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Username Post: Lifting the Rear End of a Belair        (Topic#277268)
Forum Newbie
Posts: 48
Loc: ON, Canada
Reg: 05-06-09
03-01-12 08:03 PM - Post#2197327    

I am thinking about putting a body lift or suspension lift, maybe 2", to get that slanted hot rod look on my 55. However the back end already has some modifications that I don't know what they are. I don't have the photos with me, but i have this crude drawing:

The bumpers on the bar do have a decent amount of space between them and the springs, i just cant draw that well.

So any ideas on the lift of the rear end or what those bars are for?

I know it would be easier to drop the front end, but i dont want to give up the stock clearence as i hit the back (dirt) roads a fair bit.

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Very Senior Member
Posts: 2945
Loc: Hampton, VA USA
Reg: 06-20-01
03-02-12 04:22 AM - Post#2197398    
    In response to 19554drbelair

I have no idea as to what the drawing is of. Pictures are the best.
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Posts: 918
Loc: NE
Reg: 10-05-07
03-02-12 05:27 AM - Post#2197411    
    In response to SAM_57

Interesting drawing. Maybe the circle is the tire and traction bars are sticking out both sides and the dark part is the leaf spring? The dark line up on top might be the trunk open........

Super Senior Member
Posts: 13555
Loc: Baltimore, MD
Reg: 11-27-04
03-02-12 05:28 AM - Post#2197413    
    In response to SAM_57

The drawing looks like traction bars, but they would normally only face forward and have one snubber. They are to stop the springs from wrapping up into an s shape and causing wheel hop and to stop the rear end from rotating upwards on acceleration to improve traction. If that's what they are, they have nothing to do with ride height.

The easiest way to raise the rear would be with air shocks. But if you don't have a shock bar in the rear and the shocks are mounted to the trunk floor as they were from the factory, you'll soon beat the mounts out of the floor with air shocks. They only other way I know of for leaf springs would be to get longer shackles for the springs.
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Ultra Senior Member
Posts: 10036
Reg: 03-25-05
03-02-12 07:34 AM - Post#2197437    
    In response to wagonman100

I think they may be slapper bars. If you don't do any drag racing, remove them and have the springs re-arched. A spring shop will raise it as much as you want. That will raise it without affecting the ride like air shocks. The cheap way is longer shackles but they will cause rear end sway.
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Valued Contributor
Posts: 3340
Reg: 09-19-03
03-02-12 08:17 AM - Post#2197449    
    In response to acardon

If your car is at or near stock ride height another way to accomplish getting a rake would be to do 2" drop spindles on the front, or whack the front springs one coil.

I bought my 210 HT with really saggy four leafs in the back. My car sat lower in the back than some guys who had used lowering blocks on their car to drop the ride height. One of the guys in my car club gave me a set of fairly fresh 5-leaf springs he took off his '57 he was redoing. Brought the back end up quite a bit but not too much. Also firmed up the ride some.

To my eye, these cars look a little nose high in the original advertising photos. If your car still retains it's stock stance, I can see why you might want to lift the rear end to get a cooler 'rake'.

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Very Senior Member
Posts: 1215
Loc: Pt Charlotte, Florida
Reg: 01-04-01
03-02-12 11:53 AM - Post#2197526    
    In response to gotta56forme

When I bought my car in 1976, the "cool" thing to do what to raise the back end and put wider tires underneath. The cheap and easy way we did it back then was to remove the original shackles and install longer shackles. These were simply made of heavy flat stock. I had my car like that for many years!
1956 Chevy Bel Air 2 dr sedan
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