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Master Class.

Normal Search Tips:

* Entering a single keyword will search for that word.

* Entering 2 or more words will search for each word, as if there were an OR operator. So entering peanut butter will search for posts containing peanut OR butter. Posts WILL NOT necessarily contain both words.

Boolean Search Tips:

* Entering 2 or more words WITH PLUS SIGNS will search with an AND operator on each word. So entering +peanut +butter will search for posts that contain peanut AND butter but they do NOT have to be together.

* Entering 2 or more words with A MINUS SIGN will exclue words from the search. So entering +peanut -butter will search for posts which have the word peanut in them and DO NOT have the word butter.

* Entering 2 or more words IN QUOTE MARKS will search for the phrase. So entering "peanut butter" will search for posts that contain the PHRASE peanut butter and will not return the post if it contains only one of the words. Words searched in quotes must appear together.

* The asterisk * is a wildcard. Searching for apple* would return posts containing apple, apples, applesauce or applet.
* Entering "peanut butter" +jelly -dance would return posts containing the PHRASE peanut butter and containing the word jelly but NOT containing the word dance.

* Using < and > control a words relevance value that is assigned to each result. The > operator increases the relevance and the < decreases it.

* Parentheses ( ) are used to group words into subexpressions. Parenthesized groups can be nested.

* A leading tilde ~ acts as a negation operator, causing the word's contribution to the row relevance to be negative. It's useful for marking noise words, meaning posts which contain a word would be lower than the others in relevance but wouldn't be excluded from the search as it would if you had used the minus sign.

* You can mix and match search operators. For example:
o Entering "peanut butter" -jelly would return all posts containing the PHRASE peanut butter and NOT containing the word jelly.
o Entering +peanut butter would return all posts containing the word peanut but would rank the result higher if the post also contained the word butter.
o Entering +apple +(>turnover <strudel) would find posts that contain the words apple and turnover or apple and strudel (in any order), but rank apple turnover higher than apple strudel
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