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Username Post: V8 Vega Hates me
Faulty Logic
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07-30-20 03:40 PM - Post#2799947    

Greetings all,my Vega stalls when I put it in gear?Stock motor,trans,convertor,vac uum advance is working.NEVER had trouble like this before.Anybody know whats wrong here?Thanks
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08-02-20 09:03 AM - Post#2800140    

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Faulty Logic
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09-03-20 01:50 PM - Post#2802666    

Hello,yes I put in a V8 350 engine and 350 Turbo.When I start the car it runs fine.When I put the car in ANY gear WITH MY FOOT OFF THE BRAKE the wheels turn in both directions (REVERSE-DRIVE).As soon as I hit the brake,it stalls.Ive been told that maybe the trans is damaged internally and Drive and Reverse gears are Locked at the same time causing the problem.How could the trans function in BOTH DRIVE and REVERSE if that was the problem?Ever seen this problem before?What do you think?Thanks
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10-03-20 05:27 PM - Post#2804764    

Are you saying that with the rear wheels raised and the car in gear one wheel rotates forward and one rotates backward? If you don’t have a positraction rear, that is normal. As far as the stalling goes, you could have an internal leak in the brake booster. Try disconnecting and plugging the line going to the booster, start the car and apply the brakes and see if it still stalls. It would actually be best to plug the fitting in the manifold for the power brakes as the leak could be in the hose. But either way, the vacuum draw will not be increased by applying the brakes, so the engine shouldn’t stall from doing that.
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12-31-20 10:33 AM - Post#2811065    

There's actually a way to have an automatic transmission in both a forward AND reverse gear at the same time; it's called a trans-brake used for drag racing. It's used to lock the car on the start line, bring the engine speed up against the torque converter, and when the trans-brake switch is released, it's in low gear and reverse is "dumped". And off you go. Almost like dumping the clutch in a manual trans car. But, I don't think that's your probably as you probably don't have a trans-brake. As far as your issue goes, my guess is carburation VS timing VS vacuum or vacuum leak. If you're not sure about your trans, drop the pan and look for metalic particles or bits. If it's a NEW trans, maybe the sprag was put in backwards?
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06-15-21 06:20 AM - Post#2821624    

Do you have a Turbo 350 with lock up convertor? If the circuitry failed, then braking can cause it to stall. I know this has happened with the later transmissions with lockup systems.
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