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Username Post: LETS SEE YOUR 67-70 FULLSIZE CHEVY'S !!!        (Topic#227698)
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10-13-09 11:50 AM - Post#1787679    

A place to post a picture and show everyone your 1967-1970 full size Chevrolet and then if you like, a short story about it.

Please no return comment posts.

We just want to see our members 67-70 Full Size Chevrolet's and their story about it and maybe about how you acquired it.

'67 427 Chevy C-10
'79 454 surburban
'89 454 1 ton dually
'03 V-Star 1100

In Memory of CT's Mike McVeigh and Ron Schrapp (aka rons56)

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10-13-09 04:17 PM - Post#1787820    
    In response to Smokey

Restoration Started!

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10-13-09 06:05 PM - Post#1787887    
    In response to CNCguy

Here's my 69 SS-427. It is a factory bench w/column shift. I found it about 16 years ago. It was quite rusty and yellow. I couldn't handle that color so I decided it needed to be black. It now resides in my garage just collecting dust :-(

Voted most likely to end up working at a car wash.

Frequent Contributor
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10-13-09 06:38 PM - Post#1787904    
    In response to PatwithaRat

I've always liked Chevys but even as a young teenager I always had a thing for the oddball models. While the Novas and Camaros were cool, I would get tingly feelings when I'd see an Impala or some less-cool Chevy. So when I started searching for my "hot rod" in the summer of '97, I knew I wanted an older full-size Chevy between 65-69. I've also always had a thing for the Plain Janes. There's just something about a plain, unassuming Biscayne or Bel Air attracts me to them. I was thinkin' I'd go for a 65 model as I've always thought those were the best-looking, best-proportioned late 60s full-size Chevy. But I stumbled across a listing for a nice 67 Bel Air and figured I'd at least look at it. It was a bit out of my price range but the seller also had this 68 Biscayne sitting beside it for about $1400 less. And that was that.

She started out as a 307/PG/3.36 10 bolt car. And over the years I've very slowly swapped out all those key components for the sake of speed and durability. It was originally silver (kind of a neat/odd color for a Biscayne) but had suffered a bad, white repaint well before I bought it.

My goal is to be a one-car guy and slowly build and restore this car into a nice all-around performer by the time I retire.

And in the meantime, I try to drive it every weekend (with my girls in the back and wife beside me) and hit the strip 2-3 times a year for some fun runs.


'68 Biscayne
406/TH200-4R/3.42-12 bolt
12.06 at 113mph
The Cayne

Valued Contributor
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Reg: 04-14-07
10-13-09 07:13 PM - Post#1787927    
    In response to RaysnCayne

The story here: My 1968 Impala SC

1968 Impala Sports Coupe
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Save a Classic - Crush an Import
[url= [/url]

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68 Bel-Air 
Forum Newbie
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68 Bel-Air
Loc: N.Las Vegas, NV
Reg: 06-12-07
10-13-09 08:32 PM - Post#1787960    
    In response to wheelman

It's an Ivy Gold Bel-Air with 54,000 original miles. I lowered it 2", removed the 307/PG and dropped a 454 (which I'm not happy with)/700R, 373 limited-slip 12 bolt, B. F. Goodrich 245/60R15 white lettered tires on 15X7 steel color keyed rims w/ factory dog dish hub caps all around. Close ratio steering box. 4-wheel disc brakes w/a chrome electric master cylinder, heavy duty springs, Hotchkis upper/lower trailing arms and swaybars (front and rear). Hooker Headers w/Flowmasters, 2-1/4" full exhaust out the corners.

The interior is all stock and original (Ivy Gold), except for a tach on the column and some gauges under the dash.

I found it on eBay approx. 3 1/2 years ago. Flew out to N.C. on a Thursday evening, liked what I saw, good price, drove it back home to Vegas by that Sunday night. Averaged 11 mpg.

The first time I watched "White Lightning", I thought that was a cool idea of a hi-performance engine in a 4-door. Something different, and who would suspect!
I only like the 4-door post roof lines of the fullsize '65-'70 Chevy, and '67-'72 F***.

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10-14-09 04:40 PM - Post#1788341    
    In response to Smokey


Here is my 67
I traded my 77 Z28 for it thinking I needed more room for the kids, that was 5 years ago, the car hasnt been out of the garage since.

04 Impala

Senior Member
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Reg: 09-15-04
10-15-09 08:12 AM - Post#1788631    
    In response to Smokey

Ok, ok... it's not a Chevy, more a hybrid as most know the Canadian Pontiac. Pontiac body. trim and dash, with a Caprice steering wheel, door panels. Chevrolet wiper configuration, pure Chev chassis and drivetrain. Purists might not like it, but the'd have to agree, it's unique.

