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Username Post: upper control arm bumper installation        (Topic#105904)
doobie's taxiola 
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doobie's taxiola
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07-05-05 03:00 AM - Post#733347    

Yea, sounds like a stupid question. The old ones came right out. I'm in the garage sweating my you know whats off trying to get the new ones installed. I tried a little grease and I'm pushing and turning as hard as I can. I tried cocking the rubber nipple to get one side of the lip under the metal and then twisting, but it just won't go. Am I on the right track and perseverence (spelling?) will overcome?

Any pointers???


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Re: upper control arm bumper installation
07-05-05 03:43 AM - Post#733348    
    In response to doobie's taxiola

Perseverence is good. I hope we're not graded on spelling. I have found that if you use a small blunt screwdriver or something simular to get between the bumper and frame and push in on the nipple on one side to get it started in the hole and then twist it to try to screw it in the rest of the way.

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Re: upper control arm bumper installation
07-05-05 05:26 AM - Post#733349    
    In response to acardon

I install mine the same way. A very small flat blade screw driver works wonders.

Get one side of the bumper started, then ease the rest of it in the hole until you get it installed.

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Re: upper control arm bumper installation
07-05-05 06:39 AM - Post#733350    
    In response to doobie's taxiola

Any pointers??

Well - I am going to share with you a trick that an old GM engineer taught me 30+ years ago......

Car is sitting at curb height. Take the bumper spray a small amount of silicone spray.

Align the bumper with the hole - and JACK UP THE CAR by the frame.

The upper A arm is the single best tool to install the bumper and it takes less than 30 seconds to get it done.
No cut fingers - no damaged bumper......

doobie's taxiola 
Senior Member
Posts: 1471
doobie's taxiola
Loc: New Jersey shore
Reg: 02-27-03
Re: upper control arm bumper installation
07-05-05 04:00 PM - Post#733351    
    In response to doobie's taxiola

Thanks everyone for your help. I am almost embarrased that I asked such a question. After doing a few other things to the car I went back and tried the silicone and small screwdriver method and it worked, coupled with a few grunts and choice words.

The other bumper went right in w/o a problem. I noticed the nipples on the two upper bumpers were different. I guess my supplier sent me bumpers from two different manufacturers.

Ollie, I couldn't try your suggestion because I have the front end all apart. Man, I hope I can get it all back together.

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05-21-19 12:42 PM - Post#2766869    
    In response to doobie's taxiola

I know that this is a very old post but I am rebuilding the front suspension on my 1960 chevy Impala and before putting the upper control arms back in I wanted to install the rubber bumpers and did the usual things, soap, silicon, c-clamp, hammer, busted knuckles and now those purple places on the back of my hands. I got one on finally but the other one is the one giving me fits. Gave up and googled it and this among others came up and checked this one first. Went back and did the screwdriver thing and couldn’t make it go that way either and in the process the screwdriver cut the lip on one side so I tried using that part as a thread. I used the screwdriver to push that part down into the hole and while pushing down on the bumper I just screwed it in. Thank you, CT, for a great forum. My 2cents worth. Lamar


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