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Username Post: Lets see your ride        (Topic#278200)
Ultra Senior Member
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Reg: 03-25-05
06-10-12 02:40 PM - Post#2235513    
    In response to Tim56

Here's my car on the Power Tour at the Stillwater, Ok. stop.

66 Corvair (driving)
57 2dr HT (driving)
56 2dr HT (waiting to be restored)

Ecklers AutoMotive
Posts: 147
Loc: Wyoming
Reg: 01-02-06
06-12-12 12:36 PM - Post#2236283    
    In response to dcm

Thanks guys it means a lot coming from this group. Colors are GM Torch Red and Hummer Black Diamond. The Black Diamond has a bit of flake in it. (helps hide the dust)

I have a fever and the only perscription is more cow bell. Christopher Walken

My 56

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Forum Newbie
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Reg: 08-20-10
06-12-12 01:03 PM - Post#2236295    
    In response to wyo56

  • wyo56 Said:
Thanks guys it means a lot coming from this group. Colors are GM Torch Red and Hummer Black Diamond. The Black Diamond has a bit of flake in it. (helps hide the dust)

Just a bit more. What year torch red?



Forum Newbie
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Loc: Long Beach, CA
Reg: 06-14-12
06-14-12 08:24 PM - Post#2237288    
    In response to dcm

Here's mine:

Sorry, I'm new and haven't figured out how to just add a post to the topic and also how to add an image file, like a jpg? I read the commonly asked questions and that didn't help. I'd appreciate any help for this newbie-Thanks!

We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public

'57 4 Door Bel Air Hardtop

'68 SS Camaro
526 C.I. KB 500 BBC/Blown/Injected/Glide

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Loc: Albuquerque,NewMexico, US...
Reg: 06-19-04
06-25-12 08:41 AM - Post#2241125    
    In response to Docjim

Are they ever done

Attachment: DSC00692.JPG (152.73 KB) 319 View(s)

In the back seat of my 60 chevy..I used my shields but neither one cared, we were gettin' our share.

Posts: 184
Loc: Albuquerque,NewMexico, US...
Reg: 06-19-04
06-26-12 06:23 AM - Post#2241465    
    In response to Booty

Did you ever get any responce about your posting problems??

In the back seat of my 60 chevy..I used my shields but neither one cared, we were gettin' our share.

Ultra Senior Member
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Loc: San Jose, CA
Reg: 04-23-01
06-26-12 09:53 AM - Post#2241529    
    In response to Norms 55

Sorry for the late reply Norm. It is a stock color combo for a 150 - Neptune Green & India Ivory. There is a bit of green pearl in it also. Thanks for the compliment.

  • Norms 55 Said:
  • No_Dice Said:

I really like your car. Is that the factory color? Is it a Delray? Perfect!

Posts: 11178
Age: 79
Loc: Rolling Hills, Ca,
Reg: 12-30-01
06-26-12 02:17 PM - Post#2241614    
    In response to No_Dice

Here is my new Nomad. It was last registered in 1972. I worked on it with my ex-son-in-law back in the mid 90's. The guy who owned it got into $$ trouble, and I ended up with it;

It has a new 468" big block, PDB, P/S, Power Windows and door poppers. The paint is a 2011 Lexus color with additional gold poly (looks like metalflake), and the interior is tan leather with 2010 Lincoln 6 way seats

I has a new CPP 500 steering box, a 200R4 to be installed along with Vintage Air and Retro Sound.
My old 55 ran mid 12's ,and this thing feels a ton faster !!!

More later...It surely is fun !!!


Posts: 9224
Loc: So Cal
Reg: 04-14-04
06-27-12 11:17 AM - Post#2241976    
    In response to Thadd

Thadd, that's a very nice Nomad.....

Post some pics of the interior and engine when you can.

Did you sell your 55 ?


Posts: 36
Loc: Seattle Area
Reg: 07-08-04
07-12-12 11:32 AM - Post#2247457    
    In response to Tony

'55 210 4 Door Sedan - our family driver

'56 1/2 ton flatbed - super fun to drive and has a ton of style.

'57 Sport Cruiser 8 Door - my never-ending project

'58 Corvette - we all need projects, right?


