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Username Post: 87 350 sbc engine won't turn off
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10-04-19 11:52 AM - Post#2777083    

First time postee.
I recently bought an 87 rs 5.7 350 sbc with a lot of issues I plan on fixing. I'm new at fixing vehicles.

One of the big issues I have is the engine continues to run after the key has been removed from the ignition. I have to put it in gear and stall it in order to stop it. I have an 8500 quadrajet as well.

What should I do to fix this issue?
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10-04-19 12:32 PM - Post#2777084    

Welcome to CT. Is this preigntion run on or the ignition system is still live when the switch is in the off position ? Not enough info so far.
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10-04-19 02:29 PM - Post#2777087    

The ignition is placed in the off position and key removed.

It is still live in the off position.

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10-04-19 04:55 PM - Post#2777098    

Again, when off do you have 12v to the distributor?
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10-04-19 05:56 PM - Post#2777102    

not sure. How do i check. im very new to the mechanic aspect of vehicles
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10-05-19 03:27 AM - Post#2777110    

Test lite on the positive terminal of the distributor. You may need to recruit some help with this.
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10-14-19 12:59 AM - Post#2777837    

Please don't be offended, but I have to ask this because in my experience, a LOT of 3rd Gen F-Bodies usually have had a massive amount of hacking done to them, especially to the computer command control, ignition, cooling fans, you name it.

You posted that you have a 5.7L; the '87 RS was a California only thing and only came with a V6. We'll assume there's been more than basic mods in play here.

Let's start with this (as touched on by Shepard):

I'm going to assume your engine has a large cap HEI distributor...looks like this:

Locate the single, pink wire going into the side of the distributor cap (not the one shown in the image)

The pink wire in question is coming from the ignition switch.

The pink wire in question should have 12-volts with the key ON.

The pink wire should have 0-volts with the key OFF.

With the key OFF and the engine OFF, unplug the pink wire from the distributor. Using a volt meter or test light, probe the wire.

The meter/test light should show zero volts/light off.
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