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Username Post: Smog delete/air flow overhaul in a '77 Wagon questions
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08-28-16 01:55 PM - Post#2648258    

I just got my hands on a sweet 77 Caprice Wagon! I'm trying to get a parts list together to tidy things up a bit. Looking for any and all advice I can get.

Here is what I know: The cold air intake is rotted out, oil is leaking from the passenger valve cover, the exhaust pipe from the cat to the muffler is rusted bad, and, to my surprise, the car has plenty of power for me.

Before I got the car my plan was to do a big cam and head swap to get some power, but I just can't believe how this big ole car can move as is! So now my plan is to just take care of the simpler swaps on the top and bottom of the engine. What I have in mind is to remove the smog pump and everything it is attached to and put these parts in:

Air cleaner and Edelbrock 1406 Carb
New valve covers
Flowtech Headers
Flowmaster scavenger Y pipe
Flowmaster series 40 muffler

Am I on the right track? Those parts make sense? Should those headers fit? It seems like a set of full size headers sure would sit low under the car. My plan is to just keep things single and have a local exhaust shop fab up all the connections. Thanks in advance for any input.

Pics of new ride:

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09-22-16 02:29 PM - Post#2652711    

Assuming you have a Quadrajet 4 barrel carb; I'd leave everything on the engine box stock but, give it a sharp tuneup. If needed; rebuild your carb while you're in there.

Exhaust: headers don't do much unless you're going with a bigger cam, 2.02 heads, etc. If it were me, I'd leave the stock exhaust manifolds on there but install a highflow cat and muffler of your choice.
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11-28-20 09:42 AM - Post#2808843    

Back in the late 80s, I had a 1977 Caprice with the 350 4-bbl. I rebuilt the carb and gave it a good tune up. At 170 HP, it really ran great and had all the power that I needed.

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12-18-20 07:26 PM - Post#2810311    

Back around 80-84, my boss had a new Chevy PU and he complained about the lack of power. He had headers put on it and said that it made a big dif. I bet that truck lost the cat in the process.

That PU was a few years newer than yours and it was hit harder by smog stuff than point, that headers can make a big dif on something like your motor.

That said, I wouldn't put them on as they can be a pain on a daily driver...he had gasket problems. Cats on GM cars, of that vintage were very restrictive...a high flow cat would really help you out.

The only thing that I'd replace the Q.jet with is fuel injection (about 900 on Summitt, I Think, for a 2bbl set.up).

You need a cold.air intake. On my VW bus, w.a 20R in it, it made a difference of 4 mpg.
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