19 05:24 AM - Post#2760746    
    In response to Techhead

Happy BirthdayCT.

1958 Biscayne 283 Turbo-Glide 31,000 mi (now 35,000 and counting) driven daily
1966 Mustang Inline 6- C4 57,000 mi and growing daily
1929 Graham - Paige 612- the eternal headache that I will never sell

"3rd Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 664
Reg: 08-07-08
02-25-19 07:53 AM - Post#2760759    
    In response to Original58

Great site, a lot of good people on this forum. No political BS here. Happy Birthday!

"4th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 171
Loc: Phoenix
Reg: 07-06-13
02-26-19 01:10 AM - Post#2760827    
    In response to corvesy

The ChevyTalk community has helped me avoid costly mistakes!! Happy Anniversary.

'60 Impala Sport Coupe, 283/pg
'65 BelAir (355 / 350 hp)
'68 Caprice (donor)
My Pictures

Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 137
Loc: Detroit MI
Reg: 09-27-09
02-26-19 04:54 AM - Post#2760830    
    In response to 60Impala1837

Thank you Chevy Talk...a great resource from like minded enthusiasts!

Posts: 16

Age: 49
Loc: Okc, ok
Reg: 02-09-18
02-26-19 02:00 PM - Post#2760860    
    In response to Tony

Cheers to you, Tony, and to all CT members who freely share their knowledge with the rest of us. I inherited my dads 58 Delray 2 door post, that had sat for 10-15 years after an engine fire. Drug it up from south Texas to Oklahoma, put it in the garage and continued with life raising kids, figuring at least I got it out of the elements. Forward to 5 years ago, youngest off to college and I have spent as much free time as I can get away with bringing it back alive. Shop and Service Manuals are great tools, but the knowledge provided by those who have been there before is invaluable. I have read through every page on the 58-60 and 61-64 forum over the years(highly recommended), picking up great information along the way. I’m sure I would have lost interest somewhere along the way if not for the car belonging to my dad and the inspiration of many on this site. So, thanks to all who have helped me with questions, and the countless others who have posted questions and answers through the years, I couldn’t have done it without you.


61-64 Subject Matter Expert
Posts: 5539
Loc: Hightstown,NJ USA
Reg: 08-22-00
02-26-19 05:03 PM - Post#2760877    
    In response to 58okdelray

Happy Birthday CT!!

Tony, I guess you know how long I've been around here. I still say it's the most friendly and best constructed Chevy site on the net. Congrats to you Tony!!


Posts: 274
Loc: Madrid IA
Reg: 05-26-02
02-26-19 05:48 PM - Post#2760878    
    In response to Tony

Happy Birthday Chevytalk great site and great members. Cheers from Iowa

1960 nomad

Founder & Grand PoohBah
Posts: 18055
Age: 62
Loc: Orange County CA.
Reg: 03-15-99
02-28-19 04:42 PM - Post#2761004    
    In response to 60Impala1837


Happy with the help and support you got here?
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Valued Contributor
Posts: 2905

Loc: Northeast CT
Reg: 06-27-10
02-28-19 08:17 PM - Post#2761024    
    In response to Tony

Happy Birthday CT and thumbs up to Tony

Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level, then beat you with experience.

"7th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 2452
Loc: Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
Reg: 01-10-05
02-28-19 11:07 PM - Post#2761037    
    In response to junky

Happy birthday

57 BelairHT 283/270hp 4 spd
62 ImpHT 327/300 4 spd
62 Imp CV SS 327/300HP 700R4 (sold)
62 Imp HT SS 409/482 stroker 4 spd
62 Imp SS 409 - 5 spd Convertible

"2nd Year" Platinum Supporting Member
Posts: 124
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
Reg: 08-30-17
03-01-19 06:07 AM - Post#2761042    
    In response to pvs409

Thank you tony for sharing your story. Thank you everyone for being the clips keeping our chromes intact.


My CT Build Page:

Valued Contributor
Posts: 3744
Loc: Possums Crotch, KY
Reg: 06-26-07
03-01-19 03:14 PM - Post#2761068    
    In response to Spas602

Congratulations CT. Thanks Tony.

"7th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 1304
Loc: Bungendore Australia
Reg: 04-01-10
03-01-19 04:28 PM - Post#2761077    
    In response to Tony

Happy Birthday CT.

My story - I started lurking in here in 2009 when I was looking to buy my long-term dream car - a 62 SS Impala. I missed out on buying one in 1986 and because I live in Australia I got into 50's and 60's Holdens instead, except one dalliance with a 58 Cadillac.

In 2009 a 62 SS Impala appeared on the Aussie Feebay site, it was anniversary gold, 327 Powerglide - exactly what I was looking for, only problem was the cowl tag was stamped with a foreign language of numbers and letters and I couldn't tell if the car was a genuine SS. I'd already learned from CT that faking SS's is almost a national sport in the US, with crooks going to ever greater lengths to fake these cars.

I started posting questions and finally determined that the SS I was looking at was genuine and I bought it. WOOHOO (I still have it), but it started me wondering if there was another way to figure out if an SS was genuine beyond the trim code, which it turned out was very easy to change if you buy a new shiny "faked" cowl tag.

This made me realize that this information was not available and those that did know were not publishing their info. This started my obsession with 1961-63 cowl tags and figuring out the codes for all the different Fisher plants. Whether I blame you or thank you Tony for this is hard to tell sometimes, but if not for Chevytalk and the internet in general, I'd never have met (electronically) many great contributors, particularly Verne for his knowledge and integrity and Paul for his never-ending capacity to help us all with his knowledge and the time he takes to explain and photograph things for people. I never stop learning and it's been good fun being part of your experiment. I'm also grateful this didn't become a Furd website, you get an A+ grade from me

Cheers, Carl.

1962 SS Impala Sports Coupe s...

Ecklers AutoMotive
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