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Username Post: Sign the card please - Happy Anniversary CT        (Topic#355033)
Founder & Grand PoohBah
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01-31-19 08:27 AM - Post#2758643    

It's been 20 years. The Official start date for us was 2/1999

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Ecklers AutoMotive
Founder & Grand PoohBah
Posts: 18054
Age: 62
Loc: Orange County CA.
Reg: 03-15-99
01-31-19 09:00 AM - Post#2758646    
    In response to Tony

From the Chevytalk archives...How Chevytalk got it's start...Tony

February 99 as I recall.
Let's see....
Please don't hate me but this whole thing had nothing to do with Chevys.
You're all the result of an experiment. ha-ha.

I was taking a sociology class,
and the subject of how communities get built was being discussed. The normal reasons were discussed, neighborhoods, church groups, sports leagues etc.

Well, one assignment I had was to devise an alternative way of creating a community of folks that I had previously never known.

I was currently employed as the manager of web-based information for a large company and my first thought was the Internet. Not only could I conceive this but also my technical background allowed me to physically pull it off.
My first problem was to think of interest or point of commonality that would bring people together. What are the most popular topics on the Internet I thought? Well, I ruled the first out because porno was not my strong suit. The second was stocks and finance; subjects I knew very little about and my checkbook will back me up on that. Then there were the hobby fields. I have always loved cars having many pretty hot cars in my 44 years. A Shelby, 2 Corvettes, a Trans Ams a 55 Nomad. So I decided cars were it for me.

I then had to decide what about cars I wished to get into. I looked at sites and found a lot of specializing as well as a few whose scopes were so general that they became diluted and would require too much work. I decided that a single marquee would be somewhat unique. I was now a bit more focused; the marquee had to be able to provide me with the largest possible audience, so I began to investigate the popularity of cars. I searched on different things and once again visited different sites. I decided on what I believed to be the most popular marquee that had the most significant impact on the motor car industry.

Let me tell you there was almost a F%^*Talk. Yeah, they had the Mustang and Shelby’s and GT40s but these were pretty high ends cars and would be difficult to get a large audience.

Nothing like the Chevy Belairs of the '50s, Corvette, Nomads, Chevelles, SS, Camaros and the like.

So I decided on Chevrolet.

The folks at my work had been using a particular version of software named "Webboard" that provided the Conference like environment that would be needed to allow folks to meet and share ideas. I decided to use it. The first problem was that it had to run on a Windows operating system, either 95,98 or NT.

At the time I was using a cable modem and Windows 98 at my home so I loaded it up and made a call to a friend of mine who could register the domain name "Chevytalk", which was a natural and have it point to the server running at my house as my ISP was giving me a static IP address.
This was (Chevytalk Version 1 02/99). Well as you can imagine the ISP did not like the idea of customers running web servers on their networks so I started receiving phone messages that indicated they wanted me to give up my static IP address which would mean I could no longer run the server from home. This was costing me nothing at the time to run the server as I was already paying for the cable modem connection. I had to start looking for a place to keep my server as my class was still underway and I had not completed my study nor receive my grade. I needed a place that was close to my house so that I could feel comfortable that my hardware was safe and I could get it if I wanted it back. I would have to use a second PC so I made one from parts which was a 166 Pentium running Windows NT 4.0.

Well, I found a place BUT the dude wanted $195.00 per month to co-locate my server on his backbone. options were limited so I did it. (Chevytalk Version 2 06/99)

In the meantime, I started hosting other websites on my server to help defer the cost a bit. Well as time went on and the site picked up a little my provider wished to raise my monthly cost to $250.00 per month. This was now costing as much as my class.
I needed to change the forum software to one that I could run on a more cost-effective server. There were plenty of free message boards but they sort of looked cheap or would not let me change the appearance the way I wanted to.

I looked around and began to see that the UBB software was pervasive. This software cost around $200.00 but would allow me to run it on any UNIX based server and there were tons of those all over.

