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Username Post: Best Year Impala Poll        (Topic#283844)
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01-02-14 04:08 AM - Post#2412702    
    In response to real61SS


Edited by DZAUTO on 01-02-14 05:13 AM. Reason for edit: No reason given.


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01-27-14 07:05 PM - Post#2420937    
    In response to Verne_Frantz

The '58 Impala may be a little brash, but compared to the other GM offerings for '58 it looks like a '94 Camry.


  • Verne_Frantz Said:
  • sidworks Said:
i really feel that the 58 belair was a much cleaner looking car than the impala. to much chrome and such on the impala

Since it's opened up again, I'll throw in my 2 cents. I agree with you Ron. The '58 Impala looks like it was driven through JC Whitney with a magnet!
It was almost unfair to put the '58 into the "best Impala" pole because it was in a class by itself. It was a cross between a '57 Chevy and an "I don't know what". Other than 3 tailights, it doesn't remind you of any other year Impala.

It's a "One Year Only" car, kinda like a '63 Tempest.



1964 Impala 2 door hardtop
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03-27-14 03:15 PM - Post#2439500    
    In response to DZAUTO

I have a hybrid answer. 63 is my favorite body style, but the 64 SS interior is much nicer. Too bad both of these couldn't have meshed in 63. (Of course you could always put a 64 SS interior in a 63, but that would just be wrong!)

Chevy 4 Life 
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03-28-14 10:25 AM - Post#2439725    
    In response to DZAUTO

I have a 61 impala 4dr HT, and I have had 62-64s, but I love the lines and trim on my 61.

Richard Martin 
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Richard Martin
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03-28-14 10:47 AM - Post#2439731    
    In response to Chevy 4 Life

Best Year:


Chevy 4 Life 
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03-28-14 03:51 PM - Post#2439808    
    In response to Richard Martin

That car is all race that's for sure. Old looking on the outside and bad censored underneath, just the way I am building mine. Just cant beat a light car with 400hp, Lol!

Iowa 409 Guy 
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Iowa 409 Guy
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07-23-14 01:18 PM - Post#2471271    
    In response to DZAUTO

Even though the poll is closed I would vote for the 62, even though I own a 64...



64 Impala 409 4 Speed
47 Knucklehead

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11-27-14 08:30 PM - Post#2502119    
    In response to DZAUTO

To me, the 61 is far and away the sleekest, best looking of all Impalas... in a class by itself. The 60 was a warmed-over 59. The 62 was a takeoff on the 61 and the 63 & 84 are both further warms but the 64 is the best looking of these last 2. Beyond 64 I lose interest.
Just my humble opinion!

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05-25-15 07:03 AM - Post#2549560    
    In response to DZAUTO

In my humble opinion the 61 is the best looking Impala...clean, smooth flowing lines that make it (especially the bubble top) appear to be in motion even when sitting still! My 2-door 61 looks nice too but I would still like to have a bubble top.
Just saying!

Edmond, OK

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08-31-15 10:02 AM - Post#2572256    
    In response to bowtieollie



See my progress at

1963 Bel Air 2dr

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11-07-15 08:42 PM - Post#2587464    
    In response to Bobaloo

1963 all the way!

stingray caretaker 
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09-26-16 11:31 AM - Post#2653385    
    In response to agleason

  • agleason Said:
1963 all the way!

Better late than never.
1963 was a pinnacle year for Chevrolets design studio. The Super Sport convertible ranks with the finest. In the Corvette division they unveiled the sport coupe that is known world wide and the dream of every collector.
My preference is the Biscayne / Belair two door flat top post . The five year search ended with a near rust free example that will brighten my shop long after this Marine is summoned by bugle.

G. Baker 
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Loc: Ontario Canada
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10-11-16 11:12 AM - Post#2656035    
    In response to savina64

63 SS 409 convertible. Had one. My choice for best looking.
Tried to drag a photo here, no luck.

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12-03-16 09:56 AM - Post#2664385    
    In response to Gabster

I like 61s best also. More people in the poll seem to like 62 better but to me the 62 styling is just too plain compared to the 61. Rear end/taillight styling, the contour line that goes all the way around on the 61, bumpers, roof line on sedans, to me all so cool on the 61 compared to the 62. The 62 taillights are chopped off and without the "V" on the trunk lid, the 62 rear end just looks boring to me compared to the 61. Just my opinion too..everyone has different tastes.

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01-20-17 08:33 AM - Post#2672426    
    In response to powerglide61

I agree with you on the style difference. Though I may be partial to the 61 because I've owned one for 40 years!


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