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Username Post: Tailgate bar removal?
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06-08-15 06:14 PM - Post#2553222    

I am ready to put my new tailgate bars on my Nomad and need to remove the old set that are currently on the car....Any hints for an easy (No Damage To The Paint)removal of the bars???
Nomad Jack
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Nomad Jack
06-09-15 06:04 AM - Post#2553306    

You will need to access the inside of the gate and release the retaining clips. This can be done by sliding a piece of tubing (I’ve heard guys use a deep socket) that just fits over the clip and will retract the locking barbs. Once that is done, the bar can be pulled away from the gate skin slightly, then move to the next clip and so on until the complete bar is removed. If memory serves, you want to work top to bottom with the clips, and sorry I do not remember what size tube or socket is used.
Hope you have small hands and long arms, it is not easy reaching all the clips.
Nomad Jack
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06-13-15 05:20 AM - Post#2554226    

Thanks Jack,
I will try this and let you know how it goes!
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06-14-15 02:11 PM - Post#2554535    

I went through the same thing. It is a 3/8" 12 point socket that worked best, but it is tough getting to all the clips. Since I was replacing my old ones I had to just break a few of the studs I couldn't reach to get them off...
T Roberts

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03-11-18 06:06 AM - Post#2727181    

Well, I finally got around to replacing the tailgate chrome on my 1957 Nomad....Thanks all for your suggestions..."Gotum-Off"(Had to break a few studs on the old ones, but the 3/8" 12pt. socket worked beautifully) "Gottum-On" (No Problem)

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03-12-18 03:55 AM - Post#2727278    

Thanks for the follow-up!
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