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Username Post: CPP Steering box to Hedman header interference        (Topic#326294)
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07-06-15 05:19 AM - Post#2559754    

Hello Everyone:
I have noted issues like this in the past in this forum. I picked up a new CPP -500 steering box and when I tried to install it noted the direct interference with my newly ceramic coated headers. Can anyone share what they found to be the most effective solution to get around this problem? I have given some thought to denting in the header pipe in the area of the interference however, it will likely compromise the ceramic coating on that pipe and would need about 3/8 of an inch pipe compression to give enough room for clearance when the engine is running.

Any other feedback on alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all.



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07-06-15 06:25 PM - Post#2559908    
    In response to PhilaGear75

When I tried to install a 605 box in my 56 delray,it interfered w/ the 57-64 stock rams horns manifolds, After some thought I removed the bolt in side mounts and added 1/2 inch to the left side and shortened the rt side the same amount. No other mods were required. I soon will be installing a 500 series box, I expect it to clear with no issues.

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Loc: Philadelphia, PA
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07-10-15 01:16 PM - Post#2560847    
    In response to delray56

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I have side mounts that are welded to the frame on my '57 which makes the approach that you described difficult. Still looking for anyone who may have had a similar issue.

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07-10-15 04:16 PM - Post#2560881    
    In response to PhilaGear75

If you need 3/8" more clearance, you either have the wrong headers or something is wrong with your engine installation.

Putting a 3/8" dent in a primary tube will make a difference in power for sure.

Thing is, needing 3/8" more clearance means that your headers wouldn't clear a stock steering box either. Are your headers specifically for a 55-57 Chevy? Are they new? If so, send them back.

It is not that uncommon to need 1/16" or 1/8" more clearance with "good" headers and a CPP steering box. But that's it.

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07-11-15 10:45 PM - Post#2561093    
    In response to PhilaGear75

Is your engine in the stock location?


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Loc: Philadelphia, PA
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07-14-15 09:54 AM - Post#2561669    
    In response to Rick_L

Thanks for the feedback so far. Headers are Hedman full length type (straight back). The engine is a small block V-8 in the stock V-8 location.

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07-15-15 02:22 PM - Post#2561957    
    In response to PhilaGear75

I had the same issue (although I didn't need 3/8 to clear the header tube) with my Earl's headers and the CPP500 Box. I called Earl's and they emailed me a tutorial with pictures showing how much material (and where) you can remove from the CPP500 box to increase clearance. I don't know if you can get 3/8 clearance, but you can definitely get at least 1/8 clearance out of this method. Good luck!!

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07-15-15 11:48 PM - Post#2562060    
    In response to 427-57

Something doesn't sound right, those headers and a 500 box should work. Is your motor centered? Can you offset it slightly?

Here's a pic of a set of Hooker Super Comps & a 500 box, it's a snug fit, but they clear about 1/8" w/ motor centered. I'll grind a little more clearance on the steering box before all done.

I used Earl Williams' new style motor mounts and they dropped right into place in the rear position Earl's provides.

alans 55 
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alans 55
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07-16-15 11:32 AM - Post#2562176    
    In response to PhilaGear75

here's mine with patriot 8025 headers and a 605 box. side mounts and bell housing mounts removed. no clearance issues. to be honest my 605 was on the frame with homemade mounts when I got it. I do not know if it's in the same location with the mounts you can purchase from vendors.


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07-16-15 04:55 PM - Post#2562227    
    In response to alans 55

I've done several GM 605 steering box installations and have never had a header clearance issue.


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