Chevytalk Version 3 12/99 was born. I started with a site that allowed 25 Meg and 4 gigabytes of data transfer for get this $25 a month, man was I saving money. This was the site that everyone refers to as the new style. Things were pretty quiet and we were still growing a bit. I was just beginning to discover ways of getting the word out about the site. As time went on and I was getting more links and the word starting spreading. The site usage started to grow and we were at our 25 Meg limit with only 2 months of posts. I rushed to purchase more disk space. I got 25 more for $1 per Meg. and we quickly filled that up. Membership was around 1000 after a year. I then decided to upgrade the server to the next level which was $75.00 we filled this up, then the next level $100 then $120. Wait I was going crazy. This site was making ZERO money; it was a school project that was getting out of control. By now I did not only have to worry about disk space but the data transfer was approaching 6 gigabytes per month with 100,000 pages read. poopoo this was becoming a full-time job, but I didn't have the time needed for it. That's when I talked with BowtieOllie and we passed around the idea of charging for membership. At this point Chevytalk had cost me in the area of 2 or 3 thousand dollars and I was not having too much fun. The members were sharing ideas and networking even making money on the parts they were selling but I was in the hole every month. Bummer Uh?
We decided that membership was not a good idea.

I needed to raise cash. An IPO was out of the question. So I started selling the T-shirts. Well I sold a little over 4 dozen and netted about $460.00 for the site. Not close to breaking even.

By the middle of October, 00 we were pushing close to the 6 gigabyte limit and I would have to pay $.10 per meg over that limit, in addition, history said the busiest time of the year on the site was the Winter.

I had to find a new home again. I looked around and found a new site with 300 Meg and 25 gig data transfer for $75.00 a month. It took me almost all day (15 hours) to transfer the site’s 110 megabytes of messages and other data to our current home. (Chevytalk version 4 11/00) Since the beginning, we have added a chat room, classified ads, an events calendar, an upcoming Club meet, a members section and close to 3000 members. I have since added a little advertising that helps pay a percentage of my costs, 10 moderators from all around the world have joined me and I have learned a great deal about lots of things during the process. I have registered has a business and now deduct my expenses as you would a business. It creates no profit but I feel pretty good about being able to make an impact on the hobby I have really grown to love.

I have learned a bit about sociology and also the business of running a website.

I have the pleasure of meeting you great folks, the kind you would leave your keys with if you went on vacation.

By the way I got an A on my term paper.

UPDATE 2/3/2011:
Over 125,000 folks have registered, we have over 2.5 million posts in our database, on a good "night" we get 10,000 visitors, our pages are read over 1 million times a month, we have over 500,000 pages indexed in the major search engines. We have a few hundred Supporting Members who find great value in our offering and some key sponsors who help support the cost of running two dedicated high-end servers and pay for an on-call programmer.

And I guess we've added more than a hundred thousand dollars to the economy and saved members tens of thousands of dollars. We've also been able to create some great friendships, most of which we aren't even aware of.

UPDATE 2/3/2019: We started this before Social Media hit, in fact, I'm gonna say we were the original Social Media for Chevy Fans. Wow, I can't believe this journey. I need to thank the team that has brought us this far, our business staff, our moderators (past and present), Supporting Members and Great Sponsors.

Thank you to everyone and there are far too many to mention.

Please tell me about your ChevyTalk story.

"18th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 18778
Age: 85
Loc: Montana
Reg: 03-12-02
01-31-19 10:47 AM - Post#2758656    
    In response to Tony

Well let me be the first to sign, I have been on Chevy talk as a visitor before signing up by putting cash on the line. I think there may have been around 4,000 people at the time. CT was a life saver to me when I first started the project on 2 Blu,as it had been awhile since I owned an old Chevy. Lots of cars, jeeps, motorcycles in between though. This has been a winner for just about all who use it.



"15th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 3091
Age: 67
Reg: 11-24-02
01-31-19 11:33 AM - Post#2758664    
    In response to 2blu52

A friend of mine told me about CT.(We still work at the same place).I lurked awhile before I joined.Being a life long Chevy fan,it was a natural.