'57 8-Door, mild custom

Forum Newbie
Posts: 60
Loc: Huffman, Texas
Reg: 03-13-09
07-20-12 12:19 PM - Post#2250299    
    In response to 55 Shaker

Can you give me the info on the paint you used on your '55? That is the look I want for my '46 Stylemaster.

Nice car!! Did you break her yet?

1956 Chevy 210 2 Door Post
1946 Chevy Stylemaster 2 Door Sedan

Frequent Contributor
Posts: 2428
Age: 64
Loc: chino valley az
Reg: 11-23-04
07-20-12 02:12 PM - Post#2250336    
    In response to Tony

Here's my LADY.


56 210 2dr

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Bowtie Crazy 
"9th Year" Platinum Supporting member
Posts: 251
Bowtie Crazy
Age: 74
Loc: South Africa
Reg: 04-14-10
07-22-12 01:53 PM - Post#2250936    
    In response to Jims56chevy

Here is my 1956 4dr Hardtop Right Hand Drive from South Africa

1956 Chevy Bel Air 4dr Hardtop LQ9 4L80E RHD
1960 Chevy Impala 4dr Sport Sedan 383 T350 RHD
1964 Chevy Impala SS LQ9 4L60E RHD

Posts: 11178
Age: 79
Loc: Rolling Hills, Ca,
Reg: 12-30-01
08-06-12 09:38 PM - Post#2256645    
    In response to Bowtie Crazy

I haven't had a chance to sit down and take additional pictures yet.
The A/C is in and working well, but the electrical glitches are still kickin' my butt. The driver door power window has failed for the fourth time; The driver door poppers have failed AGAIN; the passenger door is intermittent and has a range of just a couple of feet. The wiring for the fans, glove box light, dome lights, cigar lighter and clock have all failed, and Eddie (I call him HAYWIRE now) mounted the fuse block so high that one can not see nor read the various circuits in the fuse block.
It is going to have to be redone at best, or re-installed at worst. My health is so bad, I can only work on it for about 10 minutes at a time..Heck, it takes me that long to scratch and giggle
It goes in tomorrow for a leaking freeze plug or water pump (did I mention that it has a brand new engine?); Wednesday it goes back for installation of a different power window set up, a fix for the doors and..
I mentioned that we had a new CPP 500 steering box (sweet) installed. Ya know that plate that goes around the column and patches the big hole in the floor..someone failed to put it back in; A/C doesn't work well when your feet are right on top of the header..
Friday it goes to Bow Tie Overdrive who will install my 200R4 stage III trans. Then it goes to a "display" at a local shopping center where ads will be shot, then we will figure out when I can slip the Posi rear in there.
I am planning a trip to Bakersfield on 8-23, and ElSegundo Main Street is 8-25..Whew!!
The week after CFAC, the bosslady and I are taking it to NorCal to visit friends and families and my new grandson.
Everything in the car is new, but I do have the 200 mile premium tow service from the AutoClub coupled with an extender for my cel phone and a big amp for my CB radio.
I will try to post some more pics...I am particularly proud of the Papua New Guinea leather interior and I want to show it off.


57 Chevys 
Forum Newbie
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57 Chevys
Loc: New England
Reg: 08-02-12
08-08-12 04:49 PM - Post#2257291    
    In response to awsum55

Your Vette is wearing an amazing shade of candy red. What's the paint? Every kids dream car and still mine.

There's something 'bout me, baby, you got to know,
You got to know.
I get off on '57 Chevys;
I get off on screaming guitar.
Like the way it hits me every time it hits me.
I've got a rock and roll, I've got a rock and roll heart.

farrel 57 
Forum Newbie
Posts: 62
farrel 57
Age: 71
Loc: Winchester,Tn
Reg: 11-23-08
08-11-12 05:43 PM - Post#2258274    
    In response to Tony

Here's mine, finally after four plus years I got to drive it around town today.I have a few issues to work on but all in all went well.

Attachment: 8-11-12_57_003_small.jpg (59.56 KB) 315 View(s)

Attachment: 8-11-12_57_012_small.jpg (65.68 KB) 253 View(s)

Attachment: 8-11-12_57_011_small.jpg (37.99 KB) 240 View(s)

Senior Member
Posts: 842
Loc: Cabot, AR
Reg: 01-23-02
08-28-12 05:28 PM - Post#2264192    
    In response to farrel 57

Here's my shop truck and my work in progress.



