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Username Post: V8 455 plans?        (Topic#351196)
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05-20-18 08:40 AM - Post#2734417    

Does anybody still have a set of the blueprints for fabricating the conversion parts to install an Olds 455 into a Corvair? I think the company was "Mid Engineering". Thanks in advance,Dan


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06-08-18 12:53 PM - Post#2736328    
    In response to ghettosled

FWIW, I built an Olds Toronado powered 66 Corvair a few years back. I no longer own the car. A friend of mine also built an Olds Toro powered Corvair using the Mid Engineering kit. I borrowed the kit from him to look it over and see if I liked it for my project. The ME kit mounts the engine solidly to the sub frame and then the sub frame mounts to the car with rubber mounts. I decided I would rather mount the sub frame solidly to the car and then mount the engine/transaxle to the sub frame using stock mounts. I felt that having the sub frame solidly mounted to the car added a lot of structure to the car to handle the weight of the power train. I used 2 inch square tubing for the sub frame, same as ME did. I actually finished the car and drove it for a short while. I say a short while as I got rear ended getting on the freeway when a car in front of me made an unexpected stop and the car behind me did not make it. My car was squished between two cars. The insurance company totaled it out, but I purchased it back from the insurance company. I eventually sold it to another Corvair enthusiast who did in fact rebuild the car and got back to running again. I do not have any build plans, as I sort of built it as I went along. I probably have some photos of the car but it would take some time to find them. If I were doing at again, I would use some other lighter, smaller engine to mate up to the Toro transaxle, such as a SB Chevy. If you can find a 66 or 67 Toro, they have what is called a switch pitch version of the TH400 trans, (called the TH425 in Toros). The 66 and 67 also have a lower rear end gear than the later ones which I think is beneficial. I mounted the radiator in the front of the car and ran tubing under the Corvair where the old shift mechanism and heater ducts were back to the engine. Anyway good luck ti you embark on this project.

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06-22-18 08:57 PM - Post#2737955    
    In response to 5Larry7

Thanks for the info

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09-04-18 04:34 PM - Post#2745306    
    In response to ghettosled wslett...


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12-25-18 04:01 AM - Post#2755537    
    In response to TAT_2

Somewhere I have an adapter to run a sbc in front of the Toronado 425 trans. It's a very simple flat plate along with spacers for the flex plate bolts to compensate for the thickness of the adapter. Also have some "quick change" sprockets for the drive chain to change the final drive ratio (never used). Ran all this on a circle track car that got outlawed after one season.

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12-31-18 07:04 PM - Post#2756187    
    In response to mcdarrunt

First off...I have no idea about this, but I assume, and you know what that means...

They make an adapter and I would be willing to bet that Jegs and Summit both sell it that adapts a BOP tranny (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) to a Chevy bell-housing pattern.

Here she be 2/-1

I assume that the Corvair transaxle is the Chevy bolt pattern (w/"normal" transmissions, GM made 2 patterns....BOP and Shove it or let it lay (Chevy)).

Therefore, I bet that adapter will do what you need.

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01-07-19 02:40 PM - Post#2756795    
    In response to Stinky

The Corvair bellhousing pattern isn't anything like like a regular Chevy pattern. That being said, with a Toronado/Eldorado conversion one would us the entire drive train as indicated by ghettosled above - no Corvair tranny or diff. I think what he is looking for are some plans to make the parts to mate up the drive train to the Corvair body. The adaptation of the Olds to the Corvair is done with the half shafts - Olds on one end and Corvair on the other.

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01-10-19 01:21 PM - Post#2757049    
    In response to persh

Thanks guys, Persh is right. I've already got the Mid Engineering set-up (455/TH425) out of a '69 Toronado. The problem is I took it apart several years ago to redo the whole car. I built cradle and adapters from the Mid Engineering blueprints and have lost some of the pieces. If I can find someone with the blueprints I can re-manufacture the pieces I need!!


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