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Username Post: Need help with my 66 c-10 pickup        (Topic#279995)
Forum Newbie
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Reg: 04-20-12
04-20-12 09:15 PM - Post#2217476    

I have a 1966 chevy c-10 pickup and the truck will not turn over. when i first got the truck it ran fine. drove it normally and everything then just the other day went out to start my truck and nothing would happen. its like you turn the key the first click and all your power comes on then the second click or the click that would acutally turn the truck on dose not do anything no click nothing no sound whats so ever. so i went and bought a new battery nothing . next bought a stater nothing next thing i did was i bought a ignition switch and tumbler assembly still nothing i dont know what to do i pretty much know its something electrical but idk where to start need help electrical is not my specalty at all. thanks.
Blake Ecklers Chevy Trucks LMC Trucks

Posts: 656
Loc: High Plains of Colorado
Reg: 03-06-11
04-21-12 04:32 AM - Post#2217505    
    In response to Blake22

I am a bit of a hack when it comes to electrical stuff, but I will wade in and toss a couple ideas in.

Have you checked for blown fuses in the fuse box ?

If everything is ok there I would inspect the battery cables. My '69 Camaro had a bad cable and the lights and everything else worked fine, but when I tried to start it nothing. Fixed the cable and it was good to go.

Next I would suspect the horn relay. It does much more than it's name would indicate on our old trucks. It acts as a central point where all power wires come together. It supplies power to the inside of the truck (ignition switch, fuse panel, lights), it hooks to the battery and it is where the output wire of the alternator connects to.

Hope this helps. I am sure some other fellas will chime in here shortly.

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Forum Newbie
Posts: 2

Reg: 04-20-12
04-21-12 07:46 AM - Post#2217547    
    In response to lakeroadster

i will check that out i know the fuses are good none of them are blown. ill check out the battery cable and see if that could be it i appericate it ill let you know whats up. thanks

Posts: 513

Loc: NY
Reg: 09-23-04
04-21-12 09:32 AM - Post#2217570    
    In response to Blake22

sounds to me like you may have a bad fusible link. It is the smaller wire on your starter that is connected on the same lug as your battery cable that powers your ignition switch.

to see if it's bad you need to check for power at the connector for the ignition switch with the battery connected. If you have no power at any terminal on the ignition switch your fusible link is bad.
1963 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside SWB
400 sbc 3 speed manual

95 Chevy Suburban 5.7TBI 4X4

"13th Year" Gold Supporting Member
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Loc: Colorado Springs, CO
Reg: 08-08-04
04-21-12 02:21 PM - Post#2217633    
    In response to squidley63

Fusible links did not come into use on GM trucks until 73, so if the wiring is still stock there will be no fusible links.

Hook a jumper wire to the small S terminal on the starter (where the purple wire connects, the S is embossed into the black plastic of the solenoid and may be difficult to see), then touch the other end to the battery positive terminal (or the big terminal on top of the solenoid, this is the large wire that connects to the positive battery terminal). If the starter is good, the motor will turn over. If all it does is click, jump the big terminal on top of the solenoid to the big terminal on bottom of the solenoid - this will normally make the starter motor turn over, but the starter won't engage to the flywheel.

If the starter works when the S terminal is jumped, the wiring to the starter is wrong or shorted out. If the starter motor spins when the two big terminals are jumped together (but not when the S terminal is jumped) then you have a bad solenoid.

If it turns over only a little bit, pull all of the spark plugs and repeat. If the motor was hydro-locked, this will force any liquid out of the cylinders, and make it easy to turn over.

Posts: 513

Loc: NY
Reg: 09-23-04
04-22-12 04:06 AM - Post#2217787    
    In response to Vaughn

oops thought it was a small block implant for some reason. I would still back probe the wire for the starter to make sure it's getting power when the switch is turned and then check it again at the firewall connector before trying to jump the starter. More than likely it's a broken wire with a new starter and ignition switch.

1963 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside SWB
400 sbc 3 speed manual

95 Chevy Suburban 5.7TBI 4X4

Forum Newbie
Posts: 36
Age: 50
Loc: Virginia
Reg: 06-16-10
05-07-12 05:04 PM - Post#2223566    
    In response to Blake22

Did you get this figured out? I used to run a jumper cable from the battery right to the main/large terminal on the starter (just touch it against it) and see if it turns over at all. If it isn't, sounds like you might have a grounding problem. Just an idea. I used to have to do this to our old farm tractor all the time. Ecklers Chevy Trucks LMC Trucks

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