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Username Post: FACTORY 57 tachometer?        (Topic#229134)
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11-06-09 10:05 AM - Post#1800645    

MOST of you know that the ONLY factory tach installed in a Chevy (in the 50s) was ONLY in Corvettes.
The 53-57 Vettes had the factory tach in the center of the dash (below the radio), then in 58 it was repositioned below and in front of the speedo.
SOME of you MAY know about the 579E option for 57 Vettes. This was ONLY a HD brake, suspension, FI pkg which also included an AC 8000rpm column mounted tach (factory clamp-on bracket). There were 43 such 57 Vettes with this option.

NOW, here is where I'm going with this.
In the parts book, for a few years, this tach and mounting brackets were listed. The tach was a MECHANICAL tach and was driven by a speedometer type cable coming off either the rear of a generator (same generator used for 55-59 pwr steering), or, a tach drive Fuel Injection distributor.

Bare with me, I'm getting closer to the actual question.
The listed bracket in the parts book was specifically for a Vette steering column and would not clamp onto a 57 pass car column. Soooooooooo, to install this tach in a 57-later pass car, some other kind of mounting bracket would be required.
Finally, here's the question.
HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN, KNOW ABOUT, OWN, HAVE PICTURES OF, etc, etc of a 57 Chevy pass car (such as a Black Widow) with this kind of a tachometer???
THERE, I finally got it out!
I'm asking because these 8000rpm tachs had a black face/white numbers (I have one on my 56 Vette). But just very recently, I was sent pictures of the exact same tach which has a RED face/white numbers.
Anyone know of such a tach ever being installed in a 57 Chevy? For example maybe by SEDCO?


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11-06-09 10:26 AM - Post#1800661    
    In response to DZAUTO

Sure. I'll take one.

Tom, I have seen a tach like this. But I believe it was in a Vette. So other then actually seeing one, I can't answer about seeing one in a '57 pass car.

Just some info.
The local Classic club we used to have around here, we held a car show every year. In 1982 a guy showed up in a '57 Hardtop he swore he bought new. It was a fuel injected, turquoise/white Hardtop with a 4-speed in it. He claimed the 4-speed was installed in the car either in 1958 or 59 by the Chevy dealer near him.
That I remember this car was pretty well decked out. Power everything.
This car may have had one of these tachs in it? But I can't remember 100% if it did or not?

An ex-girlfriend did snap pics of this car for me. And she was nice enough to keep all the pics I paid for when she dumped me.

For a little $$$$ I may be persuaded to contact her? To get the pics of this car.

57 Hrdtp(mine for 40 YEARS JULY 12)
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11-06-09 02:42 PM - Post#1800790    
    In response to rj_ly

The tach would have been driven by the dist. if it was done right.

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Loc: Mustang, OK, USA
Reg: 12-25-99
11-06-09 08:46 PM - Post#1800994    
    In response to 52chevybob

  • 52chevybob Said:
The tach would have been driven by the dist. if it was done right.

In 1957, the ONLY tach drive distributor available was the 908 which was ORIGINALLY intended for use in the 57 "Airbox" Vettes.
If a person had a 57 Chevy passenger car with 1x4 or 2x4 carbs, then the 908 dist, OR, a tach drive generator would have been the ONLY choices for driving the tach.
Here is what the 57 Vette column mount tach looked like (this one is on my 56 Vette),

This tach is in a 57 Vette with 2x4 carbs.

You can partially see what appears to be a 57 908 FI dist.

And this is a picture of a red faced column tach that I asked about.

Sooooooooooooooo, as I originally asked, is ANYONE familiar with this type of mechanical tach ever being used in a 57 pass car?

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Reg: 12-30-01
11-15-09 04:14 PM - Post#1806307    
    In response to DZAUTO

Tom...Interesting bit of history.I hope that you can unravel this mystery and share it with your fellow Chevy lovers.
I recall seeing a real 57 Black Widow in either 58 or 59 at a drag strip in Georgia. I vividly recall that the one that I saw had one of those Sun Tachs that had the separate sending unit mounted on the fender panel, because I had ordered one that week from Honest Charlie's Speed Shop, and I was anxiously looking forward to getting mine.
A little off topic, but that is my recollection


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11-16-09 02:59 AM - Post#1806615    
    In response to DZAUTO

I found some interresting info in my 57 Master Parts book in the late 70's or early 80's, around the time I bought the 57 chevy racecar chassis from Wisconsin. It shows a column mount for a tack in a passenger car. I've advertised for that part number but never came up with one.

Tom Ordway If you don't drive it, why have it?


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