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Username Post: My 1984 wins it's first trophy        (Topic#266038)
Senior Member
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07-12-11 11:33 AM - Post#2113355    

Hello all,

Just checking in. Funny how time flies by... When I bought the 41,000 mile '84 Monte in June of 2003 it was 19-years-old. Now eight years later it has 42,000 miles and is 27-years-old and is becoming recognized as a vintage car. Way back in 2003 I immediately recognized it's significant future collectable "survivor" quality as well as being a somewhat unique highly optioned V8 version with a superb always garaged one owner history and tons of documentation..

So I snagged it and as some of you know have been basically storing it in climate control with my other cars.

This past Saturday I got her out for the first time this season and went to a car show. I entered the "stock original 1980~1989" class for restored and/or survivor cars. It was a judged show which I like as participant judging is a lot of work and really not that fair. As the car speaks for itself when scrutinized it naturally won.

I am digging this transition and recognition of original never restored autos in shows.

My collection has also evolved into mostly survivor original patina autos that I am particularly fond of. I am also collecting vintage Japanese sports cars from the 1980s but that is not a topic for this forum.

Best regards, Jim


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07-12-11 04:22 PM - Post#2113442    
    In response to hosscartright

WTG, nice car. JB

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07-13-11 06:51 AM - Post#2113631    
    In response to jb2wheeler

1,000 miles in 8 years? Wow...

and I get flack that 10,000 in 4 years is too low.

Super Senior Member
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07-15-11 04:36 AM - Post#2114360    
    In response to 74MonteCarlo

Heck, I only put about 4-5,000 miles a year on my daily driver.

Congrats on the recognition. I read a long time ago in Super Chevy about a guy that bought a brand new SS Monte in the mid 80s and had a roll back pick it up at the dealership and took the car home and put it in his garage and never drove it at all. He was betting that the car would be a future collectible.

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08-01-11 01:50 AM - Post#2120344    
    In response to wagonman100


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08-03-11 07:20 PM - Post#2121493    
    In response to hosscartright

Nice car, congrats man!!

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08-14-11 10:00 AM - Post#2125505    
    In response to Pennsyragtopguy


That is AWESOME ... congratulations! Sure is nice to see the SCs (like yours) and LS models start to get similar recognition that their SS siblings have had for years now.

One of these days, I sure hope to meet you and see your gorgeous SC in person!

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Senior Member
Posts: 653
Loc: NW Central Indiana
Reg: 12-22-04
06-30-13 05:23 PM - Post#2359761    
    In response to knightfan2691


Tenth anniversary of buying the car. Funny how it was back in June 2003 when I first spotted it. It was sitting in the garage covered-up. They were having a yard sale, and I just was chatting with the lady, then the next day I own a basically new 19-year-old Monte Carlo. Now it is almost a 30-year-old Monte Carlo and I have put less than 1,000 miles on it in ten years. Had it out last week for the first time this year. It was smoking the fan belt when I blipped the throttle. Noticed the charge gauge on the dash was pegged. Seems that the alternator was overcharging. I suppose the regulator went bad? Anyhoo, my biddy fixed it for $35.00 and no problems.

Over and out, Jim

Senior Member
Posts: 653
Loc: NW Central Indiana
Reg: 12-22-04
01-05-15 03:26 PM - Post#2512262    
    In response to hosscartright

Just checking in.
Every once in a while someone inquires about buying the car. Really, they are only people wanting to trade or low-balling me. Don't really care actually. When it's 40-years-old who knows? The way time goes by, that's just around the corner.

So, I've still got her, resting comfortably in the climate controlled man-cave. I've sold some of my collector cars over the past few years so there is a lot of room now in my building, so it costs me nothing to keep her. WOW, that 2003 investment in this like-new 1984 Monte Carlo has now turned into me having a 31-year-old car.

I only drove it to town once this past summer which is 12 miles round trip. Was really busy with my business and also riding road bicycles like a mad man. I'm in a bike club, kind of on a health kick for a few years now, so I seldom go to car shows anymore. Around here it is the same people, same cars, every show, year after year. The wife got burned-out on doing it, so...

Only drove the '59 Impala three or four times this past summer as well. Had the '69 Belair out only once.- Winter storm bearing down on us now, everything is put away. Maybe next summer I'll get them out more.

I do start the cars and drive them around a little bit periodically and keep them on battery tenders etc..

Feels kind of weird to have "mothballed" a pristine Monte Carlo now for almost 12 years.

Over and out for now.

"18th Year" Silver Supporting Member, and Official CT Grim Reaper
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01-05-15 05:32 PM - Post#2512304    
    In response to hosscartright



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Senior Member
Posts: 653
Loc: NW Central Indiana
Reg: 12-22-04
02-12-16 02:01 PM - Post#2608364    
    In response to TAT_2

After almost 13 years of ownership and accumulating only 1,300 miles in that time, yesterday I have sold my Monte Carlo.

It will be living now with a senior VCCA member near Cincinnati Ohio.

Dedicated Member
Posts: 6195
Age: 45
Loc: Elgin IL
Reg: 11-18-02
02-14-16 01:39 PM - Post#2608763    
    In response to hosscartright

Nice to see it is still around & now giving enjoyment to another owner!

Cort >
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