P.S. Still would like to meet TAT in person!

'67 Camaro survivor
'06 Z71 Sierra Ex Cab
'37 Chevy cp.SOLD!!6/7/14
'74 Nova Custom cp.
'73 Nova pro-street project
'17 Chevy Trax LT
'00 S10 Ex cab

Ultra Senior Member
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Loc: Newfoundland, Canada
Reg: 11-20-02
01-31-19 05:43 PM - Post#2758702    
    In response to rcr3

Chevytalk was a HUGE part of my life for a long time! I joined when I was 15, I'm 32 now. As it is with life, I graduated high school, got a job, moved across the province for a better job, had a kid, became single and raising a kid, etc....All the stuff life throws at you. I still like to pop in time to time, it's like going back to your hometown. I made tons of friends, some became very good friends, one became the best friend I've ever had, and I was best man at his wedding! Thanks Tony, This will always be my social media hometown

Here is Kyle(74MonteCarlo) and myself at his wedding in June of 2017.'s a Plymouth, not a Chevy

Moderator and "17th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 6112
Age: 77
Loc: Napa, Ca USA
Reg: 04-02-00
01-31-19 09:42 PM - Post#2758715    
    In response to Chevy_Crazy

Don't remember how I found CT. I had a 47 coupe that was going to be my retirement project. Joined in April 2000,then became a supporting member a couple of years later. I read the forums I follow daily.
Tony asked me to moderate the 29-41 and 42-48 forums,after David Hayward passed away in 2012. I became the moderator for the 49-54 forum when Patgizz asked to be replaced.
I enjoy CT very much and hope to enjoy it for many more years.
Have met several members on some of my trips across the states.

29-41, 42-48, 49-54 Moderator
1948 Chevy Fleetmaster Coupe Purchased 6/2010. Stock with rebuilt 52 216 installed May 1966.
1946 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, stock. Purchased 11/18/17.
2019 Ford Ranger Lariat Super Crew

"8th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Loc: Salt Lake City
Reg: 06-20-09
02-01-19 09:12 PM - Post#2758797    
    In response to Keith_Knox

Found CT in the spring of '09. My '94 spun a rod and I was needing some guidance about how to deal with getting the timing right. Lurked for a few weeks as a user, then joined. Have appreciated the amazing help from everyone here. Gonna be here for a long, long, time.


'95 K1500 Z71 EC Short Step 5.7L+0.040/NV3500
'00 Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 Auto
'94 K2500 5.7 NV4500 ECLB - SOLD
‘87 GMC S15 SCLB 4.3 Auto - SOLD

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Sir Edmund Burke

"6th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Age: 75
Loc: Baton Rouge La
Reg: 01-17-10
02-05-19 11:44 AM - Post#2759112    
    In response to Tony

My boys bought me a 50 Chevy 2 door sedan for Christmas . Cost was About $800 Non running, cracked block, flat tires, etc. we got tires and wheels but was pretty monumental task. I started searching for info on the old car we named rusty, and ran across Chevy talk. The forum got me thru the initial stage, as well as excited about prospects. Well that excitement waned a slight bit with stuck motor and other issues. Found a running 51 styleline deluxe who my grandson named "Doc" in really decent shape and started process all over. The help received from CT members proved invaluable. Thanks for starting the Forum and a Happy Birthday

Bill Wilson 50 styleline deluxe 2 door sold,- 51 styleline Deluxe 2 door ,'56 235 with dual carter webers on an Offenhauser intake, Fenton headers, 56 chevy rear end and 700R4 transmission.

