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Username Post: car club politics enters car show        (Topic#347605)
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10-10-17 02:21 PM - Post#2710431    

Entered a small car show recently where changes were made to the show.

New was 1. trophy’s handed out at the show and 2. only pre-register can take a trophy home.

The show show packets included the judging ballets, so judged by show entrants only. But unless you pre-registered you didn’t get a packet with ballet unless you asked for it.

The largest class in particular had about dozen entries but only 1 trophy - because only one entry pre-registerd. Guess who one the 1 pre-registered entry.

I understand not wanting to spend money one 1,2 and 3rd place trophy’s if the class doesn’t have 3 cars in the class.

But to rule out the cars that drove up and entered for $5 more than pre-registered cost seems a little ridiculous to me esp since over half the cars were drive ups.

Politics with the new club hierarchy...

Am I off on the miss or did they just fail in execution of not over spending on unused trophy’s?

One car in particular a sbc powered race car... should have class and best in show but wasn’t pre-registered


"17th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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10-10-17 03:00 PM - Post#2710433    
    In response to 77chevy

You are living life as it is.



"17th Year" Silver Supporting Member, and Official CT Grim Reaper
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10-10-17 03:32 PM - Post#2710438    
    In response to 77chevy


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Blessed are the cross-eyed, for they will see God twice

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10-11-17 01:15 AM - Post#2710474    
    In response to 77chevy

I have better things to do than sit on a lawn chair behind my car,waiting for a 5 dollar trophy.

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100 CHEVY 
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10-11-17 05:58 AM - Post#2710497    
    In response to rcr3

  • rcr3 Said:
I have better things to do than sit on a lawn chair behind my car,waiting for a 5 dollar trophy.

Same for me!
Our little local club meets are always the same people winning the same old junk trophies.
I usually go to see what's new that shows up and to see some friends.Never sign up for the judging or give-a-ways.

"You gonna leave it like that?

Frequent Contributor
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10-11-17 06:14 AM - Post#2710499    
    In response to 100 CHEVY

Gave all my trophies to kids in the neighborhood..they sure get excited when they go home with "their" trophy!

* If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.

Valued Contributor
Posts: 3598
Loc: trusting earth to a boys ...
Reg: 01-26-01
10-11-17 04:03 PM - Post#2710572    
    In response to TAT_2


I’ll be clear for me I could care less about me. But you could tell some were not as pleasant about coming to find out howz things work. esp the dozen in one class with only one trophy.

That sbc race car was not upset and he never sat down in a chair and never brought he answered question after question and shot the breeze on ole race stories...

one guess where I stayed and listened and learned and shot the breeze... ... hearing about the possibility of 700hp but instead settled for building something that doesnt break.

I ve heard but never encountered first hand politics happening, except in local board of supervisors, building and zoning boards... oh my the politics Ive seen

my trophies are on garage wall, bent rods, spun bearings, bad sunshell, shredded ring gear, piece of a piston, ... I did plant a bad holled block in the ground tho ...

alans 55 
"16th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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alans 55
Age: 69
Loc: Amarillo, Texas
Reg: 03-20-01
10-12-17 03:25 AM - Post#2710602    
    In response to 77chevy

due to some family issues this year only been able to enter one weekend car show. took the 40 since it has be refreshed and rebuilt. would have taken the 55 but it's tired and due a refresh. there were 7 or 8 street rods entered and were in the street rod class. now here is the kicker. for the 3rd year there was a 57 2 dr hardtop entered. now this car is pristine. leather, billet, so on and so on. might have 1000' on the odometer. just from trailer to parking and back. not even a piece of gravel in the tires. to make a long story short, he only enters the street rod class and not the tri-5 class. there have been some really nice tri-5's entered over the years. but this 57 has won the street rod class for the last 3 years I know of. that being the case I'll not be back for a while.

different kind of politics but still not right for a trailered store bought car.

just my 5¢ worth


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"9th Year" Silver Supporting Member
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10-12-17 07:32 AM - Post#2710631    
    In response to alans 55

Question: How do you know the other non-pre-registered in that class did not ask for a ballot? I'm sure the club will review and make necessary changes for their next show.

Unless it is a REALLY big or national show, 2nd and 3rd place trophy's are lame, IMO

There are a couple of significant (to me) VCCA and AACA shows that I enter and I'm very honored if I win my class. No big deal if I don't win and I don't expect to. It is a great day hanging out with friends.

I have a friend of a friend who is a "trophy whore" and will actually get PO'd if he does not win, LOL.

    1967 Chevrolet Impala SS convertible - Ermine White C1
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Valued Contributor
Posts: 3598
Loc: trusting earth to a boys ...
Reg: 01-26-01
10-12-17 02:00 PM - Post#2710672    
    In response to BigDogSS

when we walked with the ballet voting for 15 we were asked about being a judge... we promptly explained and sent people to the packets with ballets. we also was near that table.

again felt bad for some cars esp my fav sbc race car. nothing better than a straight pipe cammed sbc at idle with a lope entering and leaving the show.

for a few years a chevy show had a 93 V6 Camaro with 100k + miles show up with only a repaint win 1st for stack because everyone adds a cat back and air cleaner. It did have the rare stock hubcap wheels.

bought billit is ... I would love to drive that a long distance and get some bugs on it.

Super Senior Member
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Loc: Baltimore, MD
Reg: 11-27-04
10-12-17 05:36 PM - Post#2710692    
    In response to 77chevy

Years ago my boss painted this guys '69 Z/28. Cortez silver with black stripes. Very nice car. Numbers matching, all correct car. The guy even changed the original glass because he felt that the date code on the glass was too far off the build date of the car.

Anyway, he enters his first show and waits for the awards to start. His class is announced and he doesn't get any trophy. He is livid. He starts to pack his stuff up to leave, but his buddies convince him to stay. I don't know if they knew something he didn't, but he stayed. After all of the classes are done, they announce the best in show winner and it was the Z. I bet he felt about 2 inches tall for crying he didn't win his class.

That is why I build my cars for me (whenever I finally get a chance to get back to work on mine, that is). If other people enjoy them, so be it. If they don't like them, that's fine too. What's important is that I like them.

Some days it's not worth chewing through the restraints.

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Valued Contributor
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Loc: Braintree, Ma. USA
Reg: 06-14-08
10-17-17 09:36 PM - Post#2711197    
    In response to 77chevy

A wise old car enthusiast upon learning he didn't win because of a technicality...,

"Trophy's? I don't need no stinkin' trophy's."

I go for the cars,
the people and
the conversation.
But I know what your saying!
High school clics and politics,
I see it all the time.

'64 Impala SS
'77 Pontiac Ventura SJ
('91 Olds Cutlas Cruiser SL)
Ain't to proud to think out loud.

"9th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Loc: Wisconsin
Reg: 01-01-07
11-05-17 04:20 PM - Post#2713364    
    In response to Chevrobert

The biggest problem with car shows is Trophies......Forget about them and just enjoy the cars and the people you meet.......End of Story !!!!!


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