But I think it's a cool piece of Canadiana with a history...

It's a '67 Grande Parisienne 4dr HT sharing the same front and back treatment as the USA 2 Dr GP. Built early June 1967 in Oshawa Ontario, delivered a week later to the USSR embassy in Ottawa directly through GM Canada diplomatic sales. No dealership involved as the Russians obviously wanted no tampering. Kept by the embassy for one year. Sold in Aug '68 with 10007 miles on the clock to the next owner who kept it till 2006. No winters since '70. At the time of his passing in '06, his daughter inherited it and sold it in '08 to the fourth owner who I bought it from just two weeks ago with 56500 miles showing.

12 bolt
2100 of this model made.
Added the Rally's

Cheers, Mark.

1967 Grande Parisienne 4DR HT
My Flickr page

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Loc: Qc, next to Maine Border
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10-16-09 05:00 AM - Post#1789100    
    In response to 69CHEVYCAPRICE

Well, here is my 70 Caprice. That car was near my home since I don't remember. When I discover old car passion, it was my dream car. I often visit the owner at 10 or 12 to know if it was for sale. At 20, it was for sale, so it was my time to own it(I'm the 5th owner)! After few weeks, I understood what was a clean car and a 20 footer car... Car had a severe accident in the 80's, then it was restored but poorly. So it's a daily driver but I put a 454 in it to enjoy it more! Car looks to be black but it's a dark green non stock color.

The other one is my first restoration project. A kind of rare(3458 units build) and canadian only model. A 70 Bel Air Sport Coupe. I saw it for sale on internet then see it once and bought it(2002) from the 2nd owner who just bought it 2 months ago from the original owner. It was parked since 1980. Car had been oiled every year so it was not rusted all over like up north cars. 350 2 bbl with TH350, map mirror light, courtesy lights, HD suspension(not F41). All matching numbers with documentation. I found the build sheet but it is not readable since it was spoiled with oil... I restored it stock original with all my knowledge and much help from CT. Thanks guys!

Attachment: Caprice_small_Me.JPG (95.28 KB) 302 View(s)

Attachment: Paint_Final.JPG (79.73 KB) 300 View(s)

Mathieu Bélanger
Québec, Canada
1970 Bel Air HT 2 doors 350 Sport Coupe(frame off resto)
1970 Caprice HT 2 doors 454
2008 Nissan Quest SE

Senior Member
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10-16-09 07:10 AM - Post#1789164    
    In response to Smokey

1969 BelAir 327 powerglide, Working ice-cold R-12 A/C - P/S - AM radio, bubbly clear plastic fitted seat covers since new. Yupp, she's green. Lots and lots of green...

57,000 actual miles original paint. Indiana car, purchased new by my grandfather's cousin, garaged it's entire life. Rolling on black-wall Michelins.

Check out the trunk floor.. Unheard of in these parts of the country.

Jim in Indiana

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10-17-09 09:18 PM - Post#1790180    
    In response to hosscartright

This is my 67 Impala that I bought of a 92 y/o woman for $2500, the interior is all original, being a Northeast car it had some rust on the qtrs and front lower fenders. Spent all summer replaced the sheetmetal, stripped the paint, complete re-paint the original Ermine White except basecoat clearcoat . 15x8 Rallyes shot metallic silver with clear, and radial T/A's. Ran a new dual exhaust with turbo mufflers of the original 283 which was just cleaned up. I love the looks I get in this car.

American Autowire "Site Sponsor"
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10-17-09 11:08 PM - Post#1790205    
    In response to cheeseman252

Here are my '68 and '69 SS427 cars. The '68 is a national prize winning restored car that was last shown at the NIA convention this past August held in Charlotte, NC. The '69 is my current project and is presently apart. The body is back on the frame and the engine and trans are built and on a stand ready to be mated to the chassis as well.


Attachment: 69ss427LFsideview.jpg (122.21 KB) 327 View(s)

Attachment: 68ss427RHview.jpg (322.29 KB) 333 View(s)

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10-23-09 11:30 AM - Post#1793131    
    In response to uk ss

Our 2 68's and a 68 396 car we sold to a friend a few years ago.

The Caprice back when I was just kicking tires! 1981

68 427 Caprice, Black/Ivy
68 SS427 Convertible 4speed Black/White
Thinking of adding a 68 wagon to list...

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Loc: Folsom Ca
Reg: 02-16-07
10-28-09 10:59 AM - Post#1795696    
    In response to JimB

Here is my 67 impala. i have had it for about 3 years. So far i have done a complete mechanical rebuild with a mild 350 and TH350 with shift kit. Also did complete front end rebuild and added 1 1/4" front sway bar and 1" rear. next plans are to work on some rust issues around window frames. For kicks i am also adding a photo of my 72 Skylark that I working with my son on.