Frequent Contributor
Posts: 2186

Loc: Southern MN
Reg: 03-15-04
02-05-19 12:45 PM - Post#2759122    
    In response to Tony

Great story Tony and a great site. I've been a Chevy guy pretty much my whole life. My brother and I bought a '38 Chevy coupe from a local junkyard in the summer of 1971. We scoured the countryside looking for parts. Old cars sitting in groves were still quite common then. We sanded the car to bare metal by hand, bought a used engine from a '57 Chevy. Our dad helped us install that. Wired it from scratch. Used a 12V battery and ran one circuit by running a screw into one of the buss bars on the battery to run some of it at 6V. Thank you for creating Chevytalk. It has helped me immensely. Happy Birthday!

Age: 65 at the moment
1950 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery
1953 BelAir Convertible Project
2002 Heritage Springer FLSTSI
1930 Model A Standard Coupe

"2nd Year" Silver Supporting Member
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Reg: 11-01-11
02-05-19 04:07 PM - Post#2759139    
    In response to Tony

Great story, Tony! I ran across Chevy Talk when trying to find the right sized tires for my '54 Bel Air. Every time I wanted to remove a rear tire I had to deflate it. Turns out that for decades I had been jacking the car up by the rear axel instead of the body. Here's the post:

I look for advice from this site pretty much any time I do anything to the car. A great social experiment! Glad you made this site.

Scott Acton
1954 Chevy Bel Air 2-door

Posts: 473
Age: 73
Loc: Chattanooga, Tn
Reg: 07-08-13
02-05-19 05:26 PM - Post#2759142    
    In response to dsacton

I am glad to see CT having a birthday but we are the ones who get the gift. CT has been an ongoing blessing for sure.


Just Slightly Abrasive

"5th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 142
Loc: California Central Coast
Reg: 09-08-14
02-05-19 08:28 PM - Post#2759162    
    In response to Tony


The restoration of my car may have failed were it not for the members of this group and all that they have contributed.

Ron Starkey

Life's full of risks..........take one!

'50 Fleetline 350/350

"8th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Loc: Las Cruces, NM
Reg: 01-20-11
02-05-19 08:38 PM - Post#2759164    
    In response to Tony


What a marvelous thing you have created with all the support and participation of the membership. The power and depth of our collective ChevyTalk brain trust is truly awesome. I'm on several sites for other vehicles but ChevyTalk is by far the most civilized and helpful of them all. I am pleased to be a part of it.

I think I originally found it as a search result and after lurking for a while realized it was well worth a supporting membership. I check it almost every day and sometimes several times per day.

Thanks to all the members who make this such a fine site!

Mike Ahlmann
Las Cruces, NM
'50 Tin Woodies (two) Ramon and Willard
'58 Impala Sport Coupe
'69 El Camino SS-396
'07 Ford F150 to haul parts for above
'16 Ford Explorer 3.5 EcoBoost - Red Rocket

"15th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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02-05-19 09:10 PM - Post#2759168    
    In response to mahlmann

And now we know... The Rest of the Story.

I don't remember the first year I found out about CT, but I learned about it from the old TDR--Turbo Diesel Register website. I didn't join and pay up for a couple of years but I would not have gotten nearly as far with my '53 210 as I have were it not for CT. Thanks Tony. You deserved an A+ on that grade.

1953 210 Convertible, 261 with dual Carter YF 966S carbs, P.S., Remote Bendix P.B. Booster... shade-tree restoration about done.

"12th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 1333
Loc: Detroit area
Reg: 01-02-07
02-05-19 10:05 PM - Post#2759178    
    In response to Tony

Glad to sign the card, Tony. You guys do a great job with this site. I got my '50 in the summer of 2006 and found ChevyTalk not long after and I've been a Member pretty much ever since. The Chevy and I have both had several major parts swapped out in the meantime and we are both hanging in here for the duration. I learned everything I know about old Chevys from the folks here and have been able to help out a bit from time to time now as a result. Have met and corresponded with some nice folks and hope to meet some more face to face. I check in just about daily and I'm always glad to see new posts because I know I'm gonna learn something. Great bunch of folks here. Great job Tony!


