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Username Post: _ SHOW US YOUR CAR _        (Topic#232506)
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Loc: St. Louis, MO
Reg: 12-11-03
12-29-09 11:32 PM - Post#1832669    

Here's a place to show your car - and tell a good story about it if you have one.

HERE ARE THE RULES: No comments, replies or questions about someone else's car, just pictures and stories by the owner.


If you want to make comments about a beautiful car, do it in the regular forum, please!

You can describe and talk about your car all you want in your original post.

This is a single post thread!

Tom - 427SS65

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Frequent Contributor
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Reg: 05-08-03
12-31-09 01:47 AM - Post#1833403    
    In response to 427SS65


Thanks for asking members to post pictures, they're the thing that I need to stimulate what little creativity I have. Pictures will indeed help me bring my '65 & '66 up to par. I’ve been looking at Ol Dirty T’s posting from September, they’re great shots of exactly what I need to do myself. Both of my “babies” need paint, but bodywork is one thing I haven’t tried before, so I have to convince myself it’s something I can do without screwing it up too much.

Here’s a look at my garage when both doors are open. I know I’ve got more pictures in my old hard drive, so I’ll dig through it and find some more to share. Hmm, now that I think about it, I might even have some pictures of my Dad’s shed. Since he passed away last year, I haven’t even started to empty it out. I think everyone will have fun trying to see how many Chevy parts they can find in the mess.


Attachment: __65_____66_Super_Sports.JPG (171.66 KB) 2308 View(s)

Chevytalk Moderator & "16th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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12-31-09 03:32 AM - Post#1833409    
    In response to 427SS65

Here are my two SS Impalas.

1965 SS 2 door hard top purchased as a dismantled project in 1993. (The car had been apart since 1973). It is painted the factory color, (Evening Orchid).

Drive train: SBC 400, Muncie M-22 with a 2.73 12 bolt differential

Options include: AC, AM/FM radio with multiplex,
console, full gauge package with tach, tinted windows, power steering, power disc brakes, front and rear stabilizer bars

The restoration was completed in 1997 and the car is driven on a regular basis when the weather is good.

1966 Impala SS was purchased in 1991 as a complete project car.It is painted the original color, (Madera Maroon).

Drive train: BBC 396, TH 400 transmission, with a 2.93 12 bolt differential

Options include: AC, AM/FM radio, console with full gage package including tach, (clock is mounted in console), power steering, power disc brakes, rear defrost, tinted windows, Tel/tilt steering column, remote mirror, power windows, front and rear stabilizer bars

The restoration was completed in 1995 and the car is driven on a regular basis weather permitting.


Attachment: 65_SS_Impala__resized.jpg (230.59 KB) 2215 View(s)
Attachment: Jim__s_66_SS.jpg (231.19 KB) 1864 View(s)

65 Impala SS, 400sbc, Muncie M-22
66 Impala SS, 396, TH 400
69 El Camino, 350, TH 350
71 Short bed stepside 4x4, 350/TH 350
71 Snow plow, 4x4, 350, TH 350
72 GMC Shortbed, stepside, 427/TH 400

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Loc: St. Louis, MO
Reg: 12-11-03
01-02-10 10:15 PM - Post#1835004    
    In response to 427SS65

Bought in 1970 - it was originally a 327/250 four speed car. When the car was purchased from the first owner, it did not have the original engine or transmission in it since the car had been stolen. I pulled the tired 327 engine out and traded it for a four bolt main 350 and redid that with hipo parts. Still have that 0010 350 engine sitting in a crate! (SOLD 1/2014) He had also put an M21 close ratio four speed in the car that had quite a bit of wear to it. I believe the original owner is still alive - and the dealership is still in business. Maybe I ought to drop by his house and shock him?

The Impala was originally Cypress Green with black vinyl interior.

My wife used the car as a daily driver and car-pool car up until the time I put the new 350 in it in 1978.

The car was professionally redone in Tahitian Turquoise (Code L) in 1995 with white interior as a tribute car to the one I had in high school. The original SS had been sold in 1969 for a Z28 Camaro and then torched by the second owner (16 year old kid) so his father wouldn't find out he blew up the engine!

