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Username Post: Stumped on Troubleshooting A Powerglide
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07-20-19 05:20 PM - Post#2771167    

About three and a half years ago I did a rebuild on my Aluminum Powerglide. Replaced all the seals and gaskets and put everything back together the way I found it. I did not fill it back up with ATF though, I let it sit dry for about a year while I was doing work to the rest of the car. After I had my engine rebuilt, I filled the transmission with ATF and tried driving it. I put it into drive and gave it gas but the car wouldn't move at all. Even when I had the car up on jacks and was running the engine, I did not see the rear wheels turning. I let another 6-9 months go by without diagnosing what the problem was. I flushed out some of the ATF because it was slightly overfilled and had the valve body checked by a shop (they said it was working just fine). This time the wheels started turning while it was on jacks. So, I got it back on the ground and tried driving it but this time, the car would only roll forward in all gears unless I had my foot on the brake.

I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has had a similar experience or might know what else I could try so that I can get this thing driving again before I decide to just take it to a shop and have them rebuild it again. Hopefully I provided enough context but if something is unclear or if there is more information needed to better answer my question, please ask. It can sometimes be hard to include every little detail when typing these things out.

P.S. my reason for letting months go by before getting around to troubleshooting again is because I am out of the state most of the year for school. The only real time I get to work on it is when I go back for a couple weeks to a month at a time.
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07-20-19 07:22 PM - Post#2771179    

Can't say what is wrong with your transmission, but I can tell you what was wrong with mine, with similar problems. Mine had hard gaskets, and the lining on the clutch plates was coming off. Also, when it was take apart, the man doing it was extremely experienced, and he found that an important spring wave washer was missing. He had to do some machine work to add another clutch to make up the difference for the missing part.
You have no idea who or how often someone had their hands in that transmission in the past, and if they left out an important part, that can cause you big time problems. My original problem was poor shifting from the day that I purchased the car. While the engine was out for rebuilding, I felt that it was also the time to do the transmission.
It is possible that the parts that you installed, might have gone bad from just sitting and exposed to the atmosphere. I don't know enough about the transmission to give you an honest opinion. I trusted mine to a fellow that builds transmissions for racing, so I felt that he was the perfect person for the job.
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