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Username Post: 350TBI LO5 knock
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11-14-20 02:33 PM - Post#2807710    

Take a seat this is gonna be a long one. Back in June I bought a 1992 Buick roadmaster wagon that needed it’s 700r4 rebuilt. I was told it has 200,000km on it and the cluster which reads 300,000 was swapped out of a different car. So I’m not really sure the mileage on it. Anyway, the oil was pretty black when I bought it so I changed the oil to 5w30 conventional with a fram filter. Oil pressure was good. 50 pounds on startup idle and about 25 when warm. It had been warm basically every day so I always had the windows down and music playing. One day it was raining maybe a month and a half after I bought it, and I had the windows up. I noticed that about 1500 to 1550 there was a knocking sound. Louder when the car was cold and more quiet as the car warmed up. NOTE THAT IT ONLY HAPPENS IN DRIVE, NOT IN PARK IF I REV IT. And if you get up to around 1600rpm the noise went away. I thought that it was probably timing related because my four cylinder mustang sounded the same until I reset the timing, so I just drove like that for another couple months because the hold down bolt wouldn’t move. Maybe two weeks ago I checked the timing and saw it was set to 0 degrees. That’s when I became a little concerned. I was able to get the hold down loose and adjusted the timing to 4 degrees atdc. That did not help or change anything. I was thinking piston slap but I’m not sure sure as it’s still there a bit when the car is warm. The car runs really well and seems strong. Burns no oil.

Any suggestions are appreciated
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