The car has an original 44 year old Eaton Positraction unit. I converted the rear end ratio to 4.10 from 3.56 in 1972 for the cost of the Zoom gearset and $25 installation by a pro shop. Being a 3 series carrier, it has a spacer.

I taught my 10 year old son Brian how to rebuild a Muncie around 1989.

I was lucky to find a 69 427 block in 1999 at a Super Chevy Show in Indianapolis. Picked it up for $400. Got it back to St. Louis where it sat for a couple of years. Took it apart and found out it had truck peanut port heads on it.

Got the catalog out and ordered a new set of steel Merlin heads and fitted it with stainless valves and Comp Cams roller tipped rockers. The block was squared up on a Sunnen machine (or two), bored .030 over and fitted with Ross lightweight forged pistons. With the lightened rotating assembly, it wraps up pretty quickly.

The engine was built by Rich, Todd and Mike Fay of Phase II Machine here in St. Louis. They are famous for building nitro drag boat engines here in the Midwest. They did a fine job! I installed the 427 in 2002.

Old 350 Engine in 2002:

New block going in:

Future improvements will be the addition of front disc brakes and a factory AM-FM radio which I have but still have not restored!

Tom 65-70 Full Size Team Moderator

View My Photos Here

65 Impala SS Tahitian Turquoise

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01-08-10 06:01 PM - Post#1838722    
    In response to 427SS65

This is my 66 Impala. I currently have the 283 and powerglide out of it. I sourced a 327 pretty cheap already done and will have the PG trans rebuilt. I'll be sure to post the before and after when I get them back in. ?...

dc I...

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Loc: Grimsby, ON, Canada
Reg: 01-09-10
01-10-10 09:44 AM - Post#1839782    
    In response to 427SS65

Here's mine.

66 Caprice
427/400hp 3x2 Tri-Power

1966 Caprice 2dr, 427 L68, Turbo 400, 12 bolt Posi

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01-22-10 02:23 PM - Post#1847256    
    In response to Stewie66

This is my 1965 Belair...It originally was a Turquoise/turquoise 327 car at least 2 owners ago...When I bought the car the 454 was knocking, the interior was shot and it had a pro stock snorkel scoop on it from the 70's..
I bought the car in August 2007 and have changed the hood, complete drivetrain, interior, wheels, dash insert and suspension...It now is power by a 600+ hp 496..I still have a lot of things I want to do to the car...but it is a lot better than before...Anyway, here are a few pics of what it looks like now...

It's not how fast you go, but how quick you get there.
If you caught fish everytime you went fishing, it would be called catching, not fishing..

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03-02-10 07:07 PM - Post#1872778    
    In response to 427SS65

Hey just thought i would leave a couple pics of my 45,000 mile 65 396 impala.

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05-02-10 12:23 PM - Post#1908520    
    In response to 427SS65

The work in progress...Bel Air wagon, the dimple is to clear the vacuum actuator for the cowl hood. The 396 set in place and the car before complete dis-assembly (with small block in place). Brian B.

Attachment: pics_173c.jpg (242.32 KB) 948 View(s)
Attachment: pics_177c.jpg (194.49 KB) 777 View(s)
Attachment: IMG_4655c.jpg (147.38 KB) 828 View(s)

Brian B.
1965 Bel Air wagon
396, Comp Cams "small thumper"/700R4 w/2200 stall
2006, 2012-2019... Hot Rod power tour long hauler
2008 HHR "Plan C" power tour 2015 long hauler

signed up for 2020 power tour long haul

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06-18-10 07:19 PM - Post#1932513    
    In response to wagonsouth

Here's my 65 Impala SS. Originally a 327/powerglide car, its currently running a crate 350/powerglide. Still have the original engine and transmission in storage for later... These were taken before I finished replacing the trim and emblems upon bringing it home from the paint booth. Next order of business is a front end rebuild and some wheels... 7215762...

