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Username Post: Lifter (?) noise - '96 5.7 Vortec        (Topic#126096)
Posts: 56

Loc: Southern Ohio
Reg: 03-12-04
03-09-06 09:00 AM - Post#890922    

Hi all

About a year ago, I bought a '96 1500 series 4WD ExCab. It was a one-owner and had only 62K miles. The PO had all the records and I've been very pleased with the truck, although I've only put about 4K miles on it.

The PO said that the truck had just had an oil change and had only had 5-30 Mobil One in it since new, so that's what I used when I changed the oil about a month ago. The truck had a Fram oil filter on it and I switched to a Purolator, which is what I use on my other vehicles. About two weeks after I changed the oil, I heard what sounded like a lifter ticking on start-up. It only made a half-dozen clicks, so I didn't think much about it. The next time I drove the truck, it ticked for about 10 seconds after start-up. Now it will tick anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes after I start it.

I searched the archives and can't find any other posts concerning this problem. Is it possible that the drain-back valve in the filter is sticking? My oil pressure at idle and cruise is good and the dip-stick doesn't show any oil loss since the change.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Senior Member
Posts: 1023
Loc: ATL, GA
Reg: 03-15-04
Re: Lifter (?) noise - '96 5.7 Vortec
03-09-06 10:58 AM - Post#890923    
    In response to Dave66

does it sound like one side of the truck or another? might not be valves or the filter at all.

Get under the truck after you first start it, and feel around the exhaust pipe where the flange meets the header. If your exhaust "donut" gasket is leaking, you will feel the airflow from that joint.

Same thing is happening to me, although its not as much of a tick as it is a "gurgling" sound while driving. But when I start my truck from cold in the morning, it ticks for a few seconds...

easy check... and if it's the problem its like a $9 gasket
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Posts: 75

Loc: Friendswood, Texas
Reg: 03-29-05
Re: Lifter (?) noise - '96 5.7 Vortec
03-09-06 11:49 AM - Post#890924    
    In response to jp233

I have what sounds like the exact same noise. It is a tick coming from the lifters for the first few seconds of a cold startup. It has been happening for about 20k miles now.

Mine goes away when I change the oil, so every time it lasts for 10 seconds or more, I change the oil out. After that, it will go away for between 2-5k miles, depending on the temperature. I also found that the high milage oil extends the change interval. As long as it keeps going away, I am not overly concerned about it.

I use AC Delco PF52 filter and Max Life 10-30 oil.
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Needs to Get Out More Member
Posts: 12906

Loc: Texas Panhandle
Reg: 12-31-01
Re: Lifter (?) noise - '96 5.7 Vortec
03-09-06 01:32 PM - Post#890925    
    In response to Dave66

From this distance, I can only guess it to be a piston slap caused from a tight wristpin---hard to describe noises as we hear them. Lifter noise is usually a more tinny tick, or lighter metal noise, a tight pin is substantially more solid from inside--more of a tap.

Is it worse when cold? On a warm day and drive it an hour, stop for 20 minutes and restart is it there at all? If that sounds familiar that would be my guess.

Mine has had it since new--now 378K and still does it.

Posts: 56

Loc: Southern Ohio
Reg: 03-12-04
Re: Lifter (?) noise - '96 5.7 Vortec
03-09-06 01:56 PM - Post#890926    
    In response to CDAUSA

Thanks for the input!

The engine has to be completely cool for the sound to happen. Even if it sits for an hour, it ususally won't make the noise. The sound seems to be coming from the right side of the motor, relatively high in the block, if my ears aren't deceiving me!

I'm thinking about putting in an additive and see if that makes a difference. If not, I may try changing the oil again and switching to a Delco filter.

I asked one of my local friends who's had several late model Chevys. He said that it wasn't that uncommon and that he wouldn't worry about it. I'm just having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that it didn't do it before the oil change!

I guess I'll see what happens in the next few days. In any case, I'll report the results.

Needs to Get Out More Member
Posts: 12906

Loc: Texas Panhandle
Reg: 12-31-01
Re: Lifter (?) noise - '96 5.7 Vortec
03-09-06 04:11 PM - Post#890927    
    In response to Dave66

CRAP! Where did my post go? This one won't be as lengthy as the one supposed to be here

Abstaining from my ideas in regards to useless feature of the backflap filters and doubts about oil or filter relating to this.

Without you riggin up a pressure system to prime the engine with oil every time, which isn't a bad idea at all, the only way I know you might do it is with help in the cold morning---pull the ECM 1 fuse from under the hood, have someone crank it til all the oil pressure is built up then put the fuse back in. If this has no effect on the tap then it isn't likely oil related.

I can't say I am 100% comfortable with pulling the fuse and trying to start---but is the only easy way I can see to build pressure and not start.

Low priced Genuine GM Auto Parts
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