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Username Post: Second Question - 1965 Bel Air A/C        (Topic#348581)
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12-06-17 08:10 PM - Post#2717138    

Hey folks, I have a second question on my 65 Bel Air.

Whilst other repairs (rust repair/prevention and some interior touch up) are moving along, I'm looking to also re-install the factory air conditioning, which came disassembled with the bulk of the pieces in the trunk of the car when I bought it. I'm unsure whether or not all the components are actually present in the pile. I suspect I'll need to order some additional parts.

Does anyone have the time to take a picture of their factory air system and under-hood plumbing on a similar model year car? Having detailed images would be extremely helpful.

I'm having a bear of a time determining how this stuff all goes together. I've got the giant suitcase-sized box still under the hood, some lengths of hose and hard tube of varying shapes, the receiver dryer and the condenser. What else is needed on the parts list?


Ecklers AutoMotive

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12-06-17 09:23 PM - Post#2717149    
    In response to Maleficarum

If you don't already have it, get a copy of the factory assembly manual for your car. It will be the best $30 (aprox.) that you will ever spend. It will give you detailed information where everything goes on the engine and the car. If your air conditioning hoses are hard, then it would be wise to have new ones made. Depending on where you live, you might be able to have a hydraulic hose company make them up for you, or you might have to send them out to be done. You must use refrigeration hose. On my 1962, Chevrolet used push on fittings, with worm gear clamps, so mine was a lot easier to re-hose. I had all the mechanical parts restored by Classic Air in Tampa Florida. They did a great job, and everything look just like new. They even rebuilt the original receiver drier, and you couldn't tell it from a NOS unit. The only things that I didn't have them service were the compressor, condenser, and evaporator core. While you are in there, might as well take the heater core out and have it tested and cleaned.

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12-07-17 07:11 AM - Post#2717175    
    In response to Maleficarum

No need the spend the money on the Assembly Manula, it is located in the reference section on this site as a downloadable and viewable PDF:
I suggest you download it and also download the service manual for your 65 in the same section. In the assembly manual A/C is listed under option C60.


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12-07-17 09:17 AM - Post#2717185    
    In response to fsc66

I feel like a dummy, looked high and low through the assembly manual, and didn't see anything. Then I opened the Chassis service manual and found exactly what I'm looking for there, and now your post made the indexing click and I found it again in more detail the assembly manual. Thanks!

I'm definitely missing parts, specifically the muffler, suction throttling valve, and expansion valve.

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12-07-17 05:25 PM - Post#2717228    
    In response to Maleficarum

Yet MORE learning today. Laid out all of my parts, and I believe the only thing I'm really missing is an expansion valve. I did not realize that since the engine and transmission have been swapped that the compressor is not the same as it would have were it to be an original drivetrain.

It appears that some point in the past a previous owner had it wired the AC compressor to run off of a thermostatic switch on the receiver dryer instead of with the STV that came in the car, which is sort of a relief because boy are those pricey. I confirmed this by turning on the AC controls and jumpering the terminals on the plug for the switch that's now just dangling in the engine bay, kicking in the clutch on the compressor.

In the car now is a 350 out of what I think may be a mid-nineties C1500 or the like (numbers will tell sooner or later, once I find them), so now I just need to get a replacement expansion valve then figure out how to plumb everything together, adapting or modifying where I need to.

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12-10-17 06:19 AM - Post#2717470    
    In response to Maleficarum

Plumbing isn't hard, but I would get rid of the old clamp type connections for the refrigerant hoses, I have converted most of mine to the barrier hose 'o' ring connectors, The compressor discharge which is the smaller hose goes to the condenser coil in front of the raidiator at the TOP of the coil, the bottom of that is the liquid line that goes to the TXV which has a O ring connection on the evaporator coil, [after the receiver/drier outlet]. The suction line which is a #12 goes back to the compressor, that is the outlet of the STV valve. All the fittings and hose are available on Ebay, but get barrier hose for the replacement, you can fit everything up at home and then just take your hoses down to your local a/c shop and have them crimped, BUT before you remove them, mark the fitting to the hose so when their crimped they are set in the same position, they will Not rotate after crimping and if u have to twist it to reassemble it will be a problem with leaking down the road. I would flush all coils before reinstalling. I have a 65 SS with factory air and have not found anyone that makes a replacement seal for the air handler to firewall connection, heater cores are cheap, I would just replace it, I bought a Arizona car and the ONLY rust was the passenger side floorpan due to a leaking core, pissed me off but couldn't see it till the carpet was out. Restoring air handler is not hard, if your up to it I can post picts of mine sometime, don't spend the money to send it out, hope I can help.. PS that switch off the receiver is a pressure control, it is considered a safety control, read the numbers on it to see if it is a high psi or low psi cutout to know what it is doing..

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12-10-17 07:54 AM - Post#2717478    
    In response to Motown_mtrhd

I'd definitely appreciate pictures when you get the time, both of the rebuild and of your current install. What I have appears to have threaded connections installed already. Do you have any resources on doing an STV valve delete? I decidedly do not have that particular piece and will need to either source a replacement or update it to do without.

I'll run part numbers on that switch and the compressor on the engine to see what information that gleans.

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Ecklers AutoMotive

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