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Username Post: Fast and Loud 1956 Nomad        (Topic#302047)
56 mad 
Forum Newbie
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56 mad
Reg: 07-19-13
09-03-13 05:29 AM - Post#2378617    

My wife wants to know how they can build a Nomad in ten days, when mine took ten years?

"14th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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09-03-13 06:01 AM - Post#2378627    
    In response to 56 mad

40 people working on it at one time?
look forward to seeing this show, but not all the commercials

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09-03-13 09:46 AM - Post#2378709    
    In response to Bad56Sedan

The car looks good in what little can be seen from the commercial for the show. I like Nomads, but I'm not really a "fan" of them since I like things simple, and Plain Jane. You'd think Dale Ernhardt, Jr. would have people with enough talent working for him that he would't have to "farm the work out". I'm certain it's all just for "show" however. And I do like "Fast and Loud", especially compared to some of the other Discovery programs; they're all over the map. Butch/56sedandelivery.

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09-03-13 10:03 AM - Post#2378720    
    In response to 56sedandelivery

I thought the car turned out pretty good. It was scary watching them work on the tailgate and lift gate. They are giving the car away in a Mountain Dew promotion.

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Reg: 11-27-04
09-03-13 04:15 PM - Post#2378855    
    In response to itsa56

Don't believe for a minute that they built that Nomad in ten days. All TV fluff. I believe the Overhaulin' show might be able to do it in a week, but they had crews working 24 hours a day for a week and even then the cars weren't always completely finished. In their Nomad episode I could see lots of interior trim missing as well as other things that still needed addressing at the reveal.

I do like Fast and Loud as well. I used to like that they showed when they even lost money. They don't seem to concentrate on the money aspect as much any more, but they are still pretty entertaining.

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09-03-13 06:10 PM - Post#2378903    
    In response to wagonman100

Don't kid yourself on the overhaulin' stuff. Those didn't take 10 days or 2 weeks either.

This deal was even more of a fairy tale than any of the Foose or Boyd shows. Just a TV script, nothing more or less.

I thought there was some bait and switch stuff on the build. Like the guy that was "polishing" the stainless in his lap with a hand held tool. And them installing the old scratched bumpers and jumping on them - yet when they showed the car later they were obviously higher quality.

Just TV BS taken to a different level.

I thought the best part was Dale Jr.'s acting. He did a better job than he used to in his post-race TV interviews - although he's been getting better. And I do like the guy for some reason, I don't want to beat him up.

You also have to realize this was all a one hour Mountain Dew commercial.

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Reg: 07-23-04
09-03-13 07:33 PM - Post#2378940    
    In response to Rick_L

For the entertainment value it was great. But I don't think anybody on this site is watching with baited breath for some breakthrough in restoration techniques. Using a chain clamp and a 4x4 block of wood is probably the ugliest way I've seen a liftgate get straight again. I've sat in awe watching Jerry Cabunoc do liftgates at multiple conventions. That sure isn't how Jerry does it!!!

I really doubt it was 10 days too. It probably took 10 days to strip the lacquer paint off of it.

Rob Z.

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09-04-13 05:51 AM - Post#2379022    
    In response to Yenkonova

don't believe it took 10 days either when it takes me 2 days just to straighten a liftgate

MadMooks Nomad Parts

55 and 57 nomad

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Reg: 04-11-18
04-15-18 01:10 PM - Post#2731059    
    In response to MadMooks

I'm impressed with Kin dig It's tailgate hinge system. Sure wish that someone could knock out a kit.

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