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Username Post: need to replace steel brake line & need help        (Topic#164983)
Posts: 123

Loc: Maryland
Reg: 01-10-04
07-18-07 03:45 PM - Post#1211424    

On my 92 k1500 the steel line to the rear brakes is leaking!!!!!! it is located behind the fuel tank?! would it be easier to remove the bed or the tank? and how long is this line? i cant find any connections from the break to the master would be easier if my dad didn't order the 30 gal tank......
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59 EWW 
Very Senior Member
Posts: 1871
59 EWW
Loc: Kansas City Kansas
Reg: 08-31-03
07-18-07 04:30 PM - Post#1211452    
    In response to sstock65x

I would try to repair it without removing either one. Cut the old brake in front of the tank where it is good solid steel.

Now go behind the tank and cut the brake line where it is good solid steel.

Just leave the bad dead section in the frame where it is.

Get a new section of brake line the correct OD size, fish it thru the frame, and use brake line unions to tie the front and rear together.
The unions may require you to double flare the tubing ends.

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Very Senior Member
Posts: 1278

Age: 55
Loc: Delaware, Ohio, USA
Reg: 11-12-02
07-18-07 04:34 PM - Post#1211456    
    In response to sstock65x

I had the same problem on my 96 K1500. I tried to remove the old line
but it was almost impossible. I ran a new line down the frame rail and zip tied it
to the existing line. I went to the parts store and bought several feet of
brake line and fittings to connect it together. When I choose the brake line I got
varied lengths of line, this will help get past obstructions on the frame and get you close to the
length you need. If you don't have a tubing bender get one, it will keep you from kinking
the line when trying to bend it. Hope this helps.
I almost forgot when I finished the job I just returned the brake line I didn't use
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Edited by Red96 on 07-18-07 04:37 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

Posts: 123

Loc: Maryland
Reg: 01-10-04
07-18-07 05:06 PM - Post#1211482    
    In response to Red96

you guys are awsome! i never thought of this! now two more questions.... what diamiter / is it sae or metric? (i ask this because half of the truck seems metric) and how do you double flare... i have never attemped to flare before.....
if your chasin me your racin me

59 EWW 
Very Senior Member
Posts: 1871
59 EWW
Loc: Kansas City Kansas
Reg: 08-31-03
07-18-07 05:17 PM - Post#1211492    
    In response to sstock65x

I would just measure the brake line with a dial caliper,micrometer, or a tape measure to get the size.

Brake lines are normally double flared at a junction or fitting, which requires a double flaring tool. You may be able to rent or borrow this tool from a auto parts store.

Its possible they make brake line unions that dont require double flaring, you will need to check. I've only used ones that require flaring.

59 Biscayne 2dr
65 Elcamino
97 Z71,K1500,5.7
06 GMC Canyon

Senior Moderator Member
Posts: 8300
Loc: Cleveland, OH
Reg: 01-30-00
07-19-07 05:37 AM - Post#1211765    
    In response to 59 EWW

on my 92 it was 1/4" line off the ABS pump all the way back to the hose to the rear axle. i replaced it without even jacking the truck up. i left the old line in place and just bent the ends out of the way.
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Valued Contributor
Posts: 3004
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Reg: 10-10-03
07-19-07 06:43 AM - Post#1211811    
    In response to sstock65x

Metric/SAE only refers to the fittings/nuts that are installed on the lines from the factory. The steel line itself will either be 3/16 or 1/4. If your cutting the line only and splicing in a new section, you can use all SAE stuff. Using a compression fitting on each end is "NOT" the suggested way of doing it but everyone does, (including me). Your suppose to reapair it using flare fittings, (which can be SAE), for a safer/secure connection.
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