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Username Post: 78 impala 305 stalls
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06-28-21 02:28 PM - Post#2822269    


I have a 78 impala with a 305 and a factory 2 barrel on it. It runs rich and stalls out sometimes on turns and when coming to a stop. I have replaced the carb with a reman'd one but still no change. I am going to exchange the carb for another one because i think this one sucks too. The spark plugs look like it's running rich, same as before. Another odd problem is I can't read the timing with a timing light. It's too far off or at least appears to be. The car runs ok except for the stalling so how could timing be that far off? Compression is 150PSI, vacuum at idle is 14inHg. No vacuum leaks found with a smoke machine. Fuel pressure is somewhere between 7 to 9 PSI.I tried using a fuel pressure regulator to get fuel pressure down some but that didn't change anything. Could it be the distributor?
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07-11-21 02:39 PM - Post#2823077    

Not sure if your motor is stock, but those early 305`s were notorious for soft cams that wore quickly. Are you getting any backfires upon acceleration?

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07-25-21 09:21 AM - Post#2823864    

fuel pressure is too high
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08-05-21 01:50 PM - Post#2824568    

High fuel pressure makes sense, but I can't imagine a mechanical pump making too much pressure since it delivers the same pressure all the time, just variable volume.

Check needle and seat. If that is not assembled correctly, it will never close and you'll pour fuel in the engine big time.

Those carburetors (Dualjet) are pretty easy, basically a Quadrajet with the primary side only.

Are your idle mixture screws adjusted correctly?

If they have been run in hard and the body is scored, you can get too much fuel past the tapered ends, too.
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