West Coast Show Support
Posts: 4093
Reg: 03-25-01
10-08-12 06:03 AM - Post#2277786    
    In response to Tony

How it has always looked...In my weak mind!

39 years ago, this month. Fresh flame paint!

5 years ago at Art's.

In 2 weeks, Palmas is going to primer quarter panels at Art's.

Where all the magic happens!


Attachment: delivery.jpg (47.27 KB) 161 View(s)

Attachment: IMG00309-20101017-1544C.jpg (453.16 KB) 176 View(s)

"Which do I prefer? Chess or sex? It depends on the position." - Spassky

Forum Newbie
Posts: 86
Loc: UK
Reg: 08-05-12
10-20-12 11:24 AM - Post#2281455    
    In response to swbatt

Big day for us 1st day our Chevy arrived from Oakland my wife backing up.

Attachment: SAM_1367mmmm.jpg (238.17 KB) 159 View(s)

Anyone can drive a Fast car, but not everyone can drive a car Fast

My 55 4 door Chevy project ...

Posts: 26

Loc: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Reg: 07-02-04
11-23-12 08:51 PM - Post#2291627    
    In response to 57ChevyHT

My 55 Chevy Gasser a couple of weeks ago... Link

1966 L72 Biscayne 1968 Z28 RS 1970 SS Nova 1949 Meteor Pro Street 1971 GMC Camper special

Bel Air Lugosi 
Forum Newbie
Posts: 2

Reg: 11-22-12
11-26-12 11:19 AM - Post#2292359    
    In response to ZAPPER68

This is Bel Air Lugosi.

Forum Newbie
Posts: 81
Age: 51
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Reg: 09-11-12
11-30-12 06:42 AM - Post#2293673    
    In response to Tony

Here is my 57 chevy. Not in perfect condition but working on it, slowly but surely!

Dedicated Enthusiast
Posts: 5667
Age: 48
Loc: SF Bay Area, CA
Reg: 11-21-04
12-16-12 02:33 PM - Post#2298494    
    In response to WrongWayWillie

Aquired a '56 2dr hdtp BelAir on 6/9/05!
Link to my pics!

Posts: 27

Loc: Hawaii
Reg: 07-13-05
01-29-13 01:01 AM - Post#2311613    
    In response to busyguy8

Here's mine...
  • Quote:

55' Chevy Belair HT

Forum Newbie
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Reg: 08-30-09
03-11-13 07:58 AM - Post#2325016    
    In response to Tony

Here's mine.

Senior Member
Posts: 1996
Loc: Kenosha Wi.
Reg: 07-18-01
04-09-13 06:59 AM - Post#2334076    
    In response to Tony

back at it.... makin some upgrades

Posts: 86

Loc: fresno ca.
Reg: 05-28-05
04-12-13 08:43 PM - Post#2335178    
    In response to Tony

i just took some pictures for another thread so i thought i'd post some,i'm paul from fresno ca.

old ripper 
Forum Newbie
Posts: 48
old ripper
Loc: Bottom left hand corner o...
Reg: 06-21-12
04-22-13 04:11 AM - Post#2337880    
    In response to palo

So waaaay down here in S.W. Australia, freshly bought, not been home a week...

ton of little things to do, but its minor rub n tickle, not pluck, gut & rebuild.

Got a 57 4 door wagon...yeah that's plucked, gutted and partly rebuilt

I used to know everything once...but I'm not young anymore

Forum Newbie
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Loc: Damascus, OR
Reg: 02-28-11
05-28-13 02:06 PM - Post#2349762    
    In response to Tony

Here's my 55 150 2dr. Post. Portland and Salem Roadster Show Winner, and in the 2012 Chrome Insurance calendar.


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Frequent Contributor
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Loc: Indiana
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05-28-13 05:28 PM - Post#2349833    
    In response to drjothen

Nice, Nice FiveFive. I dig the wagon rear bumper!

1955 Belair 2dr
1955 Belair 4dr (parts car)
1957 Belair 2dr
1964 Impala SS
1966 Chevrolet Truck
1968 Chevrolet Truck
1968 Impala SS 396 (Survivor)

Ecklers AutoMotive
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