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Username Post: '51 pick up truck fuel and idle issues        (Topic#347309)
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Reg: 09-24-17
09-24-17 09:51 AM - Post#2708689    

My 51 is having some issues getting up to idle and staying running. I can start it up initially pretty easily. It putters a little as it gets going for about 10-30 seconds but dies before the engine can ever get up to idle speed. The fuel filter bowl looks as if it is not filling up completely to spill over and provide adequate fuel or that there might be a vacuum seal problem. So I disconnected the line from the filter to the carb and blew through it and it is fine. I checked that fuel is being squirted into the carb as it gets going and it looks like it is but I don't know how much should really be coming into it.

It used to run just fine but had a tendency to just die while driving after about 30 minutes unexpectedly. This has now turned into it not getting up to idle at all. So as I was troubleshooting this noticed that the fuel filter glass bowl had some air bubbles getting into while idling and after it shut down. The fuel level would get very low while idling then slowly fill the bulb back up after shut down for about 5 minutes. The glass bowl never gets completely to the top there is air at the top. I changed out the gasket in the fuel filter and then ultimately just replaced the pump today thinking it might bad but now I cannot get it up to idle at all. There is gas in it and have also put some seafoam through the system. I have tried it with the gas cap on and off and air filter on and off.

Has anyone experienced this issue? What are some other possible things to check? Could it be leaking from somewhere else? I'm exhausting my knowledge with this and could really use some help.

Thank you! Ecklers Chevy Trucks LMC Trucks
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09-24-17 04:10 PM - Post#2708721    
    In response to Posateri

Could be air getting into the fuel system, you need to go over everything from the tank forward, including the carb. You could try running the engine from an external source by passing the tank and lines. Btw, welcome to CT, plenty of sharp guys here.

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Reg: 12-16-15
09-25-17 03:19 AM - Post#2708746    
    In response to Shepherd

Interesting, I am having nearly the same issue on my 1950, the difference is that mine will not even start. The filter is not filling. The fuel pump appears to be new. At some time in history, before I took ownership, the gas line was cobbled up with extra filters and on/off valves. I ordered all new gas lines on Saturday. Something I wanted to do anyway. I probably have a different issue but am interested in the solution to your problem. Part of the entertainment of owning a antique.

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Reg: 09-24-17
11-25-17 08:42 AM - Post#2715669    
    In response to Shepherd

Well after much trial and error with the system, I've basically come to the conclusion that it is definitely an air leak in the system somewhere between the tank and fuel pump. The small leak has gotten more significant and I have narrowed it down to the fuel tank shut off valve. The reason is that when I shut the valve off/on to test the system I get a couple drops of black fuel smelling drips come from the swivel piece. Leading me to believe that the gasket in there torn and letting some air in. The plan is to drain the fuel from the tank and replace that whole piece, but from looks of it the valve is not attached at the bottom portion of the tank at the stem but rather at the top of the stem to the bottom of the tank. Which if that is the case, would mean I have to lift the bed up to get to the tank and replace that piece. Any advice would help if that piece does attach at the bottom there. I would rather know for sure before I start wrenching on anything to get it off. Thanks

Here are the photos of the shutoff valve:

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11-27-17 07:26 AM - Post#2715907    
    In response to Posateri

if I remember right on my 53 above the valve that is just a little nipple. and then a foam donut gasket. I popped the seat out and removed the 2 strap bolts and lifted the tank out. Made it easy. Also gave me a chance to replace the rubber pads under the tank. I went ahead and replaced the fill tube rubber and vent rubber at the same time. They were not expensive. A little rattle can paint and good to go.

Bel Air kiwi 
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Bel Air kiwi
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Reg: 04-24-14
01-15-18 10:47 AM - Post#2721105    
    In response to Posateri

Hi Posateri, Is that valve a factory fit part or aftermarket?
Either way it could be gummed up or have its seals deteriorate over the many years of service.

Cheers Kiwi

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01-15-18 06:08 PM - Post#2721139    
    In response to Bel Air kiwi

The valve was used for years on cab type trucks.
Also for business coupes that had the gas tank behind the front seat on top of the floor but under a wood shelf.

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