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Ecklers AutoMotive
Username Post: Test Before Buying 1962 Impala        (Topic#352383)
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08-07-18 04:03 PM - Post#2742253    

On a 1962 small-block Chevrolet engine, the base ignition timing should be set at:

A. 4 degrees after top dead center
B. 9 degrees before top dead center
C. Top dead center
D. 8 degrees before top dead center
E. Two clicks past wherever it knocks

For the charging system to operate properly on a 1962 Chevrolet, the generator must:

A. Rotate opposite the normal crankshaft rotation
B. Be soaked in water prior to installation
C. Be polarized so that current flow is in the proper direction
D. Contain an adequate amount of protons to get the electric reaction going

The radio in the 1962 Chevrolet is AM only. AM stands for

A. Antenna Mast
B. Arctic Monologue
C. Amplitude Modulated
D. Adjust Manually

A Powerglide (also known as Power Glide) is a trade name for a two-speed automatic transmission used by General Motors from 1950 to 1973. The transmission had only two forward gears, yet it was able to effectively move the vehicle through a wide range of speeds by

A. Using an auxiliary feed circuit from the power steering pump to create enough hydraulic pressure to feed the transmission during high speed
B. Limiting the amount of horsepower applied to the throttle in low speed operation
C. Giving false readings on the instrument cluster suggesting a much higher speed than was actually being traveled
D. Utilizing a torque converter that allowed for more slip as the engine operated at lower speed
GM used a “downflow” radiator during this era of car production. A “downflow” radiator is one that

A. Hangs lower to the ground allowing cool air below the bumper line to enter the air stream
B. Has tanks that are at the top and bottom versus sides, hence the water flows down not across
C. Had the engine fan turning the opposite direction of rotation and blowing an air blast outward
D. Had larger capacity so that the coolant would definitely cool down during operation

The oil filter on a 1962 vintage Chevrolet car was referred to as a “canister” oil filter. This is because

A. In those days, oil filters were only available in lots of 4 known as a canister purchase
B. The used filter was placed in a container to drain before discarded
C. The oil filter was in a reusable steel container attached to the engine block
D. They were known to leak and were nick-named after tear gas canisters

The driveshaft on a 1962 Chevrolet Impala is a two-piece design. The reason that it is two piece is

A. The driveshaft has an inner driveshaft for lower speeds for less vibration
B. The technology did not exist to create a straight driveshaft that long
C. The driveshaft was split with a front piece, center carrier bearing and rear piece for manufacturing simplicity
D. The X frame did not support the use of a single driveshaft

A road draft tube was an early

A. Emissions device
B. Version of air conditioning
C. Method of navigation
D. Carburetor tuning device

There were often multiple fan belts on an early Chevrolet engine. Those multiple fan belts were used to

A. Create a duplication of spinning action on critical devices like the water pump
B. Give each accessory its own dedicated belt to localize failures
C. Drive accessories with little other thought in mind
D. All of the above

Setting ignition points on a 1962 vintage Chevrolet engine is done by

A. Using a laser beam to adjust the clearance until you can see the beam just past the points
B. Using a feeler gauge to adjust the clearance until the feeler gauge just drags the points
C. Setting the ignition timing and tapping on the distributor cap
D. Is automatically adjusted when the first spark plug fires

The automatic choke on a 1962 vintage Chevrolet engine is activated by

A. The ignition timing of the engine
B. The number of times the right front wheel has rolled
C. Hot air plumbed across the choke from a steel tube in the exhaust manifold
D. The temperature of the fuel in the carburetor

The oil capacity of a typical small block Chevrolet in 1962 held

A. 6 quarts
B. 4 quarts
C. 5 quarts
D. 8 quarts

Ecklers AutoMotive
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08-08-18 10:57 AM - Post#2742350    
    In response to Mercedes


Actually, to set the points correctly you need a dwell meter. The setting is 32 degrees.

The A.C. part number for the points is D-106 PS
(the s designates the points have a little hole in them to reduce heat buildup)


Attachment: dwell-meter.jpg (39.42 KB) 20 View(s)

if you're gonna be a bear..................

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08-08-18 12:07 PM - Post#2742358    
    In response to beagrizzly

Old Indian trick:

All you need is a 1/8" hex key to set the points. Start the engine and slowly tighten the points screw clockwise until the engine begins to miss, then loosen the screw exactly 180 degrees. The dwell will be 30 degrees every time.

You're welcome.

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08-08-18 01:13 PM - Post#2742367    
    In response to 55Brodie

People actually buy 1962 Impalas with engines other than the 409?

'58-62s and 348/409s

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08-08-18 04:08 PM - Post#2742379    
    In response to beagrizzly

On multiple choice questions you choose the "best" answer from the list.

Given the choices, the best answer is to measure with the feeler gauge. The final adjustment is with a dwell meter, I agree.

I have one in my tool box from probably 1980 and it still works. Timing light too.

Ecklers AutoMotive
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