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Username Post: Finding my 57 Nomad        (Topic#307464)
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01-23-14 01:07 PM - Post#2419602    

I'm trying to locate, after 45 years, my once owned 57 Nomad. can anyone help me? If I can find the VIN# can the vehicle be traced to where ever??


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01-23-14 02:37 PM - Post#2419630    
    In response to 5821driver

Going to be tough, other than the Chevrolet Nomad Association there isn't any record keeping that I know of.

Post a description and the last place you owned it, you never know what may turn up.



Sting Ray 
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Sting Ray
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01-25-14 02:36 PM - Post#2420200    
    In response to 5821driver

Like I just posted in Stock/Restored, guy looking for his hardtop from '66, if you have a friend in law enforcement and you have the vin, he can find it in seconds.

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02-10-14 11:30 AM - Post#2425468    
    In response to 5821driver

5821driver - Back then, not too many people cared much about VIN numbers. Even though that's a lot of years, it would help if you could describe your old Nomad including colors inside and out, wheels, style of upholstery, options and what state and town it 'was' located in.
Good luck,
Mike T.

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08-04-14 09:48 AM - Post#2474268    
    In response to vet65te

I just went through this last week. I sold a '56 210 Beauville 30 years ago to my next door neighbor's son. I only had a photo with the license plate showing. A friend in law enforcement ran the plates with no luck. He said the VIN would be better. I called my insurance company to see if they had records from so long ago - no luck. I went through an old box of paperwork and found my auto insurance policy from 1980. The VIN was there (assembled in Oakland). Ran the VIN and the car is still owned by the same guy located about 84 miles away. The car has been in non operational status since 1994 which explains why the license plate search didn't work. Did a satellite view of his residence (obtained from a web search) and did not see the '56 in the yard next to the old trucks on his farm. At least 3 barns so I hope the car has been well kept.

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08-18-14 02:50 PM - Post#2477785    
    In response to Wheelee

You guys in Cali with a 'Friend in law enforcement' should know that there is a heavy criminal penalty for LEO's who use the computer system for personal use. I fired a gal who was a major screw up who had used the computer to inquire on people who she was running who wanted to rent property from her.
The judge came down on her harder than he did on the primary charges that we filed against her.
Don't ask your pal to possibly give up his career for doing a favor for a pal...I know for a fact that Dept of Justice is auditing inquiries from all kinds of law enforcement agencies...On the plus side, some of that info is available legally through DMV but you have to jump through the bureaucratic hoops to get it.


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07-08-15 11:39 PM - Post#2560500    
    In response to 5821driver

The Chevrolet Nomad Association in compiling info on all the nomads in and around the members. They may be able to help you in your search.

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Original Madman 
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Age: 67
Loc: Beaverton Or.
Reg: 06-27-15
07-22-15 11:20 PM - Post#2563441    
    In response to 5821driver

The Chevrolet Nomad Association is compiling vin # info on all the cars that are in the clubs membership. You should contact them as they may be able to help.
Dave W.

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