"8th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 1158
Loc: DFW Texas
Reg: 02-24-05
02-06-19 11:06 AM - Post#2759201    
    In response to Dean50

Happy Birthday CT

1928 Chevy Coupe
1942 Chevy Special Deluxe Coupe
1955 Chevy Bel Air HTP
1970 El Camino
1990 F##d Mustang Convertible

Life is like a roll of toilet paper the nearer the end the faster it goes.

"5th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 2557
Loc: Kaleva, Michigan
Reg: 09-28-12
02-06-19 11:14 AM - Post#2759202    
    In response to Tony

Happy birthday, CT! When we bought the '49 in 2012 as a retirement project, I needed a source of information and inspiration. It didn't take long to decide the CT 49-54 forum was the place to be. Being that I'm not a social person and have moments where I don't play well with others, CT is one place I enjoy being a member of. I'm always logged on whether I'm in the shop or in the house. While I'm not very knowledgeable on 49-54 technical stuff, I try to share my work in hopes other can benefit as I have over the years here. Thank you, Tony, to you and to all the staff.


49 Deluxe Sport Coupe, 55 235, 700r4, Blazer rear axle, 4 wheel power disc brakes. /album...

Dedicated Member
Posts: 5585
Age: 67
Loc: Everett, Wa.
Reg: 02-26-08
02-06-19 12:07 PM - Post#2759206    
    In response to tommy49

CT is the first site I log into in the morning when I get up, and the last one in the evening before bed. I don't know what I'd do without it!!! It's become a huge part of my life, and the 49-54 forum is the absolute best one on the site! Thank you Tony, and thank you to ALL the CT membership for making it what it is, the BEST Chevrolet site on the WWW. ALL my cars/trucks are Chevrolet, and will always be Chevrolet. This site helps to keep me entertained, up to date, and "centered". And, I miss raycow!!!
I am Butch/56sedandelivery.

Posts: 61

Reg: 09-12-18
02-06-19 03:29 PM - Post#2759223    
    In response to Tony

I've only been here as a guest for a few months, and I'm thrilled with the information and advice I've recieved. I have read alot of post on the early 50's chevy's, and I'm about to tackle a 235 rebuild, slight upgrade, for my '54 belair. Thanks to everyone for this forum and all the help. I will become a member soon!

Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 1136
Age: 63
Loc: Basehor Ks
Reg: 02-11-13
02-06-19 03:43 PM - Post#2759224    
    In response to Tony

Thanks Tony
It's a great site and i always recommend it to anyone asking questions. Keep it going.

"5th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 2557
Loc: Kaleva, Michigan
Reg: 09-28-12
02-06-19 04:09 PM - Post#2759228    
    In response to Mikeky

  • Mikeky Said:
I will become a member soon!

You're already a member by registering.


49 Deluxe Sport Coupe, 55 235, 700r4, Blazer rear axle, 4 wheel power disc brakes. /album...

"4th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 561
Age: 73
Loc: Tazewell county, Virginia
Reg: 06-07-15
02-07-19 05:53 AM - Post#2759272    
    In response to tommy49

Really glad for your project. The forum has saved me a lot of time and money. Great bunch of guys.

Thank you so much for getting the whole thing started and keeping it going.

Sometimes we take for granted the hard work and sacrifice that goes into the site. Like sedan delivery it is the first site in the morning and the last one in the evening.

1951 styline deluxe sport coupe w/54 engine & powerglide

Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 50
Age: 72
Loc: Neosho, MO.
Reg: 04-01-18
02-07-19 08:18 AM - Post#2759281    
    In response to Airlifter

Great work

"9th Year" Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 459
Loc: Upstate New York
Reg: 03-02-07
02-07-19 09:30 AM - Post#2759292    
    In response to Tony

HAPPY BIRFDAY CHEVY TALK !!!! And thank you Tony, for all you do, running the show. I don't know where I'd be right now if it weren't for all the kind folks helping me out with tips, advice and encouragement while I was building my '53 convert!

