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Username Post: 1965 Panel Truck
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01-10-20 11:09 AM - Post#2784132    

I have a 65 Chevy c/10 panel truck. It has the stock 6 wheel lug set up. My question is can I use newer gm 6 lug wheels on my truck or not? I have drum brakes all around. Would like to use newer wheels with taller tires etc? Just converted the tranny to a 700r4.. Thanks in advance, Wayne
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01-12-20 05:47 AM - Post#2784232    

Wayne, I wonder too about wheels for my 63 c-10. I think I want to keep 15", measure bolt pattern at 6lug 5.5" centers. I think Toyota has same, will measure Toyota today. Need wheels what others will work??? Tom
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01-13-20 09:52 AM - Post#2784319    

The one thing with the newer wheels is the center hole. They are usually a bit smaller but they can be bored out a bit. Just need to measure.
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01-13-20 12:22 PM - Post#2784332    

Also generally the wrong backspacing. Modern GM trucks have a wider track and to go with that, the centerline of the wheel is much farther towards the outside of the hoop. This trend began with the 1988-1998 (GMT400) 4WD trucks, but is part of the design RWD or 4WD with the 1999-up (GMT800) generation.

They may sit too far inboard on your older model, including tire rubbing on frame during steering, wheel hoop rubbing on control arm/ball joint, etc. it may not be obvious if just test-fitting and turning steering lock to lock while not driving...

Of course, same-pattern bolt-on spacers might solve the issue if you really want to run the late model wheels. Would also eliminate any hub bore size issues, as well as center cap fitment issue due to front hub dust cap interference. Remember the modern trucks have unit wheel bearings with no protruding dust cap at the hub, so they often have very small center caps that are not compatible with older hubs.

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01-13-20 07:53 PM - Post#2784364    

I would like to follow this thread also.

I have a 1965 C10 with the 6x5.5 pattern. I would like to put chrome mags on the truck, but having one heck of a time finding anything to fit.
I was told the 6x139.7 would fit, but I asked two tire guys for their opinions: one said yes, one said no. Just like the one comment said, it all depends on the centre hub.

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