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Username Post: Things to Know        (Topic#346458)
Sting Ray 
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Sting Ray
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08-07-17 03:36 PM - Post#2703195    

Credit for the following. Please add more if not listed here.

1) There's a button on the rear fascia to open the rear hatch.
2) There are 2 gas tanks.
3) You can only recall the max. G force on the HUD during the current engine on cycle. Once you shut the engine off, it's gone.
4) The car will remind you to shut off your turn signal if left on for more than 3/4 mi.
5) Headlamps automatically turn on if using wipers.
6) You can just bump the turn signal (up or down) for it to signal for 3 ticks.
7) There's also a keyhole above the rear license plate to put a key to open the hatch if you don't have your fob nearby.
8) The DIC chime loudness can be turned down significantly by turning the audio "Auto Volume" to "OFF".
9) Better hook-up a battery tender if the car is going to sit for longer than 3 weeks.
10) Most light switches that you push to turn a light ON/OFF are ON when the button is held into the depressed position, and OFF when the button is pushed again and released to the "out" position. But the read
ing lights on the rearview mirror that are controlled by the buttons on
either side of the rearview mirror in the C6 are OFF when they are in the "in" position, and ON when the butt on is pushed to the "out"
11) There's an orange light that shines down from the
on the passenger visor clip that is just simply an area light to give a little low-level light ambiance to your driving experience at night. It was dropped in the 2008 model year in about February as a running change.
12) If you hold the ignition rocker switch in the on (down) position for about 20 sec. the car goes into full on mode (same as "ign" with a key car) without the engine starting. This allows you to program the DIC and run all accessories etc without starting the engine.
13) The handle to pull the hatch down was on the C6 through the middle of the 2007 model year.
14) The button on the panel to the left of the steering wheel/column controls the level of the instrument lighting, but also turns the interior lights ON/OFF. If you inadvertently hit the button, it can turn on the interior lights. There's no in/out to the switch, so you just have to look to see if the lights are on or off, and push the button to get them in the mode you want.
15) The A6 will not up shift when either TC or AHS are active. You can't force it to up shift using the paddles either (TC or AH
S active). Using Comp Mode can remedy this... to a point.
16) There is a feature on wiper intermittent delay fastest speed: When one goes over 50mph in this setting, the wiper automatically switches to constant on (normal speed). C6 has speed sensitive intermittent delay, but no rain sensor.
17) Pressing and holding the Fan Speed button, the Windshield Defrost button, and the Rear Window Defogger button at the same time resets the outside temperature display.
18) Mirror dimming is turned off when you are in reverse.
19) If you reset the timer you have to wait 10 seconds before you move the display to another resettable value, otherwise that one will reset too.
20) The trick of hitting the recirc button twice to reduce the warm air in the footwells. I love it when I have the top down...much less extra heat down there.
21) If you touch the time of day in the to p right corner of the
navigation screen, the day of the week and date will be displayed.
22) If you press down on the wiper stalk it will operate the wiper for one pass.
23) The compass can be calibrated and proper zone selected by
pressing either the far left button on the on-star panel or by pressing the left map button until the option for either calibration or zone appear.
24) If both FOBs are in the car at the same time, FOB 1 rules.
25) Get Ice warnings on DIC.
26) Manual shift C6s have a steering wheel lock and automatics don't. - Only the manual 2005, and foreign spec cars, have the column lock - 2006 on do not.
27) If you will be driving your Vette at speeds of 175 MPH or greater you should set the cold tire inflation to the maximum shown on the tire sidewall of 38 PSI.
28) The window switches are not connected to the window motor. They send a request to the computer and the computer lowers the windows.
29) Manual door release on the floor by door sills.
30) Hook built into gas door lid for hanging the gas cap via the retaining cord.
31) When backing up in reverse, both the speedo and the HUD will show your speed.
32) If you want to splash or lube engine after oil change press gas petal to floor which shuts down injectors and hit start button engine will crank but not start.
33) If you want to check the mileage, with the car off reach in
the window and turn the head lights on the mileage will show.
34) The underhood lamp and locking center console were dropped for '07.
35) The floor pans are made of balsa wood. The difference is that Z06 and ZR1's have c/f covering the balsa, where it is fiberglass cover for Coupe's and Convertibles.
36) The '09 Z51 doesn't have front grease fittings as per the manual.

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08-07-17 04:18 PM - Post#2703203    
    In response to Sting Ray

27) If you will be driving your Vette at speeds of 175 MPH or greater you should set the cold tire inflation to the maximum shown on the tire sidewall of 38 PSI.


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