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10-03-08 05:00 PM - Post#1534775    

Updated: 05/31/2017

If you have suggestions on what you want to see in this, PLEASE feel free to reply to this post with your idea or simply send me a private topic. If you already have a link to a particular post in mind please include it. If not, don't be shy about making a suggestion anyway - I'll do the searches and try to pick a good example.

Registered members may post FREE personal for sale/want ads in the appropriate section. Commercial advertising in the forums by non-sponsors is NOT allowed under any circumstances and will be removed. The advertising section is located at the top of this forum listing, or simply click here for the 88-98 Fullsize Truck Classified Ad forum.

When clicking "Search" from the menu bar, you may want to go ahead to Advanced Search as you'll likely have better results. Then, be sure to click the icon next to "Mode" for tips on effective searching. The search tool works very well, but can be frustrating if you don't take a moment to learn about it. "Boolean" mode is powerful and allows very specific keyword searches; I recommend learning to use it! If the search you're doing is specific to these particular vehicles, scroll down the forum list in the box on the left and click the forum you want to search. More help with searching can be found in the Member Support Forum.

Important! Minimum search word size is 4 characters! If you're searching for something like a sensor name, you may need to try searching for the spelled-out name or partial name of the sensor, since 3 character sensor names like TPS, CTS, and the like will not register! Trouble codes may need to be searched by words that would be used in the same context. Whatever you use it must be at least 4 characters long.

Each line under a category is a clickable link to a post that may help with the subject described:

Trouble code listing and how to check on 1988-1995 OBD-I
Checking spark, checking fuel pressure - won't start, lack of power, etc.
EGR valve troubleshooting, Code 32, rough/lopey idle, etc.
Timing set/bypass wire locations on TBI pickup/SUV
Timing set/bypass wire location on a TBI van
Intake gasket replacement on TBI small block
Power mods (mostly mild) for TBI engines
Heater hose intake quick connect fitting - post 1 ... and post 2
Running rich, smoking black, poor MPG - testing CTS (coolant temperature sensor)
Distributor installation and timing set for Vortec engines
Fuel injector and pressure regulator replacement/upgrade for Vortec 7.4
Fuel injector upgrade for Vortec small block (SCPI to MFI upgrade)
Intake gasket failure, replacement on Vortec small block

4X4 actuators - thermal, electric, manual post 1 ... and post 2
Hard 1-2 shift on 4L60E, P1870 error code
Recommendations on basic 4L60E rebuild
Recommended upgrades for 4L60E rebuild
Automatic transmission identification by pan design, number of bolts, other info*
Corvette servo install – need suggestions on a good example link!
G80 Eaton Gov-Loc locking differential - tech service bulletin about NOT using posi additives

Power steering too sensitive or erratic - 1997-up models with EVO (speed sensitive) steering
Tilt steering column loose - how to tighten up 1988-1994 models*
Ignition switch tumbler replacement 1988-1994
Coil spring/spindle removal/installation without using coil spring compressor

Knocking/ticking sound from right side of dash - bad fresh air/recirculate actuator
Vent position controls do not work properly
Heater core replacement
Fan only works on "high" speed (blower motor resistor)
A/C control indicator arrows flashing 1988-1994
Cleaning A/C evaporator core to improve airflow

Cruise control troubleshooting and repair
Wiper motor problems easy fix - won't work, won't park, intermittent behavior
Aftermarket stereo installation 1988-1994
Interior disassembly for swapping out speakers 1988-1994
Recalibrating speedometer for 1988-1991 models

Water leak into passenger side floor when raining
Door hinge bushing and pin replacement - sagging doors, hard to open/close

Huge library of Diagnostic/Repair info (non-model-specific)*
Tire, windshield, brake hose DOT code Country of Origin info
Ultimate RPO code (option code) listing (Acrobat Reader required)*
Chart for decoding the VIN on your 1988-1998 truck
Show off your truck! (pictures of member's rides)

* Links with an asterisk redirect to sites outside of ChevyTalk. ChevyTalk is not responsible for any content on external sites.

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12-18-11 10:00 PM - Post#2170192    

OK gang, I did a revamp on the FAQ post in hopes of making it much cleaner and easier to read. No longer will you see the clutter of the link code, just the clickable link.

If anybody finds any errors or can suggest better possible posts to include in the links, please let me know! As always, any suggestions or contributions to the FAQ are very much appreciated. As you can see to date we have over 14,000 views of the FAQ in just over 3 years since I rebuilt it - that's a lot of people hopefully finding help faster thanks to the FAQ.

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04-30-13 10:26 PM - Post#2340763    

First, let me say thank you for all your efforts to make this site easier to navigate. I'm new here but have searched several Chevy sites and forums and know there is a big difference in them. I wanted to let you know that I was searching for help with brake issues but in your forum that includes brakes there is no link for any brake issues. You might want to add something there so newbies like me can get started quicker. This is not a complaint, only a suggestion because you asked for them. Again, thanks for your efforts and congratulations on a job well done.

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05-01-13 06:43 AM - Post#2340824    

Thanks Clem and welcome to Chevytalk,

There are pretty much 2 ways subjects make it into the FAQ. Someone sees a need and does a write-up on a subject they're familiar with, or a question gets asked and a particularly useful conversation about it follows.

Most brake problems on these trucks are fairly run of the mill so we don't discuss them that much, other than a few ABS issues - though I have been meaning to add RWAL diagnostics to the list since Chevytech has posted so much good info, the trick is I sometimes need help from the members identifying which particular post seems the most helpful so I can add it.

I responded to your post about eliminating RWAL and the proportioning valve; these are subjects that will probably never make it to the FAQ as they don't get asked often and can be found using Search - plus the safety/legality issue of that particular subject.

06 Silverado ISS / 06 Silverado SS / 06 300C SRT8

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11-19-14 02:54 PM - Post#2499957    

Fluid Capacities
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11-19-14 10:36 PM - Post#2500064    

nice site. Pretty specific. thanks
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12-12-19 03:40 PM - Post#2782023    

No matter how well I think I know these trucks, I frequently find myself referencing the FAQ. I can't say thank you enough Richard!

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