1965 Impala SS 327 7215762...

1972 Cheyenne Super SWB 4x4 7215762...

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08-16-10 11:06 AM - Post#1961787    
    In response to fmolnar427 are some pics of my 66 imp ss off to get new quaters /trunk/floor pans.and a rust free front clip put on...aftr 3yrs of hunting down parts...i think it might be on the road next summer..maybe? the first pic is how i bought it..

when i bought the car..the rust did a good job of hiding..

as you can see my 66 is just in the beggining stages...

the bodyman doing to work is a real crafts man...

he's going to butt weld the quaters and any other panels.

also im deleting the a/c option....i like the look of it wih out that hard where under the hood.

going to put a 68 327..large jornal in for now...

it's just a 10 bolt rear end and it's just going to be a nice cruiser.....

Big,Bad,B -bodies Rule!!
66 Impala SS 327/2sp power glide 5...

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Loc: Victoria, Australia
Reg: 06-07-05
08-31-10 03:14 AM - Post#1969249    
    In response to fmolnar427

My '66 which took me two and a half years to do up.

Forum Newbie
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Loc: Forshaga Sweden
Reg: 10-04-10
10-05-10 02:21 AM - Post#1984916    
    In response to 427SS65

Here are my 2 cars

Stefan Appelgren
Proud Chevrolet Impala 1959 convertible owner

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Senior Member
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Loc: Chicagoland
Reg: 06-06-03
12-01-10 10:46 PM - Post#2012359    
    In response to Rolf

My 66 Caprice originally belonged to my father. When he passed away, he left the car to me. I intend to keep it and pass it on to my kids someday. I'm just making a few modifications along the way. When I received it, it was bone stock with hubcaps/whitewalls, a powerglide and 4-whl drum brakes.

After a near-crash with the single reservoir master cylinder, I swapped the entire brake system to 4-whl discs. I also lowered it, installed a 700R4, swaybars, all Hotchkis rear suspension, etc. Then I took it on two Hot Rod Power Tours.

It stayed that way for 6 years and now I'm starting on phase 2... The 396 is gone and a 6.2L 403HP L92 and 6L90E six speed automatic from a Cadillac Escalade are coming soon, along with Air Ride and bigger front brakes.

66 Caprice... Undergoing Renovations

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12-18-10 08:32 PM - Post#2020001    
    In response to 427SS65

Ok here are a few photos of my car. It is originally a SS with a 327 and was beige with saddle insides. I bought it after it was painted and in the process of making it a Big Block SS. This is not a numbers matching car in anyway, but will be my version of a L78. I have other valve covers on order to replace the current ones.

Attachment: new_photos_1181.jpg (134.31 KB) 955 View(s)
Attachment: new_photos_1381.jpg (168.41 KB) 793 View(s)
Attachment: CAR_00111.jpg (141.69 KB) 789 View(s)
Attachment: new_photos_1471.jpg (147.82 KB) 806 View(s)

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12-20-10 12:12 PM - Post#2020603    
    In response to ed72073

I'll give it a shot...

1965 Biscayne, original six cylinder, A/C car...454cid/TH400's not perfect but it's a decent driver. The dream is to restore the interior/exterior as close to stock as I can. VERY slow project...

1965 Chevy Biscayne

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Loc: litchfield NH
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06-03-11 06:38 AM - Post#2098771    
    In response to 100 CHEVY

this is my car when it came out of the body shop which im sad to say was a few years ago. work is progressing very slowly for a bunch of reasons but i should have it fired up within the month.

I'm on a highway to hell

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06-03-11 02:34 PM - Post#2098931    
    In response to helrazr3

A little walk around.

Dave MacDonald
Ontario, Canada

'66 Impala LT1/C950-,EFI,700R4,(sold 07/2011)
'12 Sonic LTZ, Turbo, M6
'07 Pontiac Solstice GXP
'06 Caddy CTS-V

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06-19-11 12:26 PM - Post#2105450    
    In response to D.Mac

Greetings, new guy here. Here's the '65 I had back in college in the early 1970s. It was stolen in 1979, and I sure hope to find another some day.

Cat not necessary.

1953 3104 1/2 Ton Truck
1965 Impala SS 327/M20
1965 Chevelle SS 327/M20
VCCA #47487
AACA #446449
ALPCA #12906

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06-25-11 01:48 PM - Post#2107585    
    In response to bajones238

Joined a few months ago and finally think was able to get pics on.

Color cameo beige saddle interior 350 with th350

Attachment: 65_and_harley_003.jpg (73.98 KB) 680 View(s)
Attachment: 65_and_harley_001.jpg (97.15 KB) 660 View(s)
Attachment: 254943_187782904603738_114914858557210_454959_2092235_n.jpg (84.02 KB) 654 View(s)

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07-06-11 06:36 AM - Post#2111219    
    In response to Toro

G'day from Sydney, Australia!

Here are some pics of my '65 on the day of arrival, a bit over a month ago...

ImpalaArrival04 by john.and.kath, on Flickr

ImpalaArrival06 by john.and.kath, on Flickr

ImpalaArrival10 by john.and.kath, on Flickr

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Loc: South Carolina
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07-09-11 12:43 PM - Post#2112312    
    In response to bajones238

Finally found a replacement - '65 Impala Super Sport, built and originally sold right here in Georgia (but no vinyl top).

1953 3104 1/2 Ton Truck
1965 Impala SS 327/M20
1965 Chevelle SS 327/M20
VCCA #47487
AACA #446449
ALPCA #12906

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01-17-12 05:40 PM - Post#2180470    
    In response to Powdercoatbill

Here is the show sign with my car pictured on it.
I have owned this car for about 8 years now.

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02-15-12 03:41 PM - Post#2191000    
    In response to 427SS65

A reminder:

The rules: No comments about someone else's car, just pictures and owner stories. All others get deleted!

If you want to make comments about a beautiful car, do it in the regular forum, please!

You can describe and talk about your car all you want in your original post.

This is a single post thread!

Tom - 427SS65

Tom 65-70 Full Size Team Moderator

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65 Impala SS Tahitian Turquoise

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02-23-12 12:35 PM - Post#2194266    
    In response to wogman75

Hey Guys,
Here is my 65' SS. I bought it when I was 16, and will never get rid of it. (I am 28 now) I have done many things to it, and still have future plans. It has the correct 327/ powerglide in it (freshly rebuilt with headers and a comp camshaft). I put disc brakes with drop spindles on, a quick ratio steering gearbox, 2" rear lowering springs, blue dot LED taillights, dual antennas with 62' impala bases, aluminum radiator with temp controlled electric fans, and a few others!

My 65' Impala SS LS Swap
My Classic Car Videos
6.2L LS ,4L80E, 3.73 gears, disc brakes

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03-11-12 11:09 PM - Post#2201440    
    In response to DOC396

My 66 Caprice 396 Bucket seats w/center console. ... ... ...

Posts: 57
Reg: 03-15-12
03-17-12 06:02 AM - Post#2203697    
    In response to 427SS65

hello, this is my 65 Impala, South Australian delivered (CKD Oshawa RHD), Woodville
assembled after it was restored in the 90s.

PS sorry for the double post, but I had to post the pictures again.
if 427ss would be kind and delete my previous post, it would be appreciated.

Posts: 330
Reg: 01-19-12
04-02-12 04:37 PM - Post#2210412    
    In response to Coalflyer

Ok, I'll give this one more try, lets hope this URL works. Thanks! ...

Thanks, I'm having a blast with this project. It's my first restoration and I can't begin to tell everyone how much this forum gives me much needed confidence and direction.

Posts: 28

Loc: Iowa
Reg: 05-12-08
04-12-12 05:04 PM - Post#2214418    
    In response to 427SS65

Here is my '65 SS that my Dad, my two sons, and some good friends put together. It's been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and I can't seem to be able to drive it enough! 6...

Regal Red '65 Impala SS
Crystal Red '14 Impala 2LT

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Loc: st cloud fl
Reg: 09-14-11
09-30-12 05:31 PM - Post#2275219    
    In response to woof359

I am restoring a old drag car.....

All springs cut i coil
2" lowering spindles
fast steer
1959 dash
EZ wiring
T-bird buckets
350/4 speed
vintage air
american racing
fiberglass bumers


Attachment: 024.JPG (105.67 KB) 373 View(s)

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