Senior Member
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10-28-09 02:57 PM - Post#1795776    
    In response to steeler_fan

My 70, 454 loaded

Empty_Tank -
67 El Camino
68 Datsun 1600 roadster - (soon to be a hot rod)
69 Corvette Coupe
70 Impala Convertible

Frequent Contributor
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10-30-09 03:06 PM - Post#1797030    
    In response to 1968 Caprice 396

Those are some nice ars so far. Keep them comming. Mine is not quite finished and many of you have seen pitures of my progress. I thought I would add a few to share.
This project was basically a field car. I think it had been sitting since 1979 when I got it a few years ago. I thought it was a unique combination of colors and options. It was very complete, unmolested but rough. It is in the middle of a complete frame off. There are a few more parts to assemble.
Soon it will be back to its original state. Factory triple black 1967 SS, 327 TH400, PW, Tilt, gages, 8 track.

Original State 0587024...
Chassis Retored 0594500...
Body back on 0587069...
Current state 0586986... 0594414...

1964 Impala SS 327/300 since '76
1967 Impala SS 327 Triple Black Hardtop in the works
1967 Impala 327 Bench Seat 4-speed

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12-06-09 06:51 PM - Post#1819093    
    In response to Lawdispatcher

I love traveling in my big country, do'n 80 mph on tall tires and gears, given guys a thrill when those hide-a-ways come up quick, in their rear view mirror......They all move it on over and give a wave and a smile, and I blast by all to the tune of Booker T and the MG's...Green Onions....

Dig It

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12-07-09 12:27 AM - Post#1819228    
    In response to Smokey

I've had this car for nine years now; got it in high school locally when I was 16. After finishing college I have started working on it and recently completed a cross country trip (made it!). The pic is from Tioga pass (Hwy 120 facing east) as I'm entering Yosemite NP. Nothing like cruising these babies at 75 on the interstate for days on end! This car/trip has inspired me to want to get a career restoring classic cars.

'68 Impala Sport Coupe RPO L30/M20

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01-04-10 03:49 PM - Post#1835999    
    In response to 427SS65

Hi !
Here's my '68.....

Impala Wagon '67
Caprice Coupé '70
Lincoln Capri '55
Plymouth Two Door Business Sedan '38
Volvo Amazon Wagon '66 and '68
Opel Rekord Coupé '62
..and more..
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01-13-10 11:15 AM - Post#1841627    
    In response to 427Parisienne

Here's my '68 (figured it was about time I shared a pic). Bought her in the fall, after having lusted for about 9 years. Previous owner purchased from the original owner, who had barely driven and kept in the garage, so she's really only been outdoors for the last 10 years. She's parked outside still, and no work done yet, but that's the plan for this spring and summer. Got a few rust spots to take care of, and interior needs some work (especially the carpets), but otherwise I'd say she's doing real good. Can't wait for the rain to go away (thankfully no snow this winter, Olympics be damned, lol), so I can give a proper buff and shine to her.

couple more pics at e...

A few pics of my '68 Impala and me

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02-16-10 05:54 PM - Post#1864098    
    In response to Headrage

There are some really nice looking cars posted on this thread! I can't post pics on here but, here is a link to pics of my two 69's, my 68, and my 68 Nova SS.

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03-22-10 07:05 AM - Post#1884526    
    In response to Smokey

Please remember,
We want to see our members 67-70 Full Size Chevrolet's pic's and their story about it and maybe their story about how they acquired it But please no return comment posts.
Thanks for your understanding on this.

'67 427 Chevy C-10
'79 454 surburban
'89 454 1 ton dually
'03 V-Star 1100

In Memory of CT's Mike McVeigh and Ron Schrapp (aka rons56)

Top Fuel 
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03-23-10 03:17 PM - Post#1885489    
    In response to Smokey

Ok, here's my 67 Biscayne

I've had it for 27 years and it started life as a 6 cyl., Powerglide car. It has manual steering and brakes and the next step is to convert to a manual trans. It's powered by a 433 big block with a solid roller, Aluminum heads, and topped by a TBS 10-71 blower with BG Gold Claw 975 cfm blower carbs. A Turbo 400 with 10" converter and a 12 bolt with 3.73's round out the package. She has undergone a frame off resto and the only thing left, is the interior. Which I hope to have finished this year.

ASE Master Machinist & Engine Builder
1967 Biscayne - 433 BBC w/ a TBS 10-71 blower, Turbo 400, 12 bolt w/3.73's. 3 1/2" Dynomax Exhaust
1998 Z28 Camaro Vert.- LS1, A4, 2.73 gears. All stock except for Bilstein shocks.