1953 210 Chevy convertible, 1953 210 Chevy Handyman station wagon, 1957 GMC Suburban Carryall.

Gold Supporting Member
Posts: 101
Loc: Rockvale, Colorado
Reg: 11-24-09
02-07-19 11:41 AM - Post#2759302    
    In response to Tony

Happy B-Day, this is the best site with all the information one needs to do a project. Just OUTSTANDING!!!

I don't like beer, I LOVE BEER!
54 Belair HT
72 GTO
65 Mustang

Senior Member
Posts: 1022
Loc: Eau Claire, WI
Reg: 03-28-02
02-07-19 11:44 AM - Post#2759303    
    In response to Tony


Thanks for allowing us to be part of your experiment. Happy birthday ChevyTalk!

We are also glad that you chose not to use us in a porn experiment.


"3rd Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 5169
Loc: Yakima, WA. USA
Reg: 12-28-02
02-08-19 06:03 PM - Post#2759432    
    In response to Tony

Quite an interesting back story as to how Chevytalk came to be. I came on board in 2002 and have learned much since being here. If not daily, it certainly is a weekly part of my internet life. Here's to 20 more years!

1951 Fleetline
'51 Fleetline DeLuxe 2 DOOR SEDAN (Fathom Green)
'51 Styleline Special BUSINESS COUPE (Shadow Gray)
'53 6500 Dump Bed (Oxidized Red)
'50 Styleline DeLuxe 4 DOOR SEDAN (Mist Green)

"5th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 944
Age: 76
Loc: Littleton, New Hampshire,...
Reg: 03-31-02
02-10-19 06:20 AM - Post#2759528    
    In response to Tony

I came aboard Chevytalk on 3/31/2002. Had a '29 Ford at the time but it was Chevy powered and I was interested in anything Chevy powered. I built two Ford pickup trucks between 2003 and 2010, a '48 F-3 that was 350 Chevy powered and a '49 F-1 that was 302 Ford powered. So, after about 2003 and until about 2015 I was pretty inactive here since I had all Ford stuff. Then in 2014, I bought my 1953 Chevy Belair Sport Coupe and became active again and became a paying member. The car came from Arkansas and needed much work. I am grateful to the folks here who have helped me get my '53 Chevy to where it is today.

Happy birthday CT!

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Attachment: Newport_001.JPG (453.99 KB) 2 View(s)



1953 Chevy Belair Sport Coupe - 355 Blueprint Engine, 700-R4, Vintage Air, EZ Wire, Ididit column, Cruise/Tilt, 59 Vette Steering Wheel, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, Posies Springs, Coker Radials, Nova 10-bolt, Mustang II front, Continental Kit

Posts: 24

Age: 73
Loc: Bloomfield Township, MI
Reg: 11-12-18
02-10-19 07:23 AM - Post#2759534    
    In response to GreatNorthWoods

I only recently came to CT as I purchased my 51 about a year ago. I have benefited greatly from the expertise of the membership in doing some research for the car and have met some great people on line and in person (hi Dean!). I have been a long time owner of a '69 Corvette - 48 years tomorrow actually- but have just now entered the ownership world of full sized Chevy's. I look forward to meeting more of the Detroit area members at cruise nights or out on Woodward this summer.

"16th Year" Silver Supporting Member
Posts: 397
Loc: LaGrange, KY
Reg: 05-24-03
02-12-19 09:59 AM - Post#2759728    
    In response to Tony

Thanks for sharing the story. As I read along, I was thinking "You better get an A on this". I was glad to see you did.

According to my records, I bought my 56 on May 23, 2003 and it looks like I joined CT the next day. I don't work on the car as much as I would like and still don't know as much about how to work on it as I would like. When I do work on it though, this is the first place I go to see how what I want to do has been done before. Even when I'm not doing anything with it, I still like to check in to see what others are up to and maybe get an idea of something I can plan for the future.

Thanks for all you do to keep the place going.

You can't drink all day...

...if you don't start in the morning.

Ecklers AutoMotive
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