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Username Post: Second Generation (1970½-1981)        (Topic#306258)
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12-26-13 07:47 AM - Post#2410571    

Though it didn't make it to market until February of 1970, the second-generation 1970½ Camaro would be in production 12 years. With styling inspired by Ferrari, the second-generation Camaro was also bigger, heavier and no longer available as a convertible.

It still used a unibody structure with a front subframe, leaf springs in the back and A-arms up front for suspension. Those A-arms were freshly designed and the steering gear moved from the back to the front of the front axle, but otherwise the basic mechanical pieces were familiar.

The 155-horsepower 250-cubic-inch six was now the Camaro's base engine, followed by the who-cares 200-horsepower 307, the lowliest of V8 offerings. A 250-horsepower two-barrel 350 effectively replaced the 327. Order the SS package and the 350 earned a four-barrel carb and additional compression to reach 300 horsepower. Moreover, SS buyers could pay even more and get a 350- or 375-horsepower 396 big-block V8.

The Camaro was offered with Rally Sport or Super Sport equipment or both. The Rally Sport package featured a unique front-end appearance with a split front bumper and a center grille cavity encircled in rubber. The SS again had heavier-duty suspension and the "SS" logos. The star 1970½ Camaro was again the Z/28, now powered by a 360-horsepower high-compression "LT-1" 350. The LT-1 was available with an automatic transmission.

Due to tougher emissions regulations, GM dropped compression ratios across the board for 1971 and also adopted "net" alongside "gross" power ratings for its engines (by '72, all engines were only net rated). For the 250-cubic inch inline six, the power rating dropped from 155-gross to 110-net horsepower. For the LT-1, the drop was a 30-horsepower plunge down to a 330 horsepower gross and 275 horsepower net. Otherwise, the '71 barely changed from the '70½ model; high-back bucket seats were new, and the rear spoiler on Z/28s was now a larger three-piece unit.

The 1972 Camaro changed mostly in the engine bay. The LT-1 produced 255 horsepower (net) and the largest big-block (still called a 396, but in reality a 402) was making 240 net horsepower.

In 1973, the bumpers were slightly revised with the base six now making 100 net horsepower and the L82 245. The big-block was off the option sheet altogether. In place of the Super Sport was the "Type-LT" Camaro, which bundled a slew of luxury options into one cohesive package. To meet new bumper regulations, the 1974 Camaro was redesigned with thick aluminum bumpers front and rear. The one-and-only grille (the Rally Sport option vanished) was now shovel-shaped and the rear taillights wrapped into the fenders. There were no changes to the available engines and trim levels.

The Z/28 engine was changed to a 250-cubic-inch six now rated at 105 horsepower, a two-barrel 350 V8 making at 145 horsepower and a four-barrel version of the same engine rated at 155 horsepower.

Distinguishing the '75 from '74 was a new rear window that wrapped down into the roof sail panels. Also new for '75 was a "Rally Sport" package that consisted of two-tone paint and some tape stripes.

The '75 Camaro sold well, so there were few changes to the 1976 model. An aluminum panel between the taillights was now used on the Type-LT, power brakes were standard and cruise control was a new option. The two-barrel 350 was replaced with a 305 producing 140 horsepower while the four-barrel 350 produced 165 horsepower.

When the 1977 Camaro appeared, there were again few changes, but in the middle of the year, the Z/28 returned as a separate model whose concentration was now on handling and appearance.

Chevrolet equipped the 1978 Camaro with a new nose that put the large bumpers under soft plastic. Five models were now offered (sport coupe, Rally Sport, Type-LT, Type-LT Rally Sport and Z/28), with translucent T-tops a new option. The Z/28's body package (with front fender vents and a fake hoodscoop) was supported in '78 with a revised version of the 350 V8 now rated at 185 horsepower.

Though nearly unchanged from '78, the 1979 Camaro would prove the most popular one yet. The Type-LT vanished in favor of a new trim level called Berlinetta, but the engines were all unchanged, even though power ratings were rattled a bit in contending with emissions requirements (Z/28 output dropped to 175 horsepower for 49-state cars). Chevy sold 282,571 Camaros during the 1979 model year - still a record.

Chevy changed the Camaro's engine lineup for 1980. A new 115-horsepower 229-cubic-inch V6 or, in California, a 110-horsepower 231-cubic-inch V6 replaced the old one, and a new 267-cubic-inch two-barrel version of the small-block V8 debuted, rated at 120 horsepower. Output of the Z/28's 350 grew to 190 horsepower, except in California where buyers got a 155-horsepower 305-cubic-inch V8 that came with a three-speed automatic.

By 1981 a new engine control computer ensured that all engines were certified for all 50 states, but output on the Z/28's 350 dropped to 175 horsepower. The Rally Sport died and the '81 Camaro lineup consisted of three well-defined models: base sport coupe, Berlinetta and Z/28.

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12-26-13 01:32 PM - Post#2410631    
    In response to Tony

  • Quote:
The Z/28 engine was changed to a 250-cubic-inch six now rated at 105 horsepower,.......


I think that should read as The BASE engine.....

Otherwise, thanks for posting the information.


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01-23-15 01:45 PM - Post#2517377    
    In response to Tony

Would you know if the front clip especially the crossmember and upper control are pretty close the same between 1972 and 1979. The reason asking I have a 1979 trans am front clip in my 55chevy pickup I just dropped in a brand new 454 motor.I am trying to find some headers that would fit this car. I heard the trans am and camaro had the same clips.Would bbc headers from a 1972 camaro work on my 79 trans am clip. Thanks for your help. 55bergy

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06-07-15 01:13 PM - Post#2552855    
    In response to 62sedan

Yes 70-81 headers fit.
SB or BB the subframes are the same where the engine sits for all years.
There is a brace that is bolted on the 77 and up Z28, maybe the T/A too that gets in the way, It can be removed with no ill effects.

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06-08-15 04:54 AM - Post#2553028    
    In response to Tony

  • Quote:
The 1972 Camaro changed mostly in the engine bay. The LT-1 produced 255 horsepower

Like the Corvette of 1972, they were available with factory A/C near the end of 1972 production. Not many made. However no accurate figures were kept, to my knowledge, for Camaro A/C equipped LT1s. With the Corvettes the most read number is 286. I quit asking if anyone here had one a few years ago....

Hey T @!

In Memory of Mike McVeigh- The "Mad Spring Wacker" He roams the Forums of CT forever in our hearts and minds!


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03-11-16 06:58 AM - Post#2614555    
    In response to wagonmaster

If the OP knew all his stuff he would know there is no such thing as the 701/2 it is a 1970 Camaro.

It is sad that all these years after the first 2ndGen Camaros hit the showroom people are still making the mistake of calling it a 701/2

That shows how dumb we can be as we just keep repeating bad mistakes that we read in a numbskull car mag or heard at drive-in etc.

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07-12-17 02:24 PM - Post#2699811    
    In response to ZZiggy

I was always thinking my buddies 1970.5 Camaro was a that year but reading this thread I see his Camaro was a 1970 SS that he had yes had it was stolen and was never found

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