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Username Post: Good F-body stuff (Thanks to 77chevy)
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Disable DRL:

A few sites that give good instructions to disable the DRLs and Auto Headlights. has a wealth of information for Camaro and Firebird owners. Disable information is available at leres' page, bpador's page, F-Body FAQ (about 3/4 down the page)

Camaro and Firebird. DRL control module, a cigarette pack sized black box behind the radio. Pop off front panel over radio and heater ducts, 4 clips. The DRL module is clipped to the HVAC duct. The connectors you'll be working with are not hot but some of those leads behind the dash ARE hot, its best to disconnect the battery negative terminal to be sure. The blue connector on the DRL module has eight cavities, but only seven of them are used. Cavity B is empty. I discovered that if that terminal is grounded, your DRLs are disabled. The black wire in cavity A is a ground, so I took the DRL module apart (easy to do, the cover just slips off) and solder-jumpered the A and B terminals on the PCB. This leaves you with no DRLs, your power hatch and handbrake light still works, and it all looks factory. Easy to undo if you want. A switch can be connected in this A to B lead for DRLs as an option. You are jumping a ground, not a hot wire.

Remove the MAF Screen:

If you are driving a stock intake car this mod will not do much for you. But, a ported MAF allows for greater air flow.

Trans and Gears:

If you have a 6 speed transmission you have a 3.42 rear end, With the 4.10s, your gas mileage is only changed by 1 MPG on the highway and around town it's the same. Auto's Due to the gearing in the transmission, a 3.73 rear ratio is about as short a gear as most will want.
1st gear = 3.06
2nd gear = 1.62
3rd gear = 1.0
4th gear = 0.7
1st gear = 2.66
2nd gear = 1.78
3rd gear = 1.30
4th gear = 1.00
5th gear = 0.74
6th gear = 0.50

Free Skip Shift elimination:

To prevent a PCM code, a 2.2K ohm ½ watt resistor is placed in the end of the wiring harness after it is unplugged from the CAGS solenoid.

LS1 Firing order:


How to Reset the LS1 ECM:

1. Turn key on but don't start car.
2. Pull PCM BAT and PCM IGN fuses in engine compartment.
3. Wait a few minutes.
4. Turn ignition off.
5. Replace fuses.
It will take the car a while to relearn the fuel and timing curves

LS1 or LS6 block in 2002:

About 10-15% of all 01 f-bodys and 25% of 02's have the ls6 block. this was due to overproduction.

to tell you need a mirror and flashlight. look at the drivers side back of the left hand deck above
the transmission flange. should read 12561168. if you cant read the number the only other way to
tell is by the luster.. the ls6 has a duller appearance.

The easiest way to tell is to look under the throttle body on the top of the block, look for the quarter sized "pedestal", and if its flat and dosen't look like a bullseye, its a LS6 block.

Lowering a lil bit:

If you only want to lower the car 1/2" your only option for springs is stock or 1LE, use Koni SA's in front and the lower spring perch and removing the rear spring isolators. This will drop the car about 3/4", all the other lowering springs will drop at least 1" and most are 1.25"-1.5".
for autox try:
0 toe, -0.8* camber +4.5* caster

CD numbers:

.32 cd on the Firebird/TA
Displacement: 350 cubic inches, 5733 cubic centimeters, 5.7 liters
Main Bearings: 2-Bolt Centers and Ends
Stroke: 3.48"
Bore: 4.00"
Compression Ratio: 10.4:1
Redline: 5700 Rotations Per Minute

Piston Material: (10159437) Eutectic Aluminum/Silicon Alloy
Connecting Rod Material: (10108688) Powdered Metal
Crankshaft Material: (12556307) Cast Iron

Top End and Valvetrain
Cylinder Heads: (10168448) Cast Aluminum, 2 per cylinder, 212 CFM flow
Valve Diameter:1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust
Camshaft Specs (12551705): 205/207 duration @ 50*, .447/.459" lift, 117 Lobe Seperation Angel
Rocker Arms: (10089648) 1.5:1 Stamped Steel (LT4 1.6:1)
Timing Chain: (10128485) Powdered metal butt link

Intake and Fuel Delivery
Fuel Delivery: Electronic Fuel Injection, sequential port
Injector Size: (17124248) 3.0gps, 24lbs/hr
Throttle Body: 48 millimeter twin butterfly
Intake Manifold: (12552137) Aluminum

Factory Power Ratings
93-95 LT1 F-Body: 275bhp, 325lb-ft
96-97 LT1 F-Body: 285bhp, 325lb-ft
96-97 WS6/SS: 305bhp, 335lb-ft
93-97 Firehawks: 315bhp, 340lb-ft
100 1997 SS Camaros built by SLP that came with the LT4

There are two different designs of Optispark also known as distributors availible. One is the first design without the vent P/N 10457702. This design fits 92-94 Corvette and 93-94 Camaro and Firebird. The other is the second design for later model vehicles P/N 1104032 and has provisions for a vacuum line that runs from the intake manifold to the Optispark. This model fits 94-96 fullsize passenger cars and 95 and later Corvette, Camaro and Firebird.
In short Optispark P/N:
1993-1994 P/N 10457702
1995-1997 P/N 1104032

LT1/LT4 heads are reverse cooled. Gen 1 motors (the classic Chevy smallblock) are not compatible with the heads. Cam lobes may use the same specs but LT1/LT4 use the cam to drive the water pump & distributor - gen 1 smallblocks don't.

LT4 will bolt up to the LT1 heads with some simple milling of the manifold, but it's not worth it. The LT4 manifold was designed to work with the raised intake runners of the LT4 heads.

The LT4 is basically to the LT1 what the LS6 is to the LS1. Heads, cam, intake manifold are different. The LT4 is much more expensive, I think you'd be better off just staying with an LT1 and modifying heads or stroking it for the money instead of LT4 conversion.

Swapping a V6 to V8 You'll need motor, trans, engine harness, console should be fine, exhaust, and a rear end (you wont want the open diff), It'd be cheaper to sell the six and buy a V8.

Tech Articles on LT1

Rebuilding the Chevrolet LT1 Engine

V6 link
'67 427 Chevy C-10
'79 454 surburban
'89 454 1 ton dually
'03 V-Star 1100

In Memory of CT's Mike McVeigh and Ron Schrapp (aka rons56)

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