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Username Post: A T K        (Topic#357333)
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07-22-19 11:59 AM - Post#2771314    

Picked up a reman engine from our local national parts dealer. It was an A T K reman engine. installed the engine but the starter would not bolt up to it. Looked good and hard at it and there was something wrong with one of the bolt holes. Looked like it was drilled and tapped wrong. Also the block looked like it came from the bottom of the ocean. The starter pad was badly corroded and the block had heavy rust scale on it. Store rep said pull it out its covered. So we pull it out and install a replacement from A T K. Immediately upon startup there was a rod knock. It was louder than the 1st engine that we replaced that had a rod knock. A T K says pull it out so we replace it with another A T K reman. A bit later we find out that there will be a 4-6 month waiting period for filed claims and that warranty issues must be dealt with on our own. That drew a huge red flag telling me we are screwed to the wall on this. We gathered no evidence as we were told by reps to just pull it out. Fast forward months later. All claims denied. And the latest engine in the vehicle has seized with less than 500 miles on it. I will never buy an A T K product again.

Mel Foye 
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Mel Foye
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07-22-19 04:35 PM - Post#2771333    
    In response to bobb

That just sucks!! Three fails looks like big problems with rebuilder.
ATK would love being tied to a national parts place so I would expect they could leverage ATK.
I would give the local national store short time to come to your assistance and then unload on both of them on the internet with the facts.

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Ray P W 
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07-23-19 06:23 PM - Post#2771404    
    In response to Mel Foye


I'm just a humble geologist, not a lawyer, but I do have nearly 75 years of life experience. Based on that I'm wondering if you bought that engine from an established auto parts retailer. If so the retailer should take care of you.

In my experience unethical retailers often say "That's a manufacturer problem. You have to take it up with the manufacturer". That's been tried on me many times and I've never let a retailer get away with it, saying in response "If I had access to the manufacturer I would have bought directly from them. I don't have access to the manufacturer so I bought from you. This is your problem and I expect you to solve it."

I also tell them that if the problem isn't solved immediately I will contact my credit card company and the credit card company will back charge the retailer. Credit card companies do that even if a lot of time has elapsed. The credit card companies do require receipts and a detailed statement of facts, but the retail customer is given the benefit of any doubt. The retailer is given time to respond and then the credit card company takes action.

I have heard other stories like this about "crate" engines. I would only use one of those if it were given to me for free. And before using it I would totally disassemble it and inspect every part.

The reviews of ATK engines are downright scary: mer...

Because assembling engines is such a simple task because of the abundance of great "how to" information I simply don't get why anyone would want a "mystery" engine. To me the preferred option is buying a rebuildable core, buying the parts you will need based on your budget and intended use, using a well recommended machine shop for block and rotating assembly preparation and assembling all the pieces yourself. Even if you've never done it before you'll take the time to do the job properly and you will return any part that is defective or out of specification.

The Gen 1 sbc engine in my roadster shown in this Chevytalk thread

is one I rebuilt from a core my local Chevy dealer had sitting on a pallet awaiting pick up by his rebuilding service. His core charge is $100 and he sold it to me for that amount. He even let me disassemble it before buying it to check its condition. It turned out to be a 1978 350 4-bolt truck engine still on the standard bore and the crankshaft was in pristine condition with every journal in factory spec! A great starting point for an engine build.

You list your residence as "Paradise". Is that the Paradise near Chico, California?

Ray W

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Frequent Contributor
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Reg: 11-11-15
07-28-19 06:41 AM - Post#2771797    
    In response to Ray P W

Small claims court against the retailer is another option, had to do this here in NYS. You need all the documentation and possibly an expert witness.

Andy J 
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Loc: east central Mississippi
Reg: 10-29-15
07-30-19 07:28 PM - Post#2772040    
    In response to bobb

bobb,you've got me started!Friday,7/26/19,I talked to ATK/Spartan Engines for the last time.I dove off into automotive hell with them 5/11/18 when I bought a reman engine for my car.

I'll make it as short as possible.Installed the engine myself,had a dead miss in one cylinder from the get go.The car had been sitting up 4 1/2 years,so I thought the injectors might be a little gummed up,maybe running it with some Lucas injector cleaner might help it clear up.No dice!

I took it to a very reputable shop for diagnostics,$400 later it was discovered one cylinder was down on compression,leak-down tests proved head and valves OK.No help financially from ATK.

My mechanic and I talked to them a couple of months trying to get another engine.ATK wanted me to pull the heads at my expense and send them to them.The mechanic assured them the heads were good and after nearly 10 months,they agreed to send another engine.

Since I didn't have access to the borrowed shop again,I paid $1600 to have the new engine installed.Thankfully,it was good and it runs like a top.

I talked to ATK concerning the labor warranty and they said they would have to get the engine back,tear it down,and determine what was wrong with it before I would get reimbursed for some of the labor.

Fast forward to 7/26/19,they told me they didn't find anything wrong with the engine except excessive carbon build-up in the dead cylinder.I'm not an engine genius,but I told the man excessive carbon would cause higher compression,not lower.The engine had 6k miles,at most.He said GM has problems with fuel injection problems in the past,and that I should use a better grade of fuel from now on.He said,"man,you're getting a free engine."Itold him I had to pay for that one because the first one wasn't worth a s&#%.

So,I don't qualify for any labor reimbursement.ATK's warranty is if your engine is good,you don't need it.If it's bad you are SOL.

Read the customer reviews on the internet.I'll never deal with this sorry censored company again and I suggest to all don't you do it either.

Andy J 
Posts: 29

Age: 67
Loc: east central Mississippi
Reg: 10-29-15
07-30-19 07:33 PM - Post#2772041    
    In response to Andy J

I forgot to mention,that crappy engine I first got cost me a catalytic converter,too.

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