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Username Post: PPG DCC semi gloss black formula for 72novaproject        (Topic#132519)
Valued Contributor
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Loc: Joliet, IL.
Reg: 07-13-01
05-27-06 03:20 PM - Post#942603    

This evening I put my 55 away after our family picnic and picked up a paint can with a fomula I need to put into my computer. Fortuneately that made me remember my semi-gloss formula for you.
For semi gloss (60 degree), The PPG sheet says:
32oz of DCC: 18oz DX685: 16oz of DU5 hardener
For simplicity since I am using a quart mixing cup 96percent of the time, I cut that in half to:
16oz DCC: 9oz DX685: 8oz DU5

My tweek to get it slightly more shiney is just:
16oz DCC: 8oz DX685: 8oz. DU5: 1oz DT Reducer

Eggshell is:
16 DCC: 11.5 DX685 : 8 DU5

Flat is:
16 DCC : 14 DX685 : 8 DU5

I've never used flat and only used eggshell once.
When applying the semigloss formula above, apply one fog coat. This is a sparse light coat not intended to get coverage. You are fogging it on and let it set up. It becomes a tacky surface for the next coat to grip to. Then apply a medium wet coat. Let it tack up, then apply a full wet coat but don't run it! It takes a full 24 hours to 48 hours to die back to the gloss level it will remain at. So don't look at the parts after a couple hours and think they look too glossy. Better wait a couple days or better yet a week before you judge.

If someone else can design it, I sure as heck can figure out how to fix it!


Senior Member
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Re: PPG DCC semi gloss black formula for 72novaproject
05-28-06 04:35 AM - Post#942604    
    In response to brad_bb

Thanks Brad!

I will print this off and keep it in my paint cabinet.

Mabey this should be made a sticky or at least placed in the tech archives.

I can't think of any restoration project that could'nt use this specific info. This is bound to be a much more durable system as opposed to rattle can chassis restoration paints.

To each problem exists a think.

The ZD Nova Page

Posts: 163
Age: 47
Loc: Alberta, Canada
Reg: 12-21-07
06-21-08 09:25 AM - Post#1461000    
    In response to brad_bb

Is this the same shade as say a rear bumper factory painted flat black?

Valued Contributor
Posts: 4260
Loc: Joliet, IL.
Reg: 07-13-01
06-23-08 07:11 AM - Post#1462122    
    In response to crs36

I don't know. I'd have to see the bumper. Probably closer to eggshell than flat black as I don't remember seeing any factory bumper that were totally flat, but then again, I'd have to see what you are talking about. If you're going to be doing stuff in single stage black like this with varying degrees of gloss, best bet it to get the materials and make up some small mixes in the touch up gun and spray some swatch cards (that you get at the paint store). Let them dry for 48 hours, or better yet a week before judging the looks of the varying degrees of gloss. There is some affect on how you lay it down. heavy wet coats will look glossier. Too little will look flatter. I apply a fog coat for adhesion, then a medium coat, then a wet coat that is not enough to run. Let that dry for a week and then you'll see the final outcome. From the time you spray your final coat, the gloss will die back 70-80 percent of the way in the first 24-48 hours, and the rest of the way by weeks end.

If someone else can design it, I sure as heck can figure out how to fix it!

Forum Newbie
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Reg: 12-20-09
12-20-09 09:28 PM - Post#1827592    
    In response to brad_bb


I want to achieve a red flat paint job on my 50 chevy pickup. I was wondering if painting it red and then painting with eggshell (with a black tint) might give it a 50 year old look. Any help would be appreciated.

Valued Contributor
Posts: 4260
Loc: Joliet, IL.
Reg: 07-13-01
12-25-09 12:06 PM - Post#1830317    
    In response to jimschevy

No idea. Not sure what you're trying to do. So you want to paint it red gloss, then paint it red flattened to eggshell gloss, with some black paint in the red?? Not sure why you would paint red first, then a different color red on top. The second would be different if you added black. I guess you'd have to experiment to see if you can find what you're after. My post is just to help those doing restoration to get the right semi=gloss black and eggshell and how to achieve variations in the gloss level.

If someone else can design it, I sure as heck can figure out how to fix it!

Forum Newbie
Posts: 15

Age: 56
Loc: B.C. Canada
Reg: 12-22-11
04-01-12 09:16 AM - Post#2209894    
    In response to jimschevy

DX685 can be used to flatten or semi-gloss the red - follow the P-sheet instructions for the product from PPG


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