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04-01-10 10:33 AM - Post#1890870    
    In response to Top Fuel

pics of my 68 sport coupe. I had it since '96 its my first project that I kept and worked on. My buddy has a '62 that got me into the fullsize cars. Its sure is hard to beat the ride or room in them.

my favorite pic

first paint job in '97 m...
launching at MAR

how she sits now

the current power

pinstripe covering the trim holes

I wa going to have the trim airbrused on after paint but have decided to have the flames done instead. they will be the same pattern and close to same size.

not such a newbie....used to be imp68.

'68 Impala
"02 Cavalier

Forum Newbie
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Loc: Denmark, Europe
Reg: 06-15-09
04-11-10 07:26 AM - Post#1896624    
    In response to cuzr68

Pic#1&2: Found the Impala on eBay May 2008 sittin' a bit outside LA, CA.

Pic#3: Bought it and had it shipped from LA (via Houston, TX) to Denmark, Europe. It arrived here July/August 2008.

Pic#4&5: Due to some damages from careless shipping, it just sat in my garage until summer 2009. By Oct 2009 it went clean through inspektion with new springs, shocks, bushings, brakeparts and a new custommade trailer/camper-hitch.

The last snow disappeared here some weeks ago and I'm now waitin' for a go-ahead from the import-tax-office to get the Impala proper registered for the road. Meanwhile I'm workin' on the exhaust and ignition plus a few other details. It also needs a good polish/cleaning and some decent wheels/tyres.

More to come .... I guess ....

Attachment: ebay08.JPG (32.99 KB) 223 View(s)

Attachment: ebay_b08.JPG (31.14 KB) 222 View(s)

Attachment: aug08.JPG (208.48 KB) 218 View(s)

Attachment: okt09_b.JPG (172.58 KB) 220 View(s)

Attachment: okt09.JPG (196.69 KB) 205 View(s)

Stig B. Jensen, Denmark.

69 Impala Custom Coupe, sbc 327 4-bbl, PG
34 Dodge Brothers Six
64 Skylark Coupe, sbb 350 4bbl, TH350 (frame-off resto').
69 Electra Sedan, bbb 430 4bbl, TH400 (longterm project).

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Loc: South Florida
Reg: 01-09-10
07-12-10 12:59 PM - Post#1944280    
    In response to Hombremosca

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Reg: 02-08-05
05-16-11 11:36 PM - Post#2091132    
    In response to Smokey

Hi !
Here's some pictures of my new ride ! It's a 1970 Caprice that what imported to Sweden two years ago. The car was sold new at Jim Vetsch Inc. in Carrington, ND, to a mr. Pete Kostelecky.

Impala Wagon '67
Caprice Coupé '70
Lincoln Capri '55
Plymouth Two Door Business Sedan '38
Volvo Amazon Wagon '66 and '68
Opel Rekord Coupé '62
..and more..
------------------------- -------------

"2nd Year" Silver Supporting Member
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08-12-11 12:23 PM - Post#2124911    
    In response to BIGIRON

She is a 1967 Imapala that I have owned for the past 13 years.

When I bought her highschool she had a 307/PG with 3.36 gears. Over the past 4 years I've rebuilt the drivetrain, suspension and brakes to make her safer, but quicker.

Thankfully my wife has become attached to her as well, so working on her is a much easier sell.

Thanks, Tom.


'67 Impala
467ci, Trickflow 280cc 11:1
TH400, 2800 Stall, 3.42 gears
Lunati 231/239 .600 lift
Holley HP EFI

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09-07-11 02:47 PM - Post#2134873    
    In response to Smokey

Here is my 68 Impala Custom. One picture will show the rare fin option I had to add to be with some big fin Chrysler buddies and one with a buddies 60 convertable that is pretty sweet. My car , Butters, is going in mext month for a little bit of a make over to get it back up to where it deserves to be. Great site, getting lots of help on some hard to find answers. ...

Frequent Contributor
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09-19-11 10:58 AM - Post#2138669    
    In response to Smokey

My Grandfather bought this 1968 Impala SS in 1972 here in Indiana. The car came from California and was traded in to a local car dealer in Bloomington. It has been garage kept ever since. It is all original from the paint to the interior to the 396. It has a few options. Air, tilt, pw, ps, pb, remote mirror, shoulder belts, tinted windows and 12 bolt rearend. Probably more options? It is alot of fun to drive.

1955 Belair 2dr
1955 Belair 4dr (parts car)
1957 Belair 2dr
1964 Impala SS
1966 Chevrolet Truck
1968 Chevrolet Truck
1968 Impala SS 396